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dutpotd’s 2012 Worlds Report – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd/4th

Ah Gencon, easily one of my favorite 4 days of the year. It’s a time when I get to spend from noon Thursday to noon on Sunday, 72 hours, together with my friends away from home – friends I never get to spend enough time with, and new friends waiting to be made.

This year it was rough leading into Gencon: Friday night I didn’t sleep due to some serious muscle aches and pains which was followed the next day by some lung issues, Saturday I had a triathlon that I needed to be up at 530am for (fun stuff), Sunday my car got hail damage when driving my UFS scout home after some testing, Monday my soccer team lost our first game since May 2nd, Tuesday I developed serious cold symptoms and a fever, Wednesday morning I woke up to take a 6am plane to find out a family member had taken a chunk out of my passenger side door while backing out of the garage and not looking to see what was behind them…

Things were not going my way, I was half expecting my plane to crash, and when I arrived in Indy Wednesday evening my cold had ensured I wouldn’t be hearing out of my right side until well into Legacy finals 24 hours later.

Perhaps the only thing that did keep me going was an email from Paul Tuesday night, a transcript of which he has posted in his own report, which I was close to passing off as a feverish dream. I had been thinking of playing a Paul Bittner deck after talking with Jeremy Ray about it over aim, subsequent to his PTC showing with him a few weeks back, so it was easy for me to tell Paul I could meet his request/challenge and provide him with a competitive deck for the con. I was a bit conflicted because I was considering playing it myself, but I was also considering playing near ten other decks as well so it didn’t seem right to dwell on the ‘what if’ thus I eagerly responded to Paul and scratched one option off my list. Besides, if Paul won I’d be equally happy for him, it might even get him pumped and interested in playing more UFS in the year to come.

I only had one goal going into the con, and that was to top in all three formats. Not because I need to win to feel good about UFS, but because I love the thrill of playing in do or die matches, I love playing UFS, and playing in as many rounds as possible was all I wanted. I had a few secondary goals going into the con, 1) Don’t let Atlanta sweep, and 2) Don’t let the Angels top 8. With respect to the latter I had a few parts to a plan to achieve my goal:

1. Play a deck myself that could beat the angels at least 50/50 – I lost my own flip to Garrison in top 4 

2. Build my own angels deck and unveil it and article its counters on the forums – didn’t do this because was asked not to

3. Come up with the best deck against the angels. - I arrived at a dual symbol Evil/Death Paul Bittner, between his Form and Showdown this guaranteed Omniel came out in about 1/20 matchups. The All deck was a little less anti-angel, but it still consistently held the 6hs combo deck at bay when played correctly. Paul played it correctly and this precaution saw me avenged in Standard finals.

4. Play the angels myself in teams thus scaring some possible angel players into being afraid of diversity – didn’t end up doing this because I felt bad for not offering to play my best deck, Amy undefeated, for my teammates.

5. Try to get my Nehtali 2 deck played since I knew from extensive testing it was about 70/30 against angels granted it didn’t rely on foundations (see blanking), passing checks (see free enhances), or blocking to win. It also ran all high attacks, and most angel decks were weakest against that zone of attacks. – I didn’t have to try at all, Matt Maffei wanted to play a deck of mine and this one seemed perfect for him.

Anyways, enough preamble, I knew with 100% certainty I was going to play Nakoruru for Legacy and I was confident my most recent changes to the deck would see me win out as long as I didn’t check 1s…

Legacy Round 1 – vs. AJ the Hurricane playing ALL Alex

I wasn’t too happy to have to face an Alex first round, not to mention my teammate and friend in AJ. I had beaten this deck twice at US Nats though and I knew if I managed my Tag Alongs and Nako R correctly I could win it. If he drew 5 cards more than once in the game I knew I was done for! I played pretty intelligently I thought and never was at a serious risk of losing in the first game, and his deck checked poorly. In game two I struggled a bit more but some Strange Fashion found the board and I was able to get a Fight or Flighted Blade in to seal the deal.

Legacy Round 2 – vs. Iari the Rockstar playing EARTH Adon, 1-0 going in

Seriously, back to back agro to start the day? Again I had to play super careful because a single Absurd was pretty much lethal to me. I won game one but lost game two. Game three I pulled out all the stops and Iari played way too aggressively. I won and felt like I dodged a bit of a bullet, had Rockstar more experience with his deck he would have been a serious rival.

