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08-10-2010, 12:04 PM
Well hopefully after looking at this monstrousity everyone will want a piece of my action, I have always wanted to say that.

A little preamble, I'm not really sure if you can call this a trisymbol. It has most of its cards off Good, but it has some cards with 'just' Order, and it has some cards with Death and Order and not Good, but because of the number of Good cards with Death on them it sometimes plays Death chains. It is like a dual-and-a-half-symbol deck. Or a 2 splash deck? I'm not sure what is the most appropriate name, you decide for me ^^

1 X Gill (Starting Character) - Death, Good, Order

3 X Bringing the Master to His Knees - Death, Good
3 X Flashy Leg Work - Good
4 X Tag Along - Good, Order

3 X Dark Force Mirage Body - Good
4 X Heel Snipe - Good
1 X Naruto - Good
2 X Rolling Bickler Uppercut - Good
1 X Spinning Beat - Good

4 X Cursed Blood - Death, Good, Order
3 X Holding Ground - Good, Order
3 X Hope for One's People - Good, Order
2 X Hwang's Protection - Good, Order
3 X Light on One's Feet - Good, Order
1 X To the Ends of the Earth - Good, Order
3 X Free Will - Death, Good
3 X Irresistible - Death, Good
1 X Superiority - Death, Good
2 X Sacrifices for the Cause - Death, Order
3 X Strife's Patronage - Death, Order
3 X Blind Loyalty - Order
2 X Cutting Edge - Order
4 X Antisocial - Good
1 X Darkhunter of the Night - Good
4 X Deadly Ground - Good
4 X Fight or Flight - Good
4 X Mentally Unstable - Good
4 X The Red Lotus of the Sun - Good
2 X Torn Hero - Good
3 X Undercover Agent - Good

Total 80 + 1starting = 81 cards

Some notes on the deck:

- It is incredibly defensive, in weird and wonderful ways that is. First off it spams very well, as an 8hser should. It has answers for infinites - Undercover Agent, Reversal into Heel Snipe, Free Will to facilitate, etc. It has answers to speed in Strifes, it has answers to damage in Holding and Fight or Flight, It has answers to Board commital/removal with Red Lotus and Torn Hero, it has answers to 'losing' with Cutting Edge, it can commit anything with Sacrifices for the Cause... And it can 'kind of' compete in a response war with Undercover Agent.

- It utilizes what I call speed tech. Speed tech is the ability to get foundations into play the same turn you draw them, not giving your opponent a turn to deal with them. Antisocial, Cursed Blood, Dark Force, all of these cards scream speed tech.

- It is a reversal deck at its heart. 10/11 attacks are reversals, all of which are mean reversals.

- It sees your hand with Strife's and changes zones with Light on Feet

- It defends amazing well against multiples with Holding Ground and Fight or Flight, it also has an overabundance of high blocks...

- It draws cards like no-ones business when Deadly Ground goes off, otherwise it doesn't, but the 8hs covers that off.

- The standard kill is Dark Force -> Speed Pump -> Deadly Ground, play out x drawn foundation cards, play out x drawn attack cards, rinse and repeat with mentally unstable.

- It has a secret 'reduce to zero damage' tech with Irresistable and Blind Loyalty, both cards also allow me to play reversals without blocking and in weird ways.

- Bringing the Master to His knees buys turns and seals deals

- There are no assets in the deck, they don't go well with Dark Force's enhance

- It mills with Antisocial and Deadly Ground


1 X Undercover Agent - Good
1 X Holding Ground - Good, Order
3 X Collecting Data - Death, Good, Order
3 X Memories of a Nightmare - Good

4th Undercover is for serious infinite issues or a control war. 4th Holding Ground is for damage redux decks (return my damage to printed) and for multiple decks or ones with huge damage pumps on single attacks. 3 Collecting Data is for decks that rely on a single attack lineup or that are combo heavy, and the combo fails without a piece. 3 Memories of a Nightmare is for a control battle against Death/Evil/Void.

Any questions - fire away!

- Garett (dut)