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08-11-2010, 02:36 AM
Alright, so this is my first crack at one of these, since I've never really been to a large-scale tournament before, so bear with me.

Brian (Nubian_God) came and picked me up at my house along with Justin (Hayamachop) around midnight. We get up to Shelby's (Krashemup) place around 12:30. I was about to pass out, but Justin decided that he wanted to playtest some, so I played Bryan against his Padma deck some before I passed out. Brian was next, and apparently Justin wasn't feeling too great about Padma, so he decided to give up on her and move on to something else. After a few hours of sleep it was time to depart! Sage (Eithinis) and Jacob (Steel Stiletto) show up right before we had to leave. We all cram in FloJo (Shelby's SUV) and we're off! I end up drawing the short end of the stick, or so I thought, and ended up sitting in the back of FloJo. I was still pretty tired from the previous evening, so before I know it, I was passed out in the back of the car with Jacob and Justin apparently starting at me with envy. First stop we made, Jacob decided he wanted to sleep in the back, as he had just gotten off of work before he showed up in the morning. This game of musical seats continues throughout the majority of our trip until we get about halfway through Arkansas. I ended up getting to sit in the back, and I was out like a light pretty much immediately. Apparently several hours and a few stops later I get woken up by Shelby. All I can remember was him saying something about us getting pulled over, and the cop not seeing me in the back. I just shrugged it off, and fell back asleep, only really realizing what had exactly happened after I woke back up a few minutes later. After a few stops, and several more hours of nonstop driving, we finally end up in Indiana! We make our way to our hotel, only to find out a few minutes later that we need to take Sage up to Jason's hotel. Justin and I were hungry as hell, so we decided to tag along. (Puns, haha) Justin decides that he wants Arby's after passing several of them on the way to Sage's hotel, so we stop by one on the way back. Apparently restaurants close crazy early in Indiana, as it was only about 10:30 when we had stopped by the Arby's. After a little fiddling with Tom Tom, we finally decide on Taco Bell for dinner, and head back to the hotel. We get back to the hotel room to find Shelby and Jacob passed out. Brian was soon to follow. Justin decided he wanted to do some more playtesting, and I wasn't the least bit tired after sleeping the majority of the trip, so I decided to go with it. Justin originally started out with Kazuya, but eventually decided to go with Paul. The few games I played against his Paul ended up pretty badly for me, as I was just playing my standard Bryan Fury. He finally decided to go with Paul after raping my face a few times with him and stunning the crap out of my stuff. I finally decide to pass out on the tiny little chair that we had in the room at about 3.

So Thursday was officially the first day of Gen-Con, and the first real convention that I've ever been to. I was pretty astounded by the sheer amount of people there! I had never seen so many people gathered in one place for a convention before. I don't even want to imagine how crazy Comic-Con is! Anyway, we ended up standing in line for a good while waiting to pick up our badges. I got the short end of the stick, with my last name being the longest line by one freaking letter. Brian, Jacob, and Shelby all had their badges and their event tickets pretty much before I had even gotten through line to get my badge. A little more waiting in line to get tickets, and it was off to wait in the lobby while they had the opening ceremony. We finally get into the floor, and we head to the Jasco booth first thing. Immediately there were people lined up for demos, and just a ton of people around the booth overall. It was tough just to stop and get our free SCIV decks there were so many people there! It was great to see, and clearly the free character promo that was in the goodie bags paid off. After heading to the Jasco booth, we head to the card hall for the main event! We get up to the card hall to find Omar, and a couple of other people already waiting. We fill out our decklists, and a bunch of other stuff, and proceed to wait for the tournament to begin. I don't remember exactly what I played, but I'll do my best to remember. I ended up playing my standard Bryan Fury deck, with two PotM's thrown in for good measure. I never drew into them, and always ended up checking them, but that's that.

First round: Sean (I can't remember what character you were playing, sorry, haha.)

All I really remember about this match was that he was playing around a wall of good. Not a whole lot I could do against 3 mysterious stances and a wall of Amy's. I think I won first round pretty quick, but I conceded pretty quickly after he got his wall out. Nothing I could do once it was there other than cry. I probably could've drawn it out and gotten a tie off of it, but I decided to give him the win. Sean's a great guy, and it was a lot of fun to play against him and hang out over the weekend!

Second round: Paul Bittner (Victor)

I'm not 100% sure how I even got paired up with Paul. I'm guessing he lost his first round? Either way, I knew I had my work cut out for me when I saw that he was playing Victor. I was able to get him down pretty low both games, but was pretty much always one attack short of the kill. He ended up looping his mega-spikes, and killed me both games. Regardless, it was a fun match, and he's a pretty great guy.