Legacy Round 3 – vs. Keenan Makingsenseofus playing DEATH Dhalsim, 2-0 going in

I was happy to play this early and in the round robin because I needed to remind myself how to beat it. I had taken collecting data out because of the Dhalsim action, and I had replaced it with some Sword Style in my side but I didn’t want to show him that during Swiss. Game one we messed around for 40 minutes hiding behind our walls and making play mistakes. Keenan took it eventually after I used my Challenged too late in the kill turn. I was happy, I learned a lot, and I kind of didn’t want to win – seeing as how I had a feeling I would be facing him again in the top cuts I didn’t want to enter as the ‘favorite’. Game two I still tried my hardest to throw him off, and throw him I did, but I ran out of time with him at 5 vit and at 4 foundations to my like 12 or something.

Legacy Round 4 – vs. Kirk the Polka Dot Door Grizzlygom playing WATER Alba, 2-1 going in

I knew what Kirk’s deck did, it did the stupidest mad scientist junk ever. It ended turns, then it threw huge throws at you. I wasn’t worried about ‘dieing’ because I had so many ways to survive throws and big single attacks (Strange Fashion and Healer)… I was worried I might have trouble killing him though, and I knew I had to keep his clone-ish cards under control because I didn’t want to die to my own Darkness Blade  Turns out that playing 4 Antisocial against Alba is a good thing, I played out 5 foundations going first then drew into 2 antiscoial and played another 2 during his first turn… The game was pretty much over already since some of my foundations were Cursed Blood. Game 2 I had to work a bit harder but I still outbuilt and won the game. 3-1 swiss rank, 2nd going into top 4.

Legacy Top 4 Semifinals – vs. Danny Fung DabalRow… playing VOID Ryu

I knew this was a burn deck, and I had played against one only once before when we let a player who only had legacy play with us once way back in Calgary (like 3 years ago)… I decided the best way to beat him would be to attack his foundations that drew cards and tap Ryu out as much as possible, i.e. keep him at 6hs. I felt not having him draw, and not gaining free momentum, would be the best way to keep the pace AND not be hit for a lot of burn. I was right and Danny wasn’t even in this match. The power of GOOD absolutely stomps all over VOID. In game two he got 3 awakenings out so it took a little more work to kill him, but it happened, and I was sorry to say goodbye to my Canadian brethren in the top cuts. I don’t get to play against Danny hardly ever, and when I do he usually destroys me with Jin, so this was revenge for that! Seriously though, you did great with Ryu and I’m sorry I beat you with something as stupid as Nako, I hate her too.

Legacy Top 4 Finals – vs. David Sketch Wagner playing AIR Tira

Great, I actually wanted to play Keenan and was all ready for some revenge time! I wasn’t surprised of course, I knew Tira was too aggressive for Dhalsim. I did have a laugh knowing Legacy, the roots of UFS, had evolved into Atlanta vs. Atlanta and Canada vs. Canada. More people need to take this format seriously, it is a hell of a lot of fun, not nearly as broken as it used to be, and the prize is almost as good as any of the others being offered. Practice up because I need a challenge (no ufs pun intended).

Dave is my UFS brother, I don’t give hardly any other players in the world the same credit as I give him respective of truly understanding the game of UFS. He is crafty, he is sexy (no-homo), and he is crazy. The last trait is the one I was worried about, and cost my this finals…

I won game 1 with some craftiness of my own. I called R’s with Bringing the Master to His Knees, albeit this kills my own character R, but it does a lot more to an AIR board sporting Tira, The Don’s, Ibis, etc. I reversal tapped him out hard and won game one the turn after.

I was a bit overconfident in game 2 and I had an amazing start building well and killing a lot of Dave’s foundations at the same time. I consciously decided to leave his Fight for the Future Alone because it was helping me draw into blocks… The sad part about this is that with Tira having an R: and attacks that clear on block, if he drew into enough attacks AND passed them, I was liable to lose the exchange. I stupidly decided to reversal after my second block of the turn, thinking that I had already seen a lot of orange and knowing I could get this through on his turn and then draw into what I needed to finish it the next turn. I knew I was taking a risk, but he needed to a) luckily have a fistful of attacks and then b) pass like 4 of them to kill me on 5 difficulty. If either of those weren’t the case I was 100% winning the next turn of the game. Stupid risk to take, Air checks stupid and I lose. I was not happy, but at least I was going first!

