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11-16-2011, 10:39 AM
I don't have a whole lot. But, my wants are pretty out there I think. My last trade with fantasy flight didn't go so well as I sent my cards and never recieved the cards I should've gotten. So, I would like to do my first trade with someone who has pretty outstanding ref. And I'm a really easy person to negotiate with usually.

Thanks in advance,
VashTheStampede`The $$60Billion Man~


Joe Hill x1
Jon Her x1
Pai; Notmer x 1
Blazing Storm x 4
Ostreinburg x 4
Jimmy Kimmel x 4

There are actually alot of wants that I have, anything not on my haves list that you thin an averae player would want. PM me and we'll talk about it.

Reese x 5
Kirk Polka x 1
Mike Lowe x 1
Mei Lien x 3
Morathi x 8
Sevastian x 4
Eva x 5
Ulrik x 3
Kaden x 2
Lily x 3
Miska x2
RHO! Nethali x 3
Cervantes x 4
Zi Mei x 2
RHO2 Promo Nethali x 8
Dariya x 4
Kisheri x 1
Rashotep x 2
Zhao Daiyu x 3
Lu Chen x 1
Astrid 1 x 3
Ragnar x 1
Astrid 2 x 1
Marius Darius x 1
Padma x 2
Temujin x 1
Steve Fox x 1
Christie x 2
Amy x1
Tira x 1
Yun Seong x 3
Yoshimitsu x 1
Lizardman x 3
Nightmare x 1
White Crane x 1
Algol x 2
Cassandra x 1
Astaroth x 4
Kilik x 1
Siegfried x 1
Mitsurugi x 2
Xianghua x 1
Sophitia x 3


Penance x 2
Law of the Land x 9
Intolerable of Failure x 2
Good or Evil x 4
Reward x 3
I'm not a doll x 7
ShadoWar x 4
Directing an Empire x 1
Holiday Cheer x 4
MAC x 4
Long Standing Rivalry x 2
Quest of Souls x 6
Re;emt;ess x 3
Tje entertainer
Keep Them Down x 3
Artificial Soul x 4
Sacrifices for the Cause x 4
Mesmirizing Dance x 3
Artificial Soul x 4
Memories that Stain it's armor x 2

Divine Harvester x 5
Soul Eye x 3
Enki Labs x 3
Scroll of the Abyss x 4
Eiserne Drossel x 5
Valkyrie's Shield x 3
Scroll of the Celestial Dawn x 2
Basset x 4
Designer Pants x 3
Acheron & Nirvana x 2
Sailor's Rest x 3
Purple Suit x 2
All of the Tower of Rememberence x 4
Pseudo Soul Calibur x 3
Pseudo Soul Edge x 2
Albion x 2
Xiangua's Sword of no name x 3
Soul Calibur x 5
Kalutes x 2
Pavillion x 1
Revoke x 3
Shoedown x 12
Weapons Enthusiastx 1
Unexpected Consequences x 5
No equal x 2
Soul Wave x 4
Hunger for Souls x 1
Perfect Memory x 4
Bar Fight x 5
SUmmoning evil x 1
Power of the Edge x 8

Jarmessomg Chaos x 4
All the attack of powers out so far x 4
Auto Defense Engine x 2
Rowdy Bunch x 3
Shadow Flare x 10
Execution Technique Third Rite x 3
Rolling Revenge x 1
Striking Thunder x 1
Peaceful Path Hold x 1
Crane Strike x 2
Odin's Wrath x 4
Hell Ripper x 3
Samba x 8
Ice Pick x 3
King's Reverse DDT x 1
Shockwave Palm x 2
Rolling Saibot x 1
Mt. Devil Divider x 4
Raging Gnome x 4
Howling Spirits x 4
Twisting Lotus Flow x 1
Hell's Salvation x 3
Heaven's Punishment x 3
Menuett Dance x 2
Mark of the Beast x 4
Waterfall x 3
Shifting Technology x 6
Two Deadly Rings Technique x 4
Twighlit Embrace x 3
Double Tap x 5
Fusion Bane x 1
Concussion Blast x 4

01-16-2012, 08:27 PM
hey i need all your law of the lands, check my list out for trades please? :)

01-18-2012, 03:30 PM
i need that rolling revenge, odins wrath, hells salvation, heavens punishment to name a few. name a card i probably have it