After my second loss, I decided to go ahead and drop as I was getting pretty hungry and Shelby and Brian had some downtime in their legacy matches. I don't even think I ate anything after seeing how freakin expensive everything was there! Afterward I watched a few matches and played some games with Sean and his wife Chrissy. (Awesome people are awesome) After that I perused the show floor for a bit and took some pictures for my store. Getting paid to go to a convention is nice, haha. I played a little bit of the Duel Terminal as well. (Yes I play Yugioh, sue me.) I came back to the the card hall to find out that Justin had made top four in extended! Needless to say, we were all pretty psyched for him. He ended up losing his match in top four, but he was happy to just have made it that far. He ended up getting some prize support, and then it was off to the Ram for the evening! We show up at the Ram, and order some food. Jacob busts out his new game (Dragon Dice) and commences to teach Brian how to play. It's a pretty funny game to watch, especially with people that are a little tipsy, haha. We head back to the hotel for the evening and prep our decks for standard the next day.


Today was the big day! The day that I was looking forward to all week. I'd finally get to test Bryan out against some new players! I'd been playing against Brian's Omarteparoth, and Shelby's Jin way too much, so I was eager to test my deck against some other people. We get up to the convention center and wait for people to fill out their deck lists and such. I had already done so the previous day, as my deck largely stayed the same. I looked around the convention floor for a bit, and ran into some of my Yugioh buddies that I didn't expect to be at the convention. After chatting with them for a bit, it was off to standard rounds!

First round: Jin (Can't remember your name, sorry)

I can't even tell you how bummed I was to find out that it was first round and I was ALREADY playing a Jin deck. Fortunately, I had a lot of playtesting against Shelby's build, which is pretty freakin random, so I kinda knew what to expect from the matchup. First round ended up with me winning with I believe a Crushing Embrace, and two Midnight Launchers all pumped up with the two Unstoppable Warriors and Bryan's second enhance. Second game he ended up smashing my face in with something... Spinning Demons I think. I didn't have any blocks in hand, so there wasn't much I could do. Third game ended much the same as the first game, although we both had a bit of a math fail at the end of it, which ended up with him scooping while in actuality he had 1 health left. I believe I still had a Leg Slash in hand however, so I don't think it would've made too much of a difference. Either way, it was a fun match, and nice to see someone else's Jin build other than Shelby's.

Second Round: Jeremy Ray (Jin)

Once again, I was pretty bummed to find out I was playing ANOTHER Jin deck. I was pretty excited to play someone that I had heard was pretty good at the game though. First round went to me I believe, with me throwing out a bunch of attacks turn 3 or 4. Second game he ended up drawing pretty much everything he needed, and smacked me in the face with a Spinning Demon multipled out, dealing 30 damage. Third game was the interesting one. I had him down to 4 or 5 vitality, but wasn't able to finish off the turn, due to a lack of ready foundations. I had a Crushing Embrace and a Leg Slash in hand, but nothing to commit to pass them. I had to pass turn to Jeremy, and he played out an attack. I blocked with Leg Slash and declared Breaker 2. He then played Alaraph Achernar, clearly looking for a Spinning Demon. I asked him if he had it after drawing his two cards off of the combo enhance. He didn't. He took the second enhance to discard a card and draw one, and sure enough, he topped into the spinning demon he needed to finish me off! (Yugiooohhh!!!) That match was a blast, even though it was against a Jin. It was a lot of fun to play such a skillful player.

Third Round: Giggles? (Not sure of your real name, but that's what Sean and Chrissy called ya.)
He was playing a life Mitsurugi.
First game went by pretty quick with him taking Mitsu's form and throwing out a bunch of high damage attacks that I couldn't really block. Second game was pretty much the opposite, as I ended up killing him turn 2 or 3 with a string of attacks and Needs a Challenge on the board. Game three was a little bit close, as I had him down to 4 or 5 health, but he ended up topping into the stuff he needed to finish me off. It was a pretty quick match, as all of our games didn't make it past turn 4.

Fourth Round: (Didn't get your name) Zi Mei
I was so relieved when I found out about this matchup. After playing 28 vitality characters all day, it was nice to be able to play against a squishier character. I've played Zi Mei a few times, so I knew the matchup pretty well. That, and Sage was playing Zi Mei as well, and we had a few games prior to this match that I did pretty well with so I wasn't too worried. He ended up getting pretty bad checks throughout the game, and he only threw a few attacks out at me at all, so it was over pretty quick. I kinda felt a little bad, and would've liked to see more of his deck, but he was a nice guy with a wicked mat, haha.

