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04-02-2012, 07:49 AM
So I just wanted to say thanks to Joe and Blackthorn Games for putting on an excellent tourney. Everything went very smooth. I was playing Chaos Kazuya to a 1st place split with Tyrone's vicious Water Vespera (more on my thoughts of this character later). The report runs a little long but hopefully you will enjoy it. I will probably post my list sometime in the next couple days so for those interested I will have it up. Without further ado, onto the report!

Round 1 vs. AJ from TN playing Chaos Hei
I have spoken to AJ hundreds of times without ever having really hung out with him so this was awesome to finally put the name to a face. AJ was cool as hell but super worried as this was his first real jump into Standard. He is playing a very fast Chaos Hei. Game 1 sees a very typical chaos start. He gets a fast build with a TON of check hacking in 2x For The Money and some others solid pieces, forcing me to blow a reset early. AJ, being the strapping gentleman he is, decides to shrug off the reset and starts punching me in the face without a staging area, dropping me to 11 very early. I eventually stabilize, build up a good staging area and keeping high and low blocks in the grip, and I grind him out with a stream of Demons and Chasm Busters (<3 Jeremy Ray). Game 2 is a little more lopsided as he gets some bad checks while trying to pressure me early and I eventually get the lead. We both had fun though and it was a blast finally getting to play.

Round 2 vs Tyrone with Water Vespera
Coming off of my first round win I was feeling pretty good. I hadn't really played in an out of town event since Worlds and I was pleased as punch to see I wasn't playing like a complete and utter retard. That is, I was feeling good until i played Tyrone. Game 1 marked the beginning of what I feel will be an intense hatred of this character for the rest of this season. Vespera was able to answer every single one of my threats with me losing more life than I started my turn with. Seeing that pressuring was not working, I tried to set up a reset in order to start the early game over and try to put her on a clock. She then turns around and outbuilds me before chucking pseudo-unblockable combo's out Grasping Widows directly to the dome. I proceed to lose. Game 2 repeats much of the same one sided beatings I received in the first game. I did high five myself on a particular play where I needed a reset THAT turn and proceeded to play an attack in order to bait a reversal to block with a Kaz with a Bloodline in play, netting me 2 extra cards and a board reset on my own turn. Tyrone, seeing that I was starting to enjoy myself, then roundhouse kicked me in the throat but building 4 foundations and following up the next turn with a chain of Sting Kicks into other pokes, netting me a 1-1 record.

Standard Thoughts Time! I seek out my teammate, Ben Shoemaker, to rage about Vespera and we end up having a long conversation about the strength of the new 6 hand sizers in ToV with most of the participants in the tourney. Vespera is going to be a VERY good character in the new meta. She manages 7hs very well and makes it really hard to mount any kind of meaningful pressure. Even right out of the box she plays very well and only gets more insane with Paralyzing Touch (my prediction for the best attack in ToV). Keenan and his team have been doing a lot of testing with the new characters and are noticing that the big vitality characters in ToV ( namely Alice, Vespera, and Allarha/Syrithe) are doing very well against the majority of the other popular decks in standard right now. It will be interesting to see how the meta shapes up but I personally feel that Vespera will be guarantee Top 5 in this new meta right there alongside Truong (more on him later).

Round 3 vs Alex Marco with SliceKick Mike Lowe/Truong
So having neutralized much of the sodium in my system I sit down to play my next match against a local ATL player. Marco has been playing this game forever and this particular SliceKick deck was giving me fits in an earlier playtest session. He normally fronts Truong but chose to put up the always "Free as Hell" Mike Lowe as his starting character. When I asked him about it, he explained that he did not want to potentially diversify Ben, who was also playing Truong, and decided to try Mike Lowe. Game 1 gets underway with him building a very strong turn 1 of double Searching for family and some spam, forcing me to reset. I am carefully trying to pressure him while keeping his foundation quality under control eventually beat him with post-reset Buster's and Piercing Howls. Game 2 has Marco switching to Truong. I am unable to control his foundations and he proceeds to dump 30+ damage on my face by turn 3 or 4 with absolutely NOTHING I can do about it. The 2-3 cards in my grip cannot block the 10 +2 damage attacks that Truong can reliably produce on turns 3-4 as Harnessing Chaos disrupts my entire defense. Game 3 I am able to keep resetting Marco's board and limit his ability to draw cards. He tries to go for a kill a little too soon after a board reset and is unable to force enough damage after I Brilliant Tactician a Harnessing Chaos and a half blocked Playful Slice, allowing me enough block to survive until next turn. Tapped out and without blocks, I proceed to win with a series overpowered Chaos attacks and seal the match.