Game three I actually was out built after 2 turns. I hit some 2 and 3 checks and had like 5 foundations to his 7 or 8. I caught up turn 3 after taking some pretty crazy risks including first forming with Bringing the Master again calling R. Dave looked at his turn 3 hand and said ‘pass’… I knew then that if I drew into another Bringing the Master I had the game, and I had sided in the 4th. No such luck, I had to play my next turn of 3 foundations, holding on to 5 cards to block with. Dave knew the time was right and went for it, I grabbed some stuff from the discard pile, but my 2nd block of the turn needed a 5 and I checked a 1. I couldn’t take all 8 and reasonably expect to survive so I committed a lot to full block. Tira happened… More and more concussion blasts kept coming, and eventually I threw in the towel. I actually believe I have about a 60/40 win rate against Dave’s deck if I was going first, but my deck didn’t want to make it happen game 3, and game 2 I wanted it too badly. These matches were great, they were intense, fun, and easily some of the best I’ve had. Can’t wait for my next Legacy tournament, and I was glad to lose to such a great competitor in Dave!

I wasn’t all that down on myself for losing Legacy, my ear had just cleared up and I could hear again. Not to mention Matt Kohls was about to get into town  We had some drinks at the Ram that night, but nothing too rowdy.

I didn’t really know what I was going to play in teams. Originally I had offered up Good King, but he just wasn’t cutting it in practice against Vespera and the Angels. I moved on to Angels so we could completely troll our opposition (Truong, Angels, Mike Lowe) but it just didn’t feel right so I offered up Eva so we could super-troll the 2 slicekicks deck… However, the morning of, I wanted to give my best for my team and felt like I was holding out. Amy was the natural choice, I have had some sort of magic with her all throughout 2012. I just couldn’t lose, and when I was about to lose something would happen and I would win. It was a good choice because no one wanted to play against me playing Good Amy and therefore it gave us a lot of control over the matchups. We were also all 7hs characters so there was no ‘auto-loss’ or put throw deck against this character going on. We didn’t know what to call ourselves, but AJ and Kirk and others were making fun of my action card saying that what follows … is ‘my :):):):)’, and after passing on the team name ‘When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain… A Hurricane of Trolls on my :):):):)’ we landed on ‘When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain… It’s not R@pe if you Yell Surprise”. Not in very good taste mind you, but it was funny because saying surprise and dropping playful slice turn 1 and 2 for wins was a thing of beauty for Kirk.

Teams Round 1 – vs. JP playing ALL Paul Pheonix

I made more play mistakes in this game than I’ve ever made and I was worried for a second my Amy just wasn’t there for me today. I still took game 1, and pretty easily, but I looked like a goof doing so, leaving him at 1 and doing all sorts of amateur things. JP knows what he’s doing and he was as aggressive as he could be, but Amy is just too strong against stun and I was able to play my own game until I was ready to finish him off. Kirk and AJ had both won about 5 minutes into my second game with JP so there was no need to continue playing. We did anyways because I wanted to see how much damage I could get on my reversal Kaplow! I got it up to 23 or something and left him at 1 vitality (good stuff). We ‘tied’ because we didn’t have it in us to play a game three that meant nothing.

Teams Round 2 – vs. Matt C KenMasters playing ORDER Amy, 1-0 going in

After some wise cracks about how we HAD to play the Amy mirror and me saying I didn’t want to because I was susceptible to the mirror I ended up caving and playing it anyways. Kirk insta-won, scoop/no-show/etc., and AJ was struggling hard, even lost game 1. Matt’s deck was awesome fun, and reminded me a lot of Tannerfaces from Michigan. That said, I am the real Amy and I don’t lose to Amy because she is MY character. I won game 1 fairly decisively. Game 2 though I got a little out of touch with what I was capable of doing and I lost control of the Throne Room!!! I lost and we were on to game 3. At this time AJ won his game 3, I always finish last…  Matt and I decided to keep playing but time was eventually called and it ended without decision. Still undefeated and not needing to finish lol.

