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04-07-2012, 02:20 AM
This tournament was mad hype! There will be a full report and the assorted jank that is my shout outs. Let's get this hype train with no brakes started.

This tournament was awesome! So much good competition and fun was had all day long!

RD 1 vs Gage Smith Playing King. local dickson player

I some how win the King matchup 2-0. I made a hilarious fail in game 1 that Ben Shoemaker recorded. I e'd with wonderworld, adding a card from hand to momentum and then gage king e'd on his throw. I was like, damnnnnn. jazz radio dj voice
The attacks in this deck are just way too silly. Harnessing Chaos is beyond busted. This card will be a staple in any format it's legal in. This thing is way too nasty with Ukyo, Tira, Luise and the like in legacy. I mean holy balls.
Good games gage, look forward to more in the future bud!
Starting out with a win is funzors!

Rd 2 Vs ATL Pig nizzle playing Mei Lein aka onion booty aka jeez that's a lot of life

Game 1 saw me make a very big mistake on over extending just to do some damage. Pommel smash owns me free.

Game 2 I get a good set up but it's too late, double reward and other wall pieces keep me off a kill turn. Damn you into the sunset, card bodies hungry for battle.

Not much else to say about this matchup, except maybe that order and 34 life is a real npe. I mean damn this chick grey walls so nice. It was fun to see this deck in person and get some janky ideas from it. It's a very solid deck piloted by a solidly sexy man. Piglett dean Jr, it was a good match sir! We have got to play more, epicness is bound to be had.

1-1 so far

Rd 3 vs Devlin playing Jin. dickson local player

These games were over really fast, my deck went straight beast mode with the god draws these 2 games. It was over pretty fast which was nice, gave me a chance to go get some food and look at other people playing, gotta scout the other peeps yo. no shame in my game baby.

2-1 so far baby!

Rd 4 VS Tyrome aka vespera is deadly aka eat my reversals and die aka man you are getting good at this game dude

Tyrome would go on to tie for 1st with his sick vesp death build. Her having out cursed blood makes you not want to attack her or play foundations lol. Silly guys, why is cursed blood legal in standard? It’s a legacy monster card for god’s sake.

Any ways, enough ranting. Tyrome takes game one with some sick damage grinding and defensive play. He finishes me off with some grasping widow nastiness. Geez that card puts the hurting on 19 life!

Game 2 I set up a killer staging area and don’t attack him until my kill turn. It took an insane card pool to do it, thaks for your help rolling revenge!!! 60 plus damage was in the card pool to finally finish her off. Thanks go to triple dual persona and double hungry for battle. Nuff said.
We end up drawing and both seem happy to not have lost, lol.

2-1-1 so far

Rd 5 vs Ben Shoemaker aka Toofis’ Daddy aka damn are we always playing the same character off the same symbol?

Our games were pure retardation in the form of cardboard. Build go, for 8 turns or more then attack and win. Evil mirrors are very boring, awful and painful even, like go kill yourself with your own poop and child hood toys painful. I don’t know how that would work, but that seems accurate for how bad these games were! Jeez evil is so mean, especially to each other.

Game 1 took forever, I had to wait until I had double rolling revenge to make sure I could force the damage, as I was sure he had at least 1 revoke, I’m lucky he didn’t have 2. It took 5 attacks and finally truong died.

Game 2 saw ben going for the kill turn and me living thanks to triple law of the land, and 4 mid blocks lol. What a stupid turn that would of killed any other deck.

Good games ben, ours are always so much fun. I feel like you make me better every time we play, you are truly beast at this game.


Rd 6 sees me squared up against my room mate Sawyer aka the sultan of salt, playing water vespera aka Damn this whore is really wet and angry aka damn is she a dominatrix?

Sawyer gives me the win as I’m deep in a battle with ben for diversity and as my other teammate AJ said, he is just here to support the Scott Gaines War Machine™. I gotta get a patent on that name, it’s pretty boss. I love my teammates! We are coming for legacy worlds at gencon, get ready world!!!
4-1-1 heading into top 8

Top 8 vs keenan playing eva off evil aka dump truck of damage girl aka wow harnessing chaos cheats so bad

Our games took about all of 15 mins to finish, all 3 of them. Now this is what I like to see baby!

Game 1 i win the die roll and drop 5 grey cards turn 1 and smash his face in with the old rolling revenge rape train, talk about god draw.

