View Full Version : Air Charlie*** in progress....need some advice/help~

07-25-2010, 01:31 AM
So yeah....trying to make an Air Charlie3 deck...not sure how it'll work out but...yeah....here's the current build~

Starting Character:

Charlie*** x1


Charlie* x1
Charlie** x2
Charlie :: x1


Hop x4
Dodge Step x1 (pending)
OAM x1


Interpol Badge x1
Sacred Temple x1


Air Backbreaker x2
Somersault Kick x4
Jaguar Revolver x4
Hurricane Punishment x1
Sky High Claw x4
Paguna Paguna x2


Hwang's Protection x3
Powerful Style x2
M.I.A. x1
Special Forces Training x2
Bretheren of the Coast x1
Achieving Your Goals x4
Superior Witch x4
Whereabouts Unknown x4
Envy x4
Nature's Defender x4
Material Advantage x3

So there's a few ideas behind this deck. Which is as follows:

1) Abuse Material Advantage with Jaguar Revolver by getting Jaguar Revolver in momentum from anywhere. This is where Nature's Defender/Sky High Claw/Achieving Your Goals is meant for.
2) Give my opponent and myself lots of momentum for both Special Forces Training abilities.
3) Keep opponent's foundations at bay. This is what Hop is meant for at the start of the game, so Charlie is MEANT to make the opponent go first to abuse the second ability.

That's essentially the ideas behind the deck. Granted, I haven't SEEN many cards that give the opponent momentum...though I AM thinking of using Exhaust the Opposition (even though it's a 3/4....).

Any comments/help would be greatly appreciated!

07-28-2010, 05:18 PM
Be forwarned Steve, Jaguar Revolver is now set at however much momentums you have when you play it, so if you Whereabouts or gain/lose momentum whilst it is being resolved the numbers dont change.

Also Holding Ground makes it a big fat zero regardless...so it's not very good nowadays.

07-28-2010, 09:22 PM
Hmm....can Holding Ground do that? I mean...wouldn't it still be set to X since X defines what it is? Or I guess it does go to 0 since there is no real printed...bah. Ah wells...this deck died anyways since it was failing miserably x_x