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06-04-2012, 04:15 PM
Well, I started where I ended off, namely the last thing I did before leaving town was eat a lot of hot dogs after challenging Danny Fung (or rather forcing him to accept his own challenge made to Olexa) to eat the ten dogs for eight dollars offered at Vince’s in Monroe… Needless to say I won the challenge because hot dogs aren’t cheesecake.

I wasn’t very well prepared for this event. Tax season saw me burnt out for the beginning of May and then by the end of it I was super busy again with work. May’s also the first month of the outdoor soccer season so I had very little free time for cards, not to mention I only got my ToV one week before this event.

I waffled on deck choice up until the morning of, the only decks I built and practiced once with each were an Omar and a Joe Hill. I also had the option to go with an updated Amy but didn’t for various reasons.

I went with Omar, and after some morning of cuts/tweaks and such I was good to go with a deck I was happy with, but honestly didn’t think would go any better than .500 on the day. I was happily surprised when I was 2-0-1 at the break, and in all honesty I did believe I could win it by the time I knew I secured a top 8 spot. Some bad checks on blocks and perhaps a bad decision* made against a really good Satoshi deck, one I believe Omar would only go about 60/40 with if I had more practice, and I was out :(

I arrived in London Ontario and rental car-ed it to Monroe on Friday morning. I slept the day (since I had no previous night) then met up with Andrew and other players for some Buca and some Whirlyball. Buca was previously and still is one of my favorite things; Whirlyball is one of my new favorite things. I think I was pretty good at it for my first time as well!

Having played Whirlyball till 2 and some driving afterwards I didn’t get back to my hotel until about 4am. I slept for another 4 hours and woke up to still have to decide what deck to use. I didn’t want to use Amy, well, because I didn’t want to stifle my creativity. I’m the type of player that once I win with a deck I move on to bigger and better. I have revised my Amy for new cards and strategic updates, but suffice it to say the new numbers in that deck will stay with me for now. I wanted to play Joe Hill and I built a Water, Life, and Order version, but in playtest none of them worked as well as I needed them to. I also wanted to build a 6 hander, because my own character card coming up will be 6hs, and I wanted see what Omar’s strengths and weakness’ were as such. I had an idea to loop a ton of stuff by readying certain cards but in the end that wasn’t practical enough so I settled with a deck that would draw a lot and have ‘as strong as possible’ defenses off the All symbol, which in my opinion is one of the weakest defensive symbols.

I went with Weapon Omar because ‘Determined’ is one of the best damage pumps in the game and in Omar you can always enhance/commit it and then use it. Strictly speaking I could enhance with Omar for 2-4 damage depending on use, committing determined, respond with Looking for a Thrill for 3 speed and then destroy the committed cards for another 4 damage 6-8 damage and 3 speed for two foundations is a good deal.

All didn’t have a lot of speed pump so the obvious choice was Needs a Challenge, which I combined with Financial troubles to first thin hands and then hit offzones of what was left. In longer matches I could Omar up 4X financial troubles quite easily meaning that if they didn’t have draw I was drawing a lot or they weren’t blocking much.

I started the day hoping it would work, and for the most part it really did.

Match 1 vs. Nick (Mekjian) and his Void Cassandra (1-0 after)

This monster was Void and built using the new super gross block modifier powerful attacks from Kaden’s ToV support. Well, let’s just say I didn’t trick myself into thinking I could block any of her attacks. I knew the only way to combat her was to lock her down the best I could with Directing an Empire and then doing more damage to her than her to me, the thing about Void is that strong Void cards typically have horrible block mods. We went to game3 and I took my first match. Although this was his first big event, Mekjian is a great player and an aspiring deckbuilder and if he doesn’t show at Gencon this year I will be sorely disappointed.

Match 2 vs. Tanner (Face) and his Order Amy (2-0 after)

One of the many reasons I didn’t play Amy was I had caught whiff of Tanner playing her. I didn’t have the desire to go into a diversity battle with a great guy, obviously, so there was no Good vs. Order Amy to be had in this event. I see Order Amy and I know she is super competitive, again because of Kaden’s stupid block mod powerful attacks, and I again know I won’t be blocking anything… Great, Templar is doing so well for me here so far lol. I pretty much play the same strategy, force Tanner to overextend to do damage and then throw as much as I can at him. Again this strategy goes my way and I am happy I taught one more player to stay away from MY CHARACTER = Amy.

