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08-09-2010, 02:43 PM
**Basara** (Death Evil Void) 6/26
1x 6/6 *Basara* (Death Evil Void) 6/21
2x 6/6 *Nightmare* (Death Evil Fire) 6/26
1x 6/6 **Zhao Daiyu** (Chaos Death Evil) 6/25

4x 4/6 Bringing the Master to His Knees +2M (Death Evil)
4x 3/5 Scroll of the Abyss +2M (Death Evil)

4x 6/3 Friendly Rip 3M6 (Death Evil Void)
4x 6/2 Hozanto 3L5 +2H (Death)
4x 5/3 Dark Bite 3M4 (Death Evil)

4x 2/5 Bounce Back +2M (Death)
4x 1/6 Cheerful +1L (Death)
4x 2/5 Her Own Agenda (Death Evil)
4x 2/4 Instinctive Sword Swinging +2L (Death Evil Void)
4x 3/4 Living Shadow +1M (Death Evil Void)
4x 1/4 Manifest Destiny +1L (Death Evil)
4x 2/5 Mesmerizing Dance +3M (Death)
4x 2/4 Miserable Existence +2L (Death Evil)
4x 4/4 No Memories +3M (Death Void)
4x 2/5 Spiritual Center +2H (Death Void)
4x 2/5 Unorthodox Training +2M (Death Void)

4x 5/4 Soul Wave +2M (Death Evil)
4x 3/5 Ancient Burial Site +1M (Death Void)

I think that the deck needs serious help with the damage output. Any suggestions?