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07-26-2010, 01:27 PM
So ive had some talk about how to build this deck properly and most people said "oh tiras more of an aggro character just build her evil rush" the problem with that is i have to rely on killing early and hoping my opponent cant stop me somehow...which is why i went with a hybrid build using Improvised weapon attack and lots of other foundation destruction to keep my opponent from building too much and stopping me from being able to aggro thier face off....anyways here the deck looking for some suggestions so have your way with it (:

Character x1

1x Tira***

Attacks x16

4x Chain Throw 5/3 (Air/Evil)
4x Improvised Weapon Attack 3/2 (evil
4x Midnight Launcher 4/3 (Death/Evil)
4x Knight Breaker 5/3 +0H (Death/Evil)

Foundations x39

4x Float....Butterfly 3/5 (Evil)
4x Megalomania 1/5 (Death/Evil)
4x Manifest Destiny 1/4 +1L (Death/Evil)
4x Yoga Mastery 4/6 (Death)
4x Intimidating Presence 2/5 (Death/Evil)
4x Blood Runs True 2/5 +1H (Evil)
3x Oral Dead 2/5 +1L (Death/Evil)
3x Ruthless Villany 1/5 (Evil)
3x Revenants Calling 2/5 +1M (Death/Evil)
2x Visions Of Destiny 2/4 +2M (Evil)
2x Ninjistu 1/3 (Evil)
1x Charismatic 2/4 +2H (Death/Evil)
1x Cutting Edge 2/5 +2M (Evil)

Actions x4

4x Absurd Strength 1/5 +1M (Evil)

Total 60

Sideboard ?? (any suggestions would be appriciated)

07-27-2010, 09:39 AM
I would cut the knight breakers, You don't really need that many attacks. In legacy 12 attacks + absurd strenght is fine. I tend to count absurd strenght as a 1/5 midnight launcher/shoulder rush.
I've had some success playing Ibuki with only chain throw, suzaku, infiltrating and absurd strenght.

Where are the lost memories btw? you really need those in legacy. If you are running evil, you also want to use red lotus of the sun. and I would add 1-2 more charismatics as there is no Olcadans to screw around with your staging area.
The one thing about this deck is that people might just get annoyed with your advantage and just board wipe and rebuild again.

07-27-2010, 10:43 AM
*cough* You will not escape? *cough* *sputter* *cough*
I hate tira.

07-27-2010, 01:22 PM
I knew i was forgetting some things i just wasnt sure what....the red lotus's i definitely want to add and probably even the lost memories....

As for You will not escape i really dont think that i need them and its just another 3cc that screws with my curve

What should i take out for the first 2 mentioned cards?