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08-09-2010, 08:39 PM
One of the many things I like out of Temujin's support is that drawing attacks is for pussies - you can just fetch them back and keep attacking.

The (!) denotes a 2cc.

Temujin** x1

Ninja Tactics x2 (Combo Combo Combo)

Eiserne Drossel x3
Ostreinesburg Castle : Twilight x3

Assassin's Secret x3 (High Kick, Combo Weapon)
(!) Dragon Lifter x3 (High Weapon, Combo Kick)
Grappling Knee Strike x3 (Mid Kick, Combo Weapon)
Oratorio Halcyon x3 (Mid Weapon, Combo Mid Mid)
(!) Twisted Lotus Flow x3 (Mid Weapon, Combo High Attack Mid Weapon)

Communing with the Ancients x3 (Air/Fire)
Financial Troubles x3 (Fire)
From the Hawk : Alertness x4 (Air/Fire)
From the Mouse : Humility x4 (Air/Fire)
Mishima Zaibatsu Leader x3 (Air)
Nursing a Grudge x3 (Air/Fire)
Perfect Sense of Balance x3 (Air)
Rivalry with a Bear x3 (Fire)
Ruthless x4 (Air/Fire)
The Forgotten Technique x3 (Air/Fire)
The Strength Within x3 (Fire)
Trained Far and Wide x4 (Air/Fire)

* * *


Ninja Tactics : Fetchable (both Nursing a Grudge and The Forgotten Technique can go get it) anti-Lu Chen tech, as well as card pool clearing and card draw off of two attacks.

Grappling Knee Strike : Kick (fuels Dragon Lifter), Mid (fuels Oratorio) and gives a minimum +2 speed bonus to my next attack not named Grappling Knee Strike provided I play it after a weapon. Mostly there because of the zone and keyword.

Twisted Lotus Flow : Mid Weapon (combos with itself and Oratorio Halcyon), allows for shenanigans and the Combo is easier to place than with Dragon's Flame, but has a definite chance to be cut for something else if I can find anything (likely Playful Slice, but the combo is hard to do in this deck, and may actually provide me a reason to play Pillage. Play a weapon, First E on Pillage, then go for Playful Slice so the guy never really sees it coming.)

From the Hawk : Alertness : Allows me to check a random card in the opponent's hand, and one of the two 1/5s that shares two symbols with my character.

* * *


Undisputed Ruler : Outlast it. They have maximum 4, unless they can recycle it. All of your cards have Combo, and you can spring combos out of your ass due to Temujin's F and carefully placed discard fetching.

Paid to Protect : Hope the next Combo hits.

Damage Redux : Powerful : 3 and minimal momentum gen. Send all cards you don't intend to fetch into the momentum (or, if you do and have Female to Male : Humility on the table.)

Aggro decks going faster than you / Heavy stun decks : Try to outlast them, but yeah, they pretty much murder you.

08-11-2010, 07:20 PM
This built looks really, really good; I'd try it out myself if I could.

Finally someone using Ruthless.... I use it with Heihachi due to First Rite to get that 4 damage for his response, and because its a 1 difficulty foundation with a 5 check.

How is it working for you playing by both symbols at the same time though? Don't you get stuck from time to time in a turn because of symbols?

08-12-2010, 01:20 PM
Ruthless is there because it's a 1/5 that matches both symbols, same with From the Hawk : Alertness. It could be as blank as Carefree and I'd still play it.

Very rarely I've had turns barred using both symbols, as I try to have both symbols on most cards, only reaching for tech I absolutely need or would favor in monosymbol.

I haven't tested out the Twisting Lotus Flow, but the more I look at it, the more I can't see them working.