Standard Thoughts Time! While I think Truong is broken as hell in this standard, I feel the bigger problem is SliceKicks in general. The deck can create unbeatable hands consistently by turn 3 and can be a very unpleasant NPE to play against. Truong gets a lot of the flack because he does it better than everyone else. That being said, low vitality seems like a VERY risky liability in this new standard with how good reversals, defensive tricks, and high vitality characters are becoming. I think that standard will become a game of 6HS maintaining tempo against 7HS. That is, 6HS will be able to put enough pressure on the low life characters to force them to start making bad attacks, which will in turn get them murdered. I think that we will start to see high life characters doing much better in the coming meta as a result of the improved defensive option in ToV and RH.

Round 4 vs Sean O'Brien with Good Amy/Vincent Gray/President Barack Obama

So come round 4 I see myself sitting across from none other than Rochester's finest, Mr. Sean O'Brien. I just want to take a moment to say that it was awesome that Kevin, Sean, and Christine came down all the way from Rochester just to play with us inbred hillbillies in the South. We were stoked to hang out and play with them and may have come up with some exciting new plot angles for RH. Just saying, next set expect to see a Vincent Grey/Battle Armor Franklin Roosevelt Battle Box.

We jump into the match and I am VERY happy to see Good Amy sitting across from me. Few people know this but part of Kazuya's workout routine includes a high protein diet of low vitality Good characters. Game 1 sees me resetting him multiple times and denying him the ability to set up the Good Wall. Furthermore, his deck decides to void its bowels after Sean checks Dragon Lifter or Righteousness on 3 crucial attacks. I seize the opportunity and kill Sean with multiple unanswered Chaos attacks. Game 2 sees a swap to President Grey. Sean is able to put much better pressure on me, but builds MUCH slower. Unfortunately 6HS Good has a much harder time recovering from Kazuya and I eventually lock him out of foundations and deny him access to his expensive attacks, sealing up the game.

Round 5 vs Sawyer with Death Vespera
I see that my Round 5 is another Vespera and I quietly imagine myself shooting Sawyer in the head. I am still a little salty about the savage beating I received at the hands of the Spider earlier in the tourney and decide to try a different approach to this matchup.

Game 1 has Sawyer warning me that he is kind of jerk and that he apologizes in advance. I tell him no t to worry about it as I play UFS with Ben Shoemaker and there is nobody on the planet more offensive than him. We jump into the game and I get off to a much better start. I aggressively dig for Chasm Busters, First Rites, and Kazuya's to keep his resources low in order to make his reversals more difficult and more aggressively use the speed pump on Iron Will and Kaz to force unblockable pokes. This allows me to keep playing the early game with him and progressively chip away his vitality. I beat him with little answer to my threats. Game 2 goes a lot like Game 1 and I take the match. Sawyer was a very cool guy and we ended up having several highly inappropriate discussions. He thanks me for smashing his face into a bloody mist and we move on to the next round.

Round 6 vs 2011 World Champion Keenan Meadows with Evil Eva
This sucks. Keenan is a the coolest guy on the planet, a local Atlanta player, and this year's world champion. I hate sitting across from him but I feel like I have a good handle on the Eva match up. After tying 3 die rolls by rolling 6's on Christine's voodoo cheating dice, Keenan boots up a "make Drew go second" app on his phone and we are underway.

Game 1 starts with Keenan building a 5 foundation opener forcing me to find a reset asap. Regardless he is able to stabilize and quickly puts me to a very low life total. I am able to hold enough low blocks to squeak through an attack turn and take advantage of Keenan over extending, dealing the required 18 life on the following turn. Game 2 sees us switching rolls as I go in but don't have the offense to fight through his Revokes and Leg Slashes and he turns around and explodes my face. Game 3 is very close with him sitting at 2 for several turns. I almost die on multiple occasions, but I Brilliant Tactician his HC's, reset him multiple times, and can eventually generate enough orange cards to break through his blocks and negation. Good games all around!

So we I finish 5-1 and make it into top 8 as number 2 seed. Of the ATL guys, Kroswek playing Good Sevastian, Piglett with Order Mei Lien, and Keenan with Eva also make it. Unfortunately the bracket has me playing against ATL player and good friend Joshua Kroswek.