Fifth Round: TripsEx, Nick I think? (Heihachi)
I was a little worried about this matchup, as I had never played this deck before, and I had heard some pretty crazy things about it. Right off the bat he came in strong with Hachi's damage pumps, boosting his attacks by 5 or 6 damage easy. I was able to block a good chunk of his stuff and throw some attacks back, finishing him off pretty quick both games. Both games ended up pretty much the same way, with him checking pretty badly unfortunately. Needless to say, it was a fun match. He's a pretty crazy guy, and a lot of fun to play against.

Final Round: (Didn't get your name) Ivy
I wasn't really worried about this round too much, and was finally glad to be playing against a deck that wasn't ran off of fire or chaos. I think I won both rounds pretty quick with a nice setup of attacks both times around. He was checking terribly, drawing all foundations and checking all of his attacks. I felt kinda bad, as I would've liked our games to last a bit longer, but alas, that didn't really happen. Afterward I talked to him for a while about the state of the game, and how he felt about the current meta. He was a great guy, and a lot of fun to talk to and play against.

It was down to crunch time. I was 4-2 and had heard there was another Bryan player in the tournament. I had no idea what his record was, but then Jason came to announce the top 8 pairings. I ended up getting in top 8! I was oblivious to it at first, as I couldn't really hear Jason over everyone else in the card hall. After I had heard that Sage and I had both gotten into top 8, I couldn't have been any happier! I did kinda feel bad for the guy that got diversified out because of me though. I think it was only by one point too... I was pretty excited for a while until I had heard that I was going to be playing Olexa first round. I've never played a world champ before, and I was pretty excited, but scared at the same time. After talking a bit with everyone, we all headed to the Ram once again. While at the Ram, Shelby and Brian wouldn't stop talking about Andrew's Hilde and how dumb it was. Brian had the pleasure of playing against it, and apparently lost several turns in. After talking strategies, and how to get around his stuff, I felt a little bit better. Sage was a little worried about his matchup as well, as King is one of his worst matchups. I tried not to worry about it, and proceeded to laugh at Brian and Jacob playing Dragon Dice again. We headed back to the hotel where I talked a little more to Shelby and Brian about my match the next day. Eventually I fell asleep, both excited and worried. More excited than anything though. xD


Finally it was here! Finals for Standard! I had a pretty restless night, as I couldn't stop thinking about finals the next day. This was the first time I've ever done this well in a tournament, and only the second real one I've been to, so I was pretty stoked. We stopped by McDonald's in the morning to get some food, and stopped by a gun/knife store so that Shelby could get a butterfly knife. We headed up to the convention center, where I found out that we had to wait to start standard finals until one of the guys in legacy lost, or finished. I walked around the convention floor some, sold some Yugioh cards, played a little Duel Terminal, and headed back to the card hall ready to go. Apparently they still weren't done with the legacy finals, so I ended up chatting with Sieg (not sure of your real name) about finals, and the state of the game. We got a little hint at prize support, and then out of nowhere it was time!

Top 8 round 1: Andrew Olexa (Hilde)

I was so excited for this match I couldn't stand it! We shook hands and rolled some dice. I ended up winning the roll and decided to go first. I drew into my first hand, which consisted of 2 Financial Troubles, 1 For the Money, 1 Unstoppable Warrior, 1 Communing with the Ancients, and a Leg Slash. Normally, I would never mulligan a hand like this, as it's a pretty amazing opening hand for Bryan, but I really needed to get to those Paid to Protects. I decided to mulligan, and instantly regretted it after seeing the first two cards I drew. I drew into 2 cleaves, a Crushing Embrace, a Midnight Launcher, and a Shin Slicer. My heart dropped with each card I drew, up until the last card. After all of the attacks I had drawn into, I finally topped a Paid to Protect. I played it, and passed my turn. He played out a few foundations, two of which were Memories of a Nightmare, one of the others being the Amy foundation that lets you take no damage after you block an attack. I can't remember what the name is to save my life. He played out a Hope for One's People as well. Andrew passes turn after he plays out his foundations. I pitched Shin Slicer at the beginning of my turn. I ended up topping into another Paid to Protect, and an Unstoppable Warrior I think. I played out Crushing Embrace and pumped it to 9 damage. Andrew takes it, putting him down to 9. I play out my two foundations and pass turn. Andrew draws for his turn and tries to take the form on Hope for One's People. I had to point out that he wasn't at desperation, and that you had to be below half vitality to be there. That didn't really matter too much however, as he played out a Wrath of Heaven, and played Dual Wielding first, which didn't allow me to use Bryan's first enhance. He then proceeded to blank out both of my Paid to Protects with Memories of a Nightmare. I conceded afterward. Second game went a little different, but met the same ends. He didn't get out any Memories of a Nightmare, but he played Siren's call instead to commit my character, and then both of the Paid to Protects I had out. He followed up with Wrath of Heaven, and it was done. It was in interesting matchup, and definitely was a lot of fun. Andrew is a great player, and definitely deserves his 1st place finish. I look forward to a rematch!

