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Shinji Mimura
04-05-2012, 03:19 PM

First thing's first, LI Joe makes a great point in saying that you have M-rated Mortal Kombat, Shady K being sponsored by cigarettes, and the "half-naked NOS girls" already making a questionable image of both violence and, potentially, sexism/objectification.

That aside, while I realize that America is a culture of puritanical hypocrisy, I don't think we should be treating his potential sponsorship like this. There are some tournaments, such as Evo, that will simply refuse to say Brazzers, and might even tell him not to wear the Brazzers shirt. I don't know how that'll be handled.

But, really, I don't think we should treat this like the 90s, whereby some innocent viewer sees his Brazzers shirt, looks it up, and all of a sudden we have a minor discovering porn. I view this sort of thing sort of like the recent court ruling that said that Gamestop can sell any game they want to anybody of any age; it's up to the parent to know what their kid is up to, etc.

While I realize they're not worried about kids and are more worried about their image, I'd have to question just what they feel their image to be? I mean, how many famous fighting game players aren't 18 yet? There's that one 13 year-old from Florida and Noah, and I think that's it. Furthermore, how many fighting game players don't go to bars like immediately after tournaments? How many fighting game players don't (relatively) actively say profanity, often on stream or in their youtube videos? How many fighting game players would be upset to be around porn (and subsequent porn stars)?

I just think the correlation of having a porn website's logo attached to your name somehow making the fighting game community look like it has ties to porn is just not the right perspective.

04-08-2012, 06:38 PM
I know of 3.

The biggest problem isn't so much the community itself but various elements whether integral or fringe - Stream companies (Twitch.tv pretty much said to Joe the moment anything related to Brazzers makes it on your stream, they're shutting it off), tournament organizers (the Cannons went on record as to say that IF the sponsor sends a team they will not mention the sponsor's name), that anonymous :):):):)tard who's point is outright destroyed by the fact that he's anonymous, etc.

It all depends on what happens though. I'll worry about getting better at the game a whole lot more than a porn sponsorship though.

04-09-2012, 04:43 PM
This is stupid.

When the porn industry holds a video game tournament and has tons of money and people play in it I will laugh.