Match 3 vs. Tim (Cutey?) and his Chaos Kazuya (2-0-1 after)

For the past 3 tournaments now (worlds, us nats, and now this ptc) I have played in I get to face Tim – and his Kazuya. Each time I’ve faced him with a different character, at least I offer up VARIETY! I know how Tim plays, and that is WELL. He is a very solid player and has no qualms about ABUSING cards that should be banned or errata’d (I’m looking at you Piercing Howl) so I’m pretty much expecting a match in which I will have to be extra unorthodox or just LUCKY to win. I was extremely lucking to beat him with Amy in top cuts at Nationals, and I was extra unorthodox to tie him at worlds with a sideboard character change to boot. Turns out this time I had my unorthodox down and even though he Kazuya’d 2 or 3 times in the first game I won with some passive aggressive play. In game 2 things went back and forth between attacks and board resets and we were both near about 10 vitality when he decided to drop the new fangled multiple attack after you guessed it ‘hitting me with a piercing howl’… So yeah, he won game 2 and game 3 didn’t have much time so we tied. I am still ahead of Tim 1-0-2 and I dare him to beat me at worlds with Kazuya, I just may be ABUSING some of my own broken cards this time around (I’m looking at you Truong).

Match 4 vs. Marcus (loud laugh out loud) and his Life Joe Hill which sided into Mike Lowe… (devilish)
(2-0-2 after)

I strongly contemplated Joe Hill, his character offers up a lot of synergy with action cards, and I like action cards. Not to mention he is very tricky and I like tricks! I was glad I didn’t go with Joe simply because Omar was doing better than I had expected and I was having a great time with his tricks and damage, I usually don’t play damage characters so this was a treat!!! Game 1 I absolutely destroyed Joe. Marcus checked poorly out of the game and I had 7 foundations out after two build turns going first. The result was a turn 3 kill with Omar. He said a bunch of mumbo jumbo and sided with the new Character card face down. After calling him a “something I won’t repeat” for siding into Truong he promptly said he wouldn’t lower himself to that he flipped over Mike Lowe. To which I said he was literally ‘lowering himself’ no matter which one he flipped because let’s face it, both of these Kick flingers are shortstuffs – I think their card stats might be even a bit of embellishment (hehe). Okay jokes aside I got to see his attack lineup which was actually High Zone Life kicks fueled by Mitsu’s high action card. This caught me a bit off guard and after a really epic game of cat and mouse he got out some Searching for Family and threw 8 attacks at me. I think I blocked 5 and survived 2 to the face, but meh, the game died with lots in the card pool so I was happy. Time was called in game 3 and another draw.

Match 5 vs. Marc (funnyman) and his Life Truong deck (3-0-2 after)

I’ve beat Truong before, and after tying against the Piercing Howl deck I was determined to be undeterred by cards that don’t belong in the game in this match against Truong. I think I intimidated Marc, that or I need to teach him how to play more aggressively… In any case I blocked a bit and then blew him up on turn 3 or 4. Game 2 I got Truonged, turn 2 or something ridiculous, 2 Playful Slices and a Harnessing Chaos in his card pool fueled by one or two Searching for Family and I died bad. Not good. Bad. Game 3 I regained by determination and put my Pommel smashes to good use, I also baited out some momentum so he wouldn’t have it for Torn Hero and I won in a close game. The other Truong player watched 2 and a half out of 3 games, apparently people were just handing games to people in diversity battles…, and I made his day which was nice because the steering wheel at Whirlyball had made his night previously so I thought it would be nice if he got some actual loving in on his trip.

Match 6 vs. Jeremy (the real voodoo man) and his Order Mei Lin (3-0-3 after)

Jeremy and I agreed to draw, probably because I knew he’d beat me and he knew I’d beat him if we played – after, of course, we determined that it didn’t matter we were both top 8 no matter what we did due to diversity and draws going around. We played and I was right, he beat me, although I think the number of blatant play mistakes I made in these games were closing in on the triple digits. I came out knowing I could beat him if we played top 8, and a part of hoped Jeremy got some ‘Overconfidence’ and not the Paul Phoenix kind so that if we did face for realz I’d have a bit of an underdog edge (wink wink nudge nudge).

I ended up finishing 5th, 4th after the Truong’s sorted themselves out, and I got paired up against a Birch.Olexa masterpiece of a Satoshi deck… Great.