Teams Round 3 – vs. Yoko’s ALL Jon Herr, 2-0 going in

Well, I hate playing against this cheater (Jon Herr). I hate it so much it is like betting on a game after you already know the result. I have never lost to Herr or his character card though, so my hate must fuel me on to destroy (or tie) it. I knew exactly what he was going to try to do, outbuild me and then kill me. Well, 1st of all – no one outbuilds me, no one but Paul Bittner when he cheats that is. 2nd, Amy doesn’t care as much if you do keep pace with her because she gives stuff so much speed. Game 1 I had the oddest 2nd turn draw ever, I have 14 attacks in my deck and 5 of them were in my hand, including a 2 kicks and the one Dragon Lifter. I proceeded to kill him and won on turn 2? I look over and AJ has already won a game and Kirk has won ‘both’? What the hell?!?! I won turn 2 and I am still being outdone!!! Fine, whatever. During game 2 AJ finishes as well, again my game doesn’t matter. Fine, I say and we decide to keep playing anyways. Yoko had his silly Kuribo somewhere on him and I wanted to punt it to the moon! I ended up taking game 2 with some unblockable attacks on turn 5 or whatever. I half expected to see this monster again, I had to play perfectly to beat it.

Teams Round 4 – vs. Sean O’s LIFE Allahra, 3-0 going in

Well, we start out this one bragging about how we don’t even have to try and we are already in top cuts, 3 and 1. Stupid cockiness sees Kirk get blown up in his mirror and AJ lost to a girl (not that this means anything, just that this one wasn’t named Sasha, Christine – no offense, Nehtali 2 is for real, or was it Omar? Either way it surely played Piercing Howl so, yeah  ).

Again my game is still in game 1 and it doesn’t even matter what happens. Sean and I talk more than we play anyways, we are shooting the sh1t, talking about rulings, etc. We decide to continue playing even though it doesn’t matter and I run into the most impossible thing ever, Sean decides to form with Animate Fusion while Omniel is out!!! I proceeded to pack up since he just lost the game but ‘no’ he says, apparently this shenanigan works. Not only does it ‘work’ he can respond with characters that are in limbo while Omniel is bouncing in and out of play??? I call judge. We wait forever. The Judge call JRay who confirms my suspicion that it doesn’t work. All hell ensues. I get a pretzel and Kevin proceeds to add it to my hand when it is already in my hand… Sh1t gets real and I realize my ‘continuing to play games to which the outcome s don’t matter’ is serious business. We pack up and call it a tie, lol. But Sean needs to figure out the ruling because both him and the team he was to play in top 4 has Angelitis going on – I feel pity and remorse for him, and we go from there.

Teams Top 4 Semifinals – vs. Marco Generalreaction x.0 playing GOOD Vincent Grey

I have a lot of respect for Marco, he consistently does well, and even though I’ve never lost to him I know I am going to have to play perfectly to win this match. I was kind of hoping AJ and Kirk would put me in that situation for a 5th time in a row, where it didn’t matter what I did. Alas, Kirk killed Tim in 5 minutes flat and AJ lost to the Herr-man, of course we were still on game 1 at this point lol. Good vs Good is very fun to play, believe it or not, as it harkens to the days of extended and the best parts of Legacy! I realize quite quickly that I need to deal with Vincent over a larger number of turns since I can’t string into the wall+check hack. My primary concern is Cursed Blood and we bounce back and forth on that. I go for a pretty daring kill turn in the first game and leave him at 7 vitality. I am just about committed out but I’m not stupid. He attacks and I block with Ballistic, I am down to 2 vitality and he is at 3. He attacks again, this time with a throw (dirty), and I block and Ballistic for game (mwahahahahahahahaha). I was slightly concerned that he might have my action card and negate the second Ballistic response, that would have hurt pretty badly. But my own card doesn’t kill me and I win game 1 in style.