Top 8 vs Joshua Kroswek with Good Sevastian
So this is a run back from Worlds and Kroswek is looking to pay me back for eliminating him from Team Finals at Worlds. We shuffle up and he flips his tried and true Good Sevastian. Now this build is not like typical Good decks as he doesn't have the Good Wall. Instead, he wants to flood me with Reese attacks and card pool clearing shenanigans and end my life with a gigantic Sovereign's Glory. Since his deck is so explosive I know my resets are going pretty irrelevant.

Game 1 sees us go back and forth. I reset a 5 foundation opener turn 2 after dropping a turn 1 Kaz. Kroswek proves that he is a cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything and proceeds to form a punch into his card pool to Valiant assault, Valiant assaults again, clears his pool, plays another attack followed by a Sovereign, and builds 2 foundations. I vomit and attempt to stabilize at something like 9 life. We play the back and forth game for several turns but I eventually get a wall setup after a reset and finish him off shortly after. Game 2 is very back and forth again. He bashes me, I bash him, and eventually narrowly edge him out. Super close games but a ton of fun. Kroswek continues to hold that L and I move on to fight my next opponent...

Top 4 vs. Keenan Meadows with Evil Eva
... Which is a run back against Keenan. I'm sad that I have to play 2 Atlanta players in Top 8 and am really sad that Keenan gets another opportunity to kill me. Game 1 I lose the die roll and scramble to keep his reusable damage pump under control. He pressures me and I narrowly get through the turn with my life. I stabilize and kill him after he falls behind following a reset. At this point my memory is very foggy as to what happened next as I'm RIDICULOUSLY tired. Game 2 I believe i lose to a fiery car crash of Dual Personas, Hungry for Battles, and Harnessing Chaos'd Rolling Revenges and we move to game 3. Game 3 ended up being a combination of bad checks for Keenan and random clutch defensive tricks for me. I stare down a board of triple Hungry For Battle and am unable to reset in time to prevent a crazy offensive turn from Keenan. I build double Tactician, SCROLL OF THE ABYSS and brace myself for the storm. I come out swinging and I am able to half block a 10 damage HC which I BT, BT enhance skip another lethal attack allowing me to half block and then narrowly survive a poorly check Psychic Upper giving me a full block and a second lease on life. I think I get 2 reps of a Howl loop and am able to finish him off with a just lethal Spinning Demon which he does not have Revoke for, giving me the win.

Finals ... is a split!
So by the time we get to finals, it is now 8:30 (2 hours after the store was supposed to close!) and my opponent is Tyrone. Seeing as how both of us are on the verge of passing out, we decide to chop the promos/RH Box and grab some food. Overall a great tourney and an awesome opportunity to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones.

Shout Outs
Tyrone for bodying me and making finals/winning. You are beast dude. Keep playing that Vespera and making grown ass men cry.

Joe Tonello and Blackthorn Game Center - You guys were awesome! Tourney was smooth, we started on time, prize support was great for an AOP, and they even held the store open for us for an extra 2 hours. Well played gents and we hope to get to come up there again soon!

Scott Gaines - Wouldn't be a tourney report if I didn't mention Scott Gaines. It was great seeing you again bro. You are going to do great this year. You already have a good handle on standard and we all know you are legacy beast. Oh and You are hot. We should date. Salt body pasta salt body.

Ben Shoemaker - Thanks for being handsome and driving us up to the event. Your taste in music is also fantastic and I love your musk. We need to hang out more. <3

AJ, Sawyer, and the rest of the TN crew - It was awesome to finally hang out with you guys. Great to see that there are other groups in the Southeast that want to play this game and we look forward to many more events.

Jane and Kroswek - For potentially doing mine and Ben's artwork for our champ cards. You guys are too cool! And it was nice to meet you Jane! Keep smashing face!

Keenan - Bad beats bro. Bad beats! You know I'm just a washed old family man. You are the future and the truth of Atlanta UFS.

Rochester - Thanks for coming out guys. It was great to hang out with you and your dedication to the game is nuts. Nice to finally get to play and chill with you guys and hope to see you in Michigan in June.

The Devil Gene - Thank you for mutating my DNA and granting me the powers I needed to overcome Keenan.

The History Channel - Thank you for making Swamp People, easily the best show on television.