Top 8 vs. Stefan (one of the most unknown best UFS players in the game today) and his Void Satoshi

I don’t toss compliments around too lightly, actually I enjoy insulting people and being underhanded sometimes, so it goes a long way when I say Stefan really is one of the best UFS players there is. I have never beat him, well I lost to him in teams as King vs. Cassy at worlds 2011, and I knew I was gonna be speed checked again in this one. I took the same strategy as I did against the other decks that I knew were gonna hit me no matter what and went all out. Somehow I left Stefan at 1 vitality in game 1 after playing what I thought to be a perfect ‘going 2nd’ game. I was not happy with myself. Game 2 I made sure to finish the deal but played far more tentatively picking up Templar for 4 careful uses before besting him but in doing so I quickly realized just how strong Satoshi is with all his tech support out, especially against my deck which heavily relied on enhances (phase) for damage/speed and of course – MY ACTION CARD. Game 3 I was outpaced severely but I held in there and after blocking and playing as many Templar’s as I could I was killed on a turn were I blocked like a champ checking 3 after 3 for blocks that I needed a 4 and then a 5 on to save like 8 or 9 damage attacks from bonking me. This is where I think I made my only major play mistake of the day, and lo and behold with an untested card. I was running 4X the 0 diff Hero card from Skullman’s support and I had 3 out in this game. I used all 3 to gain vitality on the turn I missed my blocks. If I had just left one more ready and blocked on bad checks instead of gaining back 1 life I would have survived (god only knows if I could have mustered a kill, but probably with Stefan committed out and me as Omar and a guaranteed 1 or 2 attacks). Anyways, woe is me, killed by a great player no doubt.

The next day I played around with the Manager’s draft taking Vespera but putting 3 packs all under Vincent Grey – hehehehe – which Tim ended up getting after outmaneuvering some others at our table. In any case, it was great fun indeed. I still think my choice was right, if it wasn’t for some insanely good Grey removals I would have gone 3-0 in the draft with Vespera, sadly 2-1 was not strength of schedule worthy of a top 4 out of 16 players playing.

Props –

a. Olexa for doing an amazing job as host/organizer
1. The good looking Omar who signs cards!
2. Me for killing another Truong.
3. Me for continuing to complain about Piercing Howl, but not as vocally in person.
4. Our House Games. Great people, great store, great rulez on the wall, etc.
5. Mike Lowe for continuing to either beat or lose to me in spectacular fashion, of course I’m talking about his character card in this case, I wasn’t lucky enough to play either him or Kirk Polka (the two players that always make my games crazy) at this event. But I’m not complaining, all of the wonderful players I played this weekend covered for them just fine.
6. Rochester, new ones and ones I already new. Easiily some of the nicest, and talented UFS, players I've met on my travels.
7. Marcus and Mekjian, I had heard about both of you from Olexa and he said you guys were good at UFS, he didn't tell me just how great of 'PEOPLE' you were as well. It was a true joy to finally meet you and play you both.
8. Birch for helping me with the pop machine. I'd say this is all you are good for, but... okay I just said it lol. Kidding, we have a 'making fun of each other relationship' and it is fun making it up as I go along.
9. Keith for being a great guy and doing ALL that driving in and around Olexa's place Friday night. You are down to Earth, intelligent, and a lot of fun to talk and hang around with.
10. The cat for dragging Mindy away from us for a while. KIDDING, I hope you and all of the other acessories, I mean girlfriends that DON'T PLAY UFS, make it to Gencon. Seriously though, you should play then I wouldn't be so mean in my props, you seem like a really great girl and I was glad to meet the lady who I know makes Jeremy so deservedly happy.

Slops –
1. I can’t think of anything. Oh wait, Danny Fung for not living up to the Canadian ex-fat guy reputation, which now stands for eating as much now when skinny. Just kidding, I too love Danny as much as the next guy and that was a tough one after already eating 

- dut

06-04-2012, 06:44 PM
Told you Vince's was amazing :)

06-04-2012, 07:55 PM
Told you Vince's was amazing :)

Told you I liked hot dogs :)

06-04-2012, 09:51 PM
Told you I liked hot dogs :)

sad I wasn't there and had to leave :(

06-04-2012, 10:40 PM
Wait there was a food challenge for hot dogs and I missed it??!?!? All the sadness.

06-04-2012, 10:50 PM
Wait there was a food challenge for hot dogs and I missed it??!?!? All the sadness.
I got bodied :(

rematch next year!

06-04-2012, 10:56 PM
10 dogs for 8 bucks. I'd eat that regardless of a challenge. Now I have to go back to MI.

06-05-2012, 12:48 AM
10 dogs for 8 bucks. I'd eat that regardless of a challenge. Now I have to go back to MI.

maybe I'll hit ya up next time im heading out there if you're interested :P though oxford better be fixed this time lol... :p

06-06-2012, 04:10 PM
Good games man, no intimidation, just don't want to face your action as Truong and no quick exit in play. It was cool meeting you and even more fun watching you kick Danny's ass in chili dog eating.