Game 2 is another marathon game, him going first again means I need to build a lot again. He attacks a lot more, a lot more early and I get into a situation where I think I can counter to win, he tricks me into making my Lifter lethal and Righteousness enhances it… Short of saying ‘that’s my trick’, I was quite taken aback. Truly an outstanding play, I felt like that shark on Marco’s avatar!!! Somehow I continue to survive, it’s because Amy doesn’t die, and I kill him with some Kaplow. Lots of it. These games were almost as fun as my games against Dave, you Atlanteans keep me on my toes 

Teams Top 4 Finals – vs. Keith Nisyr playing LIFE Allahra

Well I’ll be damned, more angels in the forecast? We had talked matchups and I was the sacrificial lamb this round, we knew Kirk could whip Kilik off the map with his sheer number of attacks, and that AJ could take Fire decks like Cassy because he plays against them A LOT at home. We knew none of us had more than 50/50 against Angels but that most of us were at that 50/50 mark myself maining 2 Showdown included.

Keith is an up and comer, my only complaint is I wish he would have performed as well with a deck that isn’t obviously in need of some touchup from the errata-wand. Game 1 I start with Showdown in my hand and I feel safe, that was stupid. Turn 3 I showdown his animate and apparently he just happened to have 4 attacks in hand, you know cuz drawing 5 of your 12 attacks with a 6hs on a given turn is pretty common. Because I showdowned I have order in my pool and I have 4 attacks of my own in hand (the Dragon Flame Combo ) and can’t block a single thing. I lose in a fashion I really wasn’t expecting to.

During game 2 Kirk and AJ finish – AGAIN. At least this time they both won, so AGAIN my game means nothing. Seriously we won the finals of worlds in like 10 minutes of gameplay. Keith wants to keep playing, I don’t blame him because the bastard turn 2 Omniel’d me. I would have probably lost but we decide to pack up anyways because well, AMY DOESN’T LOSE. And that is how I won another asset, running away from an Angel!!!

AJ and I went out to celebrate, and Iari joined us. We went to the tilted Kilt, which AJ absolutely loved. It was interesting, the food sucked but the vibe of the place was okay. I had a few Guiness’ with Iari, one of my favorite things in the world – spending time with a Rockstar over a Guiness? Yes please. AJ was beaming all night, he was finally on cardboard. I was glad Kirk and I helped make his UFS dream come true. I went back to the hotel, markedly tired, inebriated, and with no idea what I would play for singles. UFS House was out playing midnight magic, so I had the room mostly to myself.

Morning comes along and I decided, why did I build this Eva deck for? I had had some long games the two days before and I wanted to whip out some quick ones in singles. Besides, I always wanted to play Eva with her somewhat 8 handsize. I made some last minute Garett-changes to the deck, which no one seems to want to comment on in the deckbuilding section and that was that.

Singles Round 1 – vs. Amy’s CHAOS Nehtali 2

Well, this was hell. I had complete knowledge of what Nehtali 2 did because I built her myself as the best answer to Life builds, in particular the Angels and Slicekicks, the latter I was playing… I got piercing howl X 2 into a tribulation turn 2 by Amy. I very seldom ever lose so early, and I told her this. Of course that just made her all the much happier, and I knew I was in for another long few games if I wanted to come back for the win.

Truong came in immediately. The need to punt a tribulation or howl was top of mind. I play incredibly safe but somehow I still get in a situation where trying to kill Amy would involve beating through Mishima and a lot of blocks (character blocks…) I think I end up having to build up a hand of 9 orange cards before killing her with them barely. Quite a good game actually.
I wasn’t even sure what the strategy I needed to have going into game 3 would need to be to win against this monster going second. I had sided in my 3 necro spins to try to take out the asset and prevent a 2 attack turn with no checks on attacks… That helped and eventually we got to the state where I again needed to throw the kitchen sink at Amy to win. I think I had 12 attacks in my hand and to the card pool the game 3 I won. Scary business. I think Amy was just happy to have turn 2’d me once  They were some great games and I knew she would go on to a lot of success in the tournament. I was right of course, she top 16’d which is an amazing achievement after losing the first round.

Singles Round 2 – vs. Kirk AGAIN Polka Dot man playing LIFE Truong, 1-0 going in

Well, I know Kirk needs this and I don’t since he had diversity and 5 Truongs to get through to top, I had no Eva gauntlet of any sort. He wins the die roll and proceeds to tell me that that means he wins. I laugh and play 4 Know When to Talk turn 1… lmao, silliest hands ever these games. I actually end up taking game 1 going second with Eva and he was not impressed.
I couldn’t do it a second time though, I checked pretty bad on some blocks and got turn 2’d by Kirk’s Truong in game 2.