After all was said and done, we headed out to the Italian restaurant for dinner. I ended up sharing a table with Justin, Sean, and his wife Chrissy. They are amazing people, and a lot of fun to be around. Dinner was a blast. Afterward we ended up going to Jason's hotel to play some UFS. I played Brian a few times, and smashed his face in both times. He was insistent that he let me win though... you know it's not true Brian! Haha. Some of the other guys jacked the tv that was in the lobby and hooked up a 360 and started playing some SSFIV. I wanted to play Jason a few rounds, but Shelby and Brian were pretty tired, so we ended up going back to the hotel for the evening.

Sunday was fairly uneventful. We ended up walking the convention floor some, as most of us didn't really get to during the week with our rounds. I played a little Duel Terminal, and bought a few things. Brian ended up at the Jasco booth demoing some. Justin ended up there as well, and handed out some of the starter decks that they had left. After a while, we decided we needed to head out, as we had a 14 hour drive ahead of us. We said goodbye to everyone and headed out on our way back to Dallas! The drive back was mostly uneventful, but involved some skeevy gas stations with Jacob and Justin getting some human and egg sandwiches. The drive back seemed a lot shorter thankfully, although I did sleep a good majority of the drive again, haha.

Sean and Chrissy: You guys made the trip an absolute blast! Playing random ass games with you guys between rounds and having dinner was great!
Brian, Shelby, Jacob, and Justin: Thanks for bringing me along! It was a blasty blast!
Jason, and everyone at Jasco: Thanks for putting on such an awesome tournament! Seeing new people getting into the game at your booth was refreshing!
Sage: Thanks for the game, and being an all around awesome guy to talk to and hang out with. Time between rounds would've been much more boring without you there bro!
Brian: For teaching me the dangers of Bro-rape, and how serious it is.

08-11-2010, 10:02 AM
Good read, man! Great showing of your Bryan Fury deck, too! I hope to run into you at a future event!

Perhaps US Nats, in Vegas??


08-11-2010, 10:07 AM
sean was playing a hilde

08-11-2010, 03:39 PM
Good read, man! Great showing of your Bryan Fury deck, too! I hope to run into you at a future event!

Perhaps US Nats, in Vegas??


Hopefully! It may be a little bit early, but I'll have to see if Brian and the crew are down for going.

08-12-2010, 08:30 AM
Very nice report, your Bryan deck pushed real hard and had a good balance to it. Hope you make it out to a few more of these big tourneys, if you topcut at worlds you can topcut anywhere.

08-12-2010, 08:47 AM
I had a great time meeting you and your friends last weekend. You were all very friendly during matches and played your decks very well. Congratulations on toping in worlds. Wish we coulda talked more this weekend, but i was busy playing FFGs LCGs all weekend outside of UFS extended (I got second place in UFS extended, Call of Cthulhu Worlds, and Warhammer Worlds, haha). Hope to see ya again soon in a future UFS event.


08-12-2010, 11:23 AM
(I got second place in UFS extended, Call of Cthulhu Worlds, and Warhammer Worlds, haha).

Final Boss... And without any Completely Dominated to seal the deal ^^

Fury vs. Hilde, a match I've played countless times and on both ends of the table. I would have liked to have witnessed this and see if anything changes under the pressure of top 8 worlds.

Gratz on a great weekend, and I'm sure we will match up one day soon, it just wasn't meant to be this last one.

- dut

Nubian God
08-17-2010, 10:15 PM
The first game I DID let you win (kinda). I wanted to see how balls-to-the-wall aggro I could get with the deck (not good enough, obviously =S).

And remember, one out of seven bro-rape victims actually tell their boys what happened afterwards.

Nubian God
08-17-2010, 10:16 PM
Hopefully! It may be a little bit early, but I'll have to see if Brian and the crew are down for going.

I am most definitely down for going! We must discuss logistics (I've already requested the days off).

08-18-2010, 02:24 AM
The first game I DID let you win (kinda). I wanted to see how balls-to-the-wall aggro I could get with the deck (not good enough, obviously =S).

And remember, one out of seven bro-rape victims actually tell their boys what happened afterwards.You can't out-aggro Bryan Fury! What?!!