View Full Version : First Attempt at Water Nehtali

08-10-2010, 12:52 AM
So I built a Water Nehtali... Here it is

Characters [1]
1x Nehtali

Assets [7]
1x Divine Harvester 2/5 +2M [Terrain]
3x Castle Throne Room 2/5 +2L [U][W]
3x Albion 2/4 +2M [U][W]

Actions [3]
3x Acrobatic 2/5 +1L

Attacks [18]
2x Rising Typhoon 3H5 6/1 +1L [M:2][R]
3x Flash Needle 4L3 4/3 +2M [M:2][W]
4x Soaring Dance 4M3 4/3 +0H [M:2][K]
3x Fruit Picker 3H6 5/3 +1M [K]
3x Bloody Funeral 3L6 5/3 +1L
3x Lunging Brush Fire 4M4 5/3 +2M [K]

Foundations [32]
3x Lost Partner 3/5
4x Searching For Family 2/4
3x Strange Fashion 3/5
3x Inhuman Speed 2/5
3x Together Again 2/5 +2M
4x Know When To Talk... 1/5 +3L
4x Deceptively Quick 2/5
4x Carefree 1/5 +1M
4x Not Human 2/5

I havent tried this out with the new added kicks and searching for family but i think it may work. Not a lot of the foundations have blocks but i dont really see that as an issue because every other card in the deck does, and they are generally really good.