Game 3 I got to go first, means I’m gonna win? I have a great build of 4 foundations and I feel like I am in the drivers seat. Kirk tells me he has the god hand and plays 3 playful slices on his turn 1 followed by 2 howlings. I didn’t know he had the second and 3rd slice in hand so I reversaled with leaping snap on his first slice, which maybe cost me, but probably not lol. He had another attack and revoke in hand… lovely. Turn 1’d by Kirk Polka. But you know, it is the draw that is the problem, not slice… I was happy to witness that though and I maybe would have wanted Kirk to have the win anyways diversity and all so whatever.

Singles Round 3 – vs. Matt the Bear playing GOOD Vincent Grey, 1-1 going in

Why people think they can beat me with my own symbol is beyond me, yes – I have laid claim to an entire symbol – deal with it. This game is still pretty scary since I have to muster a lot of attacks and go through wall + hack to win… Nonetheless, I have figured out how to play this stupid 28 attack deck by now and I draw cards and play 10 attacks. I really shouldn’t have sided into Truong because, well, it wasn’t needed at all. Still, no chances to take, I Truong him to the dark side of the moon. I felt bad because Matt is a really good player who I think just hasn’t found his perfect playstyle. He is successful too of course, multiple team wins and all. I just feel he is missing that one piece that will take him from a great player to a masterful player. I wish him luck with the rest of it and I’m on my way, back in the black!

Singles Round 4 – vs. Brian from Rochester playing LIFE Truong, 2-1 going in

I start by telling Brian he will win because he needs it more than I do. Again, the diversity shtick. He wins the die roll and I proceed to know I have to play the best possible to win this Slice mirror with me starting as Eva. He blows the crap out of me, I say something like ‘now I’m serious’ and bring out the Woody Birch gave me. I show him how easy it is to trounce people herpaderpa style going first with Truong and turn 2 him. Game 3 he is oddly confident thinking that going first means he will win. I pull some jedi mind tricks, he keeps a really awkward hand and I block and reverse him. From there I dominate the game as if I went first and he is absolutely dejected. I felt bad, but come-on, its Truong? I had to win this one for Kirk anyways, even though he was finding a way to screw himself out of top cuts… Brian – if you are reading this I want you to know you played exceptionally well. Your deck forced you to make a tough decision and I think you made the right one. In time you will learn that even the smallest decision can make a huge difference to a game of UFS and I got lucky and made the right small decisions in our mirror.

Singles Round 5 – vs. Mike Lowe playing AIR Satoshi, 3-1 going in

Mike asks me if I will take a draw. Yeah right, like I do that kind of stuff! Olexa is a bit behind him with Satoshi and he doesn’t want a loss for diversity reasons. Mike and I always have crazy games, but I guess slicekicks is just too stupid for fun to be had. I play smart, block what I know I need to, and kill him with Eva and 10 attacks or whatever turn 3. Once Truong is in things don’t change much, in fact the games looked a lot the same. I survive and come at him with al I’ve got on another turn 3 or 4 and take it. I didn’t feel bad in the least since I knew Mike would top anyway. No offense to Olexa, but I could tell Mike wanted it and I just don’t think Olexa has found his magic in the standard format recently what with Hilde gone. I hope one of the new KOF’s catches his attention though, I’m sure it will and we will all get rocked next Gencon by him!

Singles Round 6 – vs. Kros and GOOD SSM33, 4-1 going in

I’m already guaranteed a top 16 so Kros asks if I want a draw. Pssshaw, Jeremy Ray had just told me I needed to win for him. Jeremy Ray is my friend and master, what he commands I do. So, I was ready to do my best.

