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05-09-2012, 05:42 AM
A little slow due to finals and new job and such, but here are the results from the third event of the New York State Circuit. For those who don't know, we decided to try out the KOF 3v3 format for this one; aside from having to adjust the rounds to 70 minutes from 65 it all went pretty smoothly, and the format definitely has a different feel from normal standard. Oh, and a Jason was present ^_^

Swiss standings:

1) Kevin Broberg - Mike Lowe, Cassandra, Eva (Life)
2) Tim Keefe - Vespera1, Zi Mei1, Ragnar (Death)
3) Josh Howard - Nehtali2, Mitsurugi, Vespera1 (Fire)
4) Sean O'Brien - Amy, Mike Lowe, Vincent Grey (Good)

5) Bryan Reandeau - Morathi, Vespera1, Nehtali1 (Water)
6) Anthony Kenny - Sasha, Mike Lowe, Mitsurugi (Life)
7) Esmeralda Torres - Eva, Nehtali2, Bryan Fury (Evil)
8) Jason Hawronsky - Lily, Vespera1, Alice* (Death)

9) Steven Mercier - Vespera1, Kilik, Lu Chen2 (Water)
10) Caitlin Shay - Cassandra, Mitsurugi, Paul Phoenix (Fire)
11) Ryan Field - Sevastian, Reese, Vincent Grey (Good)
12) Cassy Shaw - Heihachi, Kaden, Omar Chavez (Chaos)
13) Richard Goetschius - Mitsurugi, Eva, Yi Shan1 (Life)

14) Michael Mercier - Amy, Kilik, Vespera1 (Water)
15) Sabino Cuomo - Reese, Miska, Xianghua (Air)
16) Justin Clark - Nehtali2, Cassandra, Morathi (Fire)
17) John Palomares - Vincent Grey, Roy, Paul Phoenix (Order)
18) Christine O'Brien - Morathi, Cassandra, Mitsurugi (Fire)

*Not really legal for the event, but it's Jason so we let it go

Top 4 cut:

Josh Howard def. Tim Keefe
Kevin Broberg def. Sean O'Brien

Josh Howard def. Kevin Broberg*

*One of those it's-been-a-long-night concessions, but not a good matchup for Kevin so it would've hardly been a gimme. So congrats to Josh ^_^

Will post some updated point standings in the NYSC thread later on.

05-09-2012, 11:58 AM
So much Vespera! And yet that dirty Life / Fire agro still prevails :)

Props to Sean for representing the real 'best' symbol, Good.

05-10-2012, 07:39 AM
Props to Sean for representing the real 'best' symbol, Good.

Thank you sir. I played a much more aggressive version of your Nats deck with this event. My character that did the most work for me that day was definitely Vincent Grey. I was surprised with the 6HS. Righteousness was also a big help. In the semi finals, Kevin blew out my first 2 characters with Mike. But the president came back and took out Mike, Cassy, and brought Eva down to 6 before I died.

Earlier in the day, the president let me deal 29 to Vespara and the turn time was called resulting in a draw for me :(

05-21-2012, 12:34 PM
a little memory for u sean!