And of course... my boyfriend Jeremy Ray - Even though you didn't go to the tourney, you informed me that Chasm Buster was the best thing ever. Thanks for the recon bro!

Blow Ups
Vespera - I hate you. That is all.

Piglett - For not knowing how Cursed Blood works. Shots fired.

04-02-2012, 08:31 AM
I shall post some vids later. I did take a fair amount of video over the course of the tournie.


04-02-2012, 10:35 AM
This was a bad weekend for me as far as UFS goes. My deck was hitting some rough patches and my play was not at the level i would have liked it to be. Its the curse of playing Mike Lowe. I was so free it was like having a bad case of swamp ass.

Trip Se7ens
04-02-2012, 10:47 AM
This sounded like a lot more fun than the Texas Regionals... I went to the wrong event D:

Nubian God
04-02-2012, 10:50 AM
Good report. I always enjoy the level of detail you put in, as the meta doesn't change much in Texas (no matter how far I drive from Dallas) it's a good opportunity to see the meta on the other side of the fence.

Piglett - For not knowing how Cursed Blood works. Shots fired.

Please elaborate. This sounds hilarious...

Nubian God
04-02-2012, 10:51 AM
This sounded like a lot more fun than the Texas Regionals... I went to the wrong event D:

I would've had a bad time if I played Satoshi, too.

Trip Se7ens
04-02-2012, 12:17 PM
Every freaking match I played, I was at a huge disadvantage! STUPID THROWS IN EVERYONE'S DECK!! WTF MAN!

I PLAYED KING TWICEEEEE BAHHHHHHH. And OT, I do love reading Drew's reports because they make me laugh as if I were there. I get jelly. :(

04-02-2012, 12:27 PM
With all of my heart drew <3

04-02-2012, 05:29 PM
Thank you, I had a lot of fun too. Not sure if I will run into you guys again, but thanks for being gentlemen... though there was a lot of bromance... A LOT.

04-02-2012, 06:36 PM
you got your vespera symbols backwards, Tyrone was playing death and Sawyer was playing water/

04-02-2012, 06:45 PM
Blow Ups
Vespera - I hate you. That is all.

Piglett - For not knowing how Cursed Blood works. Shots fired.

Which one is worse is what I want to know.

And, congrats on your 1st place win/tie. I wouldn't want to face Vespera either, I stand by what I said back in discussion late January "I actually have great concern for her impact on the constructed format as well - but of course, only time will tell."

04-02-2012, 07:21 PM
I've already started including pieces in decks specifically for dealing with Vespera, and I don't even live in a competitive area really :/

Rider kick
04-02-2012, 07:34 PM
Tyrome guys it's with an M not an n. But yeah he was death and Sawyer was Water.

04-03-2012, 01:22 PM
congrats on the win/tie whatevs drew. good :):):):) seeing you again man! atl is always so much fun to see. you guys rock.

04-03-2012, 03:22 PM
Way to melt my face off Drew. Glad you could grab another success before the rest of ATL goes to indiana and names your kid. Hopefully we can get another atlanta ptc before then so you have something ufs related to look forward to in the immediate future.

Also, screw that spider :):):):):). I only beat ben lambrights build of her because I'm his counter in tournaments. She is going to be just plain busted when P touch comes out.

04-05-2012, 10:50 AM
Thank you, I had a lot of fun too. Not sure if I will run into you guys again, but thanks for being gentlemen... though there was a lot of bromance... A LOT.

Sounds like you're hating on the Bromance

Rider kick
04-05-2012, 12:11 PM
Jane isn't one for bromance. It's a Jane thing.

04-05-2012, 12:30 PM
Jane isn't one for bromance. It's a Jane thing.

I can handle bromance to an extent... but this was a level onto itself which border-lined the kind of bromance the ancient Greeks hoplites had for new recruits.

Rider kick
04-05-2012, 02:47 PM
I can handle bromance to an extent... but this was a level onto itself which border-lined the kind of bromance the ancient Greeks hoplites had for new recruits.

Some body break out the olive oil!

04-05-2012, 02:53 PM
I can handle bromance to an extent... but this was a level onto itself which border-lined the kind of bromance the ancient Greeks hoplites had for new recruits.

That's because we strive to expand the depth of each others knowledge...


04-05-2012, 03:28 PM
That's because we strive to expand the depth of each others knowledge...


O baby.