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10-25-2011, 02:21 AM
With almost all of Tides of Vengeance cards shown (excluding some Vincent, Nehtali, and Zoey cards), I can't help but be excited for the set. What this set went out and did was re-establish some strategies in standard that were really lacking. Subsequently, this will help out some of the low tier symbols that have been struggling. I'm going to cover the two that I felt got the biggest help, Reversal decks (Water) and Throw decks (Earth) .

Reversal decks have always had a problem functioning since they had so many factors to work. They needed cards to block, reversals to attack with, and most importantly, an opponent who would attack them. Besides relying on your opponent, having your hand stuffed with blocks and attacks is the biggest obstacle to working a reversal deck.

Now in ToV we are introduced to Vespera, Spider Lady of Counter Attacks. She solves the hand problem by being able to grab reversals from her discard after blocking to play them. Not only that, but she has built in speed reduction to make blocking manageable. Essentially, her hand of 3 blocks means she has a hand of 3 blocks and 3 reversals. If she was a promo character who had to use existing support, she'd be pretty decent, but oh man did she get support.

Vespera's support adds some of the best reversals UFS has seen this side of Strike Heads. However, while their all good, these are the 3 I think will have the biggest impact.

Cascading Fear: It can be 2 diff in the late game and has decent stats. It's E's are what make it shine, though. Momentum gain on damage, and free speed reduction on the opponents next attack. It's stats are decent, but they can get better (more on that later).

Forsaken Berserker: Really good stats for 4 diff. Lacking a block, it still is 4 speed high for 5 damage, and a great ability for reversal decks. If it deals damage, all of your reversals go to your momentum.

Paralyzing Touch: The crown jewel of her support. This card is great for reversal decks, but mind blowing in Vespera. As soon as she gets one in her discard, she can use it after every block (as long as it deals at least 1 point of damage). Stun: 2, Blow up: 1 on every attack? Talk about punishing.

Her attacks are great, but Water isn't known for pumping attacks a lot, outside of a card or two. That's where her asset, Kalahntra comes in. On either turn, reversal attacks get +2 speed, +1 damage. For free. All day. This elevates her attacks from being average/good to being great/huge. P.S. Free destruction too.

Vespera brings a lot to the table by herself, but when mixed with old support is when I think she'll really make the reversal archetype shine. Key cards include:

Cleansing Flame: While she can't tutor it, it can lead to devastating turns. Cleansing Flame->Paralyzing Touch/Forsaken Berserker is a lot of damage off turn.

Flowing Strikes: For the same reason as Cleansing Flame, this will let you get off multiple attacks off one block and clear your card pool afterward.

Shifting Technology: Not a heavy hitter, but a great disruptor. Not having to block to use it is always nice.

Chi Disruptor: Block with it, and turn it into a reversal and free tutor. Super solid.

The only problem I can see with Water Vespera working is that her foundation can be very promo heavy. Penance, Smug Satisfaction, The Peaceful Way, Damnation, and I'm Not A Doll all add a lot to her deck.

That aside, I think she adds so much to an archetype that has always struggled. Lu Chen made reversal work as a very disruptive, slowing style, but he makes the game crawl as he gets a kill hand. I see Vespera becoming the polar opposite. A very punishing, high damage, high pace reversal character. Even if her opponent wants to slow down and build, she can attack on her turn and then send them to her discard for tutoring. She can theoretically attack every turn.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for now. I'll write up on Throw decks later, as I've been writing this really tired. What are your thoughts on Tides of Vengence and what it adds to the game?

10-25-2011, 02:39 AM
good to see someone else writing an article, mine will be up in the next week or so to give an even more in-depth view on the set, character by character, you are on the right track with Vespara btw.