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08-20-2012, 12:16 AM
Just made it home and since I don't have class tomorrow due to my school's financial aid office being a cluster:):):):) I've decided to do a TL;DR version of a report.

-Scrubbed out in teams this year. Deck didn't like me very much. I'll just leave Kazuya to my brother and play something else.
-Singles was a lot of fun for me. Played a Nehtali deck given to me by Garrett because I sorta just wanted to have fun with standard. Went 3-2-1 and got diversified by Amy from NJ. Lost to Keefe on a HORRIBLE play mistake and Mike Lowe and drew with Brian Harris (Who is a GREAT player btw).
-ATL didn't sweep events this year but at least: A)We got 1 event (Legacy) and B) All of Lion Stance have at least 1 card for themselves (Yay Wag!!!!!)
- Bittner's deck was cool as :):):):) and glad that it won.
-The Gen Con Beard didn't work it's magic from last year so it's getting cut. (Oh god no pun intended)
- :):):):) Air
- I <3 Birch
- I also <3 A.J. and Iari. Great to be able to meet A.J. again and finally meet Iari.
- I miss Omar and Nick =*(
- Need to figure out a way to get to Nats this year. Chilling with the UFS community + Me being 21 if Nats is held around the same time as last year would be so much fun.

I think this is where shoutouts would normally go but the list I have would take forever so I'll just say this: I love this community so much. You guys are the biggest reason I play this game and make this game so much fun for me. This is seriously the best group I have ever been apart of. It was great hanging out with the Michigan, Rochester, NJ, Cali, Canada, and other groups that were there. It has always been a great week for me at Gen Con and this has easily been the best one yet and only seems to keep getting better!

08-20-2012, 02:33 AM
Whats wrong with air?