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08-12-2010, 05:48 PM
I'm pretty sure i remember how this works, but I figured I would ask anyway since I was flipping through my characters trying to think of deck ideas and I got to thinking.

Anyway, my inquiry is this:

Do static abilities on character cards stack? By this I mean, does the ability on cards like ..Mai.. (All attacks get Stun:2, all control checks get +X where X is the number of characters in your staging area minus 1) or ...Sakura... (While this character is ready, all your block modifiers get -2 to a min of 0) or ...Mai... (all cards withot breaker get Breaker: 1 after being played as a block) stack together.

Such as, if I had 4 ..Mai.. in play would all attacks get Stun: 2 four times and all checks get +X(-1) four times?

08-12-2010, 06:02 PM
No. If you stack another character that's the same as one already in your staging area, you don't get any new effects carried over at all (so for example, if you stack SCIV Astaroth* onto himself, you can't Enhance twice).

08-13-2010, 05:34 AM
Ok, that's what I thought, though I just wanted to double check and make sure that I was remembering things correctly.

08-14-2010, 10:34 AM
Stupid question coming on my part about stacking, do you gain any extra symbols if the stacked toon has different ones (IE: Promo Astrid stacked on regular Astrid, Promo Ruru stacked on any other Ruru)

08-14-2010, 11:09 AM
you get 1 copy of each symbol.

So if you stack an air fire chaos character onto an air death evil character, your character now has air x1, fire x1, chaos x1, evil x1, death x1 on it (5 symbols for stuff like siggys support)

Sato Arashi
08-16-2010, 06:00 PM
This is a good case for characters like Kazuya and Jin who's abilities are affected by the number of them in your staging area (max four). You may have multiple copies of them, but in reality they all act as one. Meaning when you play Kazuya's E ability when you have two, you can only play it once per enhance step. If your character is commited for any reason, they all commit as one. Also the characters must have the same name, meaning you can mix four Nightmares together, but you can mix a Nightmare and Tira together. Other than that, whatever ability the character has is dependent on what it says like the case for Kazuya and Jin.