I’m SERIOUS DAMNIT – Good is my symbol, back off!!! Not only that, but this deck was a literal monster. I honestly think that this deck was one of the best 4 at the tourney that day. Still, I know how to unravel Good even if I am made to draw 2 less cards almost every turn!!! I lose game 1 pretty badly, and I am scared sh1tless by just how dumb multiple forms to pass high difficulty throws can be. Still, I know that with the power of Truong I can maybe survive. I make a point of getting momentum and getting draw foundations out. After that I just block and live while trying to draw a hand of 12+ attacks for my kill. Eventually I arrive and I smote the super hero. Game 3 he gets to go first again… Lovely. I have sided in my 1 answer to throws, the 1 Peaceful Way and I know I have to find it if I want to win. I do on a turn where he is down to 16 and me at 4. He finds 2 throws and gets to toss one at me through my response, then proceeds to pump said throw to 9 damage. I block with Peaceful and he thinks he’s won, I point to the text on my block and he sighs. I kill him next turn to keep one fewer Atlanta member out of tops. Shots Fired My Ass! Stay away from my symbol 

Top 16 – vs. Matt C and his CHAOS Jin

Well this is like my round 1 all over again. The Silly Chaos high attacks are gonna be coming my way, I just know it!!! He makes a mistake and plays a Piercing Howl against me, then I win.

That’s all I have to say about this match.

Kidding. It was actually quite epic, me blocking concs with the 5 high blocks in my deck... followed by me needing to play like 16 attacks to kill him because of his Mishimas and character blocks. Good games, I loved our games this weekend Matt, look forward to playing you again in the future!

Top 8 – vs. Yoko and his ALL Herr

This is a mistake. This is my worst matchup in the world. But, I know I have one thing going for me, the fact that I collected his data the day before ^^ Game one I play super crazy and know I can’t deal any damage with less than 4 attacks. I wait for like 13 attacks and after revealing my hand a few times I smash and bang. He thinks he would have won if he didn’t make a play mistake, the truth is that I could have blocked a second reversal at half and kept pounding him… I think lol.

Game 2 I am now Truong but that doesn’t matter, this is still my worst matchup ever. Actually, staying Eva is probably better. After a while I get well behind on the build and he kills me.

Game 3 I am all ready to try some magic but I draw into a hand of attacks that I can’t play. Mulligan. I draw into another hand of attacks… um, yeah. I attack him with 4 attacks (playful slice) turn 1 and committed! I deal a little bit and pass turn with no foundations out. He builds and again I draw into attacks. I play out 5 attacks with no foundations and win. Um, yeah, the draw is the problem, certainly NOT playful slice <sarcasm here>

Top 4 – vs. Garrison and his LIFE Angel

Well, this sucks. I hate the Angels, even though I like Garrison. I am conflicted. I try my best game 1 but I lose to his good build and throws before he even gets omniel out. Well, truth be told I thought I could kill him with my 10 attacks but he had 2 templar in hand and the -1 enhance forever and ever… If he only had the 1 templar I probably had it.

Game 2 I pull out all the stops, i.e. Truong. I rush him down turn 2 and then again on turn 3.

Game 3 he goes first builds super well again and turn 2 BALLSY passes a character card on a 6 or something stupid (after an angel enhance) and I say :):):):). He gets the animate turn 3 and I am up sh1t creek, no paddle to be seen. Garrison forgets to call a symbol on the animate and Jason ends his turn… I felt bad, but whatever. I draw into a hand of 6 attacks and 1 foundation and with Omniel out I can’t attack with 12 vitality left. I play the next 3 turns playing 1 or 2 foundations and passing. He has 4 attacks and kills me. Fun stuff. I was happy for Garrison but I am not going to lie, I was frustrated with the fact I was unable to play for half of game 3 in the Worlds championship because of an errata that SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED BEFORE the con.

I reached all of my goals this weekend, topping in all formats and being ‘Omniel’s ready’ away from hitting the final table in all of the main events!!!

I will do a props and slops and a zillion shoutouts when I get the chance, right now I’m off to soccer and thought I’d post something for the masses to start to read.

- dut

08-23-2012, 09:35 PM
Great report man. I should have know better than to invoke your hatred for Piercing Howl. It's clearly what lead to my defeat. lol In all seriousness though great games this weekend.

08-23-2012, 09:40 PM
Garrison forgets to call a symbol on the animate and Jason ends his turn… I felt bad, but whatever.

I was happy for Garrison but I am not going to lie, I was frustrated with the fact I was unable to play for half of game 3 in the Worlds championship because of an errata that SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED BEFORE the con.

I lol'd and that errata needed to happen so long ago.

08-23-2012, 10:54 PM
Great report man. I should have know better than to invoke your hatred for Piercing Howl. It's clearly what lead to my defeat. lol In all seriousness though great games this weekend.

