View Full Version : Legacy Hilde* >FIRE<

07-28-2010, 01:08 AM
I've been wanting to build this for awhile, but it's only until recently i actually found the character :mad:

Characters; 1
-Hilde* (6/6 7HS 18V +0M)

Attacks; 20
-Lynx Tail x4
-Eagle Talon x4
-Execution Technique First Right x4
-Fire Shadow x4
-Wind Storm x4

Actions; 4
-Mow the Men Down x2
-Aura of Strength x2

Foundations; 35
-Communing With the Ancients x4
-Makai High Noble x4
-Empire's Ruin x4
-Wind Dance x4
-Savage Fighter x3
-Manifest Destiny x4
-Commitment to Excellence x4
-Financial Troubles x4
-Hope for Ones People x4