View Full Version : The long road back to glory, a beginners guide to gaming in the U.K

10-21-2011, 11:45 AM
For those of you who dont know me, my name is Richard. for those who do know me, i'm the janky git who annoyed people all through the 2009 U.K nationals playing Earth control Bishamon-mill, what a foul little monstrosity that was, now on the eve of the 2011 U.K nationals i thought i'd take some time out from preparations to muse on how far the game has come since then.
I've played since before the very beginning, starting with the (crappy) gabe half on a penny arcade box then graduating to a truly ridiculous evil Astaroth deck running 4 blazing cadenza, 4 demented moon and 4 earth divide, how it ever won anything i will never know, back then I hadn't really grasped the idea of good checks yet. eventually i did figure out where i was going wrong and i learned the fine art of turn 2-ing people with tsunami sabres :)
With the help of my good friend and lunatic deck builder justin, i won the U.K team nationals in 2008 playing the now banned J Talbain as the nastiest aggro deck around in the nastiest control environment, that was a good time for the game, control was strong, aggro was viable and interesting ideas abounded...
then it all went downhill when FFG forced the rotation and the format became, i go first i win turn 2 or 3. which is fine but gets dull fast and then the game folded the week before quest of souls launched over here, all seemed lost....
until Jasco came along and breathed new life into the game we all love, yes there have been delays, but the amount they have accomplished in such a short space of time is astounding and i for one salute them for all they done. I became a scout at the first oppertunity and recently became a playtester for this fine game.
so now here we stand, a new set on the horizon, new licences to be excited about, and a national championship in the morning, a year ago this wouldn't even seem possible but here we are.

keep on fighting and i'll see you all soon