Game 2 sees him do much the same, double hungry is no fun to see in your opponent’s staging area, it’s only fun in mine! First world country problems LOL

Game 3 I check too many 3s on my kill turn and it falls apart on a pimp real quick. Keenan quickly shows me how to get low and boots me out of the tournament.
Good games dude, glad we finally played in a tournament again, we hadn’t done that since brt was in standard, man I feel old right now.

Shout outs to come later, time to go wake my gf up for some hot mornin sexin’! Yes, I’m living the dream.

shoutouts, finally being written up 2 days later like a boss:

Blackthorn for being a fun place to play all the time. love you guys.

Joe T for holding this orange card fort down. tournament was hella good.

My nigs and team mates AJ and Sawyer, you guys are getting so good at this game. All 3 of us top 8ed after swiss, can you say boss status? Thanks for supporting the Scott Gaines War Machine.

All of atl and ny that came, you guys made this event even more redonkulously hype! Love seeing you guys and can't wait to play with you all again, yes homo.

Ben Shoemaker
My diversity blood brother, why do we always play the same character off the same symbol? LOL, hurry up and get your character already so you can masturbate(play with yourself) at tournaments everywhere soon!! It was really great seeing you again man, thanks for recording all of the fun times that is the ufs community. Those videos are mad hype lol. I will def be coming to atl soon to visit all you crazy crackas. Also thanks for the trades and sweet man lovin'.

WHAT UP THUG!?!?! YO UHGGGHHH. Really awesome seeing you again mang. It has been way too long since I've seen any of you cats. Good times talking that :):):):) with you man. Congrats on your 1st place finish with that sick kazuya deck, you played like a boss all tournament long. I really like that build and chasm buster after the reset is mad niggerish. Also thanks for telling the mumbling, he draw incinerate story again. it's so godlike.

Mini maffei aka matt aka rack em' matt
It's always fun hanging with you man. You always crack me up and make me feel loved, yes salt, yes homo! You have gotten so good at ufs, keep that up!

J kroswek
It was really fun playing legacy with you and congrats on that top 8 with the fedora'd out monster. Your art is amazingly good too. Keep that up and keep rushing down those beautiful atl womens! Can't wait to see you again in atl and get sexy.

Dude you are one sexy beast, just watch out for all those hot wrestlers. I will come to atl soon and we can wrestle in a hot cage match, we should record it and sell it for cards. It was, as always, really fun seeing you and talking mad trash. You always keep me laughing and rolling around in salt. I really liked your deck, you just had some bad breaks it seemed. that :):):):) was hella fast though, craziness. Playing legacy with you was also really fun man, those matches were soooo dumb lol.

Ben L
You are one cool cracka, thanks for talking standard with me so much, you definitely know your stuff. You are a smart cracka for sure, i really liked your vespera build, it was really different from ours on foundation choices. I think we will add in some of your tech for sure, we totally forget about into the sunset LOL. talk about fail. also we need to play more ufs, we have not played since freaking 09 I think.

Keenan aka the true master of evil
Our top 8 match was really fun and dumb, wtf happened? it's like we sat down to play and before we knew it 3 games had passed. It was so much fun seeing you and talking about the game. You are such a cool person and it's always fun talking about all the random crap that we do. can't wait for the next time we cross paths at an event. I'll def see you and the rest of the crew in atl soon. also please let me know when you get your cards in, daddy needs!!

ATL PIGLETT aka Money making turner aka I like free money and dat onion booty
Man you are one crazy southern gentlemen. I'm glad you approved of our sweet tea and card playing skills lol. our games were really fun and the trash talking made it all the better. I really hate 34 life but it's fun playing against you. I'm glad we finally got some games in, we have got to play more good sir! congrats on the top 4 and let me know when you get your card in man, gotta have it!!!

Tyrome: congrats on that top 2 man, you have gotten so damn good man. I remember when I first came up to play with you guys, you have come so far in a very short amount of time. Let's keep training and improving and become true monsters at this game. Good :):):):) all day long man, you are also one of the nicest people I have ever met and that is what every card game needs more of, nice people like you good sir. I'll def be coming up to dickson more often for standard practice.

dickson peeps: you guys are a great playgroup and I look forward to more games with all of you cats. I'm glad atl and ny came and gave us all a glimpse of what standard is really about. let's all learn and improve and get sexier at this very sexy game.

I love you all, let's keep ufs going strong!

04-07-2012, 05:15 PM
...best (written) report ever. Love your descriptive flare.

04-07-2012, 09:43 PM
...best (written) report ever. Love your descriptive flare.


04-09-2012, 05:56 AM
awwww thanks michael! full shout outs to come soon. :) look for more flare or something flare esque.

kirk: all my love and word to your mother