I'm glad you agree, Piercing Howl is for scrubs who like Ryu, certainly not Ken - the real deal!

08-23-2012, 10:55 PM
I lol'd and that errata needed to happen so long ago.

I know you laughed, you were right there laughing at me while I passed turn over and over lol. I guess that wall of text you wrote had some truth in it :) It was very cool meeting you this year!

08-24-2012, 10:04 AM
Garret, the more i lose to you the greater my desire to beat you becomes. Just know that one day im gonna learn how to beat you, so be prepared.

08-24-2012, 10:10 AM
Garret, the more i lose to you the greater my desire to beat you becomes. Just know that one day im gonna learn how to beat you, so be prepared.

Looking back on the weekend my only losses were to Dhalsim and Tira in Legacy, and Angels and Truong in Standard. So your best bet is to PLAY LEGACY and play like the amazing Keenan/Wag do at that, OR play characters that are obviously busted.

ps. everyone should play legacy, I want 25+ next year. Foundations people! Let me know if you need me to build you a deck :)

08-24-2012, 11:04 AM
Looking back on the weekend my only losses were to Dhalsim and Tira in Legacy, and Angels and Truong in Standard. So your best bet is to PLAY LEGACY and play like the amazing Keenan/Wag do at that, OR play characters that are obviously busted.

ps. everyone should play legacy, I want 25+ next year. Foundations people! Let me know if you need me to build you a deck :)

you got me for all formats then? Lol :p

08-24-2012, 11:05 AM
you got me for all formats then? Lol :p

You don't need help building legacy you scrub, what is this enhance on the Honda throw stuff! You still have the maddest of science, I didn't see that coming :)

08-24-2012, 11:09 AM
Lucky I didnt 101's the crap outta you lol

08-24-2012, 11:19 AM
Looking back on the weekend my only losses were to Dhalsim and Tira in Legacy, and Angels and Truong in Standard. So your best bet is to PLAY LEGACY and play like the amazing Keenan/Wag do at that, OR play characters that are obviously busted.

ps. everyone should play legacy, I want 25+ next year. Foundations people! Let me know if you need me to build you a deck :)

build me a deck and i will play that format.

08-24-2012, 12:33 PM
I'll be more active in legacy now. I would like to do the hat trick of Char Foundation Asset.

08-24-2012, 12:44 PM
I'll be more active in legacy now. I would like to do the hat trick of Char Foundation Asset.

Gonna be good competition then :) Looking forward to playing Legacy against more great opponents like you Ben!

08-24-2012, 02:17 PM
I am sorta curious about the Dual Symbol Bittner deck you mentioned in your report. Would you be willing to share it or keep it for a rainy day?

08-24-2012, 02:26 PM
I am sorta curious about the Dual Symbol Bittner deck you mentioned in your report. Would you be willing to share it or keep it for a rainy day?

It's Evil Death, the Splash is primarily to access Cursed Blood. There are alot of Death/Evil Cards so it helps, or the Cursed can be played down with the response. It's actually a really fun deck as it strives to make attacks unblockable with 'Too Fast For You' after stacking the opponents deck :)

Obviously there are more interactions with the UFS House asset as well. Responding to blocking or playing Showdown comes to mind.

Maybe I'll get around to posting it.

08-24-2012, 11:04 PM
Poppa G! Thanks for the props man, all of that right back at you to boot - you always challenge me to step up my game and play outside the UFS 'norm', and it's nice to hear it goes both ways! Epic IRC strategy conversations abounded all season, hopefully that'll continue - I can't wait to tackle the standard format with fresh eyes and a new mindset now that most of the main offenders have gotten worked over with a rusty pipe and pair of pruning shears.

Looking forward to breaking UFS wide open one more time, be ready for a rematch at Nats! Maybe by that time Nakoruru will be banned and you'll actually have to figure out some new horrendous Good character to beast on people with. :D

08-25-2012, 09:17 AM
Looking forward to breaking UFS wide open one more time, be ready for a rematch at Nats! Maybe by that time Nakoruru will be banned and you'll actually have to figure out some new horrendous Good character to beast on people with. :D

There are a couple I like. Actually the one I used in my first Legacy competition ever, at US Nats 2010 - 3rd place, would be one of my top choices. She has a built in Fight or Flight (almost)!