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09-18-2011, 03:51 PM
The idea isn't so much to have an entire set but to propose a character with an extremely basic background. So, meet Matsuda. Matsuda is a fairly large karate practitioner who relies on hard, quick strikes and none of that fancy bull:):):):).

Matsuda's sample cards help reinforce this by introducing a new keyword : Charge. Unlike in fighting games, where "charge" means you have to press a particular direction for two seconds or more, here it means something else entirely. Think of Balrog's Turn Around Punch mixed with Blanka's Lightning Cannonball. You "hold the button" longer, making the attack more difficult to connect (passing the check) but if it is in there, it is more powerful. I know that's not how Blanka's attack works though (you generally hold the button in order to make it connect fully rather than partially).

Charge : X R : Before playing this card (not as a block), add X to the total difficulty of the card. If the card is successfully played, you may use the Charge ability on this card.

* * *

29 vit, 6 HS
All, Earth, Order

Symbol wise, I tried to think of the basic description and past interpretation of karate users in UFS. The non-Akuma Shotos often had All, so that had to be there. Paul Phoenix also gives us a good example of All/Order and karate. Earth denotes powerful, slow strikes. At the same time, Order helps with small speed boosts due to Amy stuff doing that. There's precedent, at least but it won't be the main focus. He's mostly all about enhancing himself and his attacks rather than his enhances attacking the opponent.

So, what can we give him as far as abilities go?

First F (5+) : If the next card you play is a non-throw attack, it gets Stun : 2 and +3 damage.

R Commit : After your Charge attack deals damage, draw 2 cards.

This simulates and integrates the "Charge" schtick I wanted to give him as well as allows him to continue his offense in case you only draw one attack. Of course, this is a VERY vanilla, straight-forward character. At the same time, even though he has Earth, I just dissuaded a lot of people with playing Throws with him due to his First F not available on those kinds of attacks.

He does, however, integrate Paul's stuff a bit too well, so I have to be careful in his designs and not give him Stun attacks. Fortunately... I have just the thing.

* * *

Headkick - 5/2 (+1 low)
4 High 6 Damage
Kick, Charge 2

Charge E : This attack gains Stun : 3

E : If this attack deals damage, your next attack gets +2 speed.

This is the solution. Keep with the theme but make it impossible to combo off of Paul's stuff. Note that this isn't a full set because I'm not creating characters for Jasco Games. This is merely a way to explore possibilities and to demonstrate a possible keyword.

09-18-2011, 04:01 PM
I like it. Though I'd be a little scared to see this mechanic running around while Unnatural Grace and Playful Slice is still available

09-18-2011, 06:16 PM
I made a keyword like this called Different X, you can change the difficulty of the attack to its different rating to have the different ability.