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09-09-2012, 03:43 AM
*Pre Article*
this one may be a little dated or off pace, it has been sitting in my articles folder for a good 8 months now, sorry about that in advance guys.

Today we'll be talking about my favorite in the Red Horizon universe (so far), a character that looks like the Love Child of Nakoruru & Jam Kuwadoberi(if this was possible), Zoey. Her story is basically that she is from New Zealand of Maori Descent, who was passed down the Ability to Control Wind(ironic when you see her resource spread) Magic, and became a prodegy very quickly, for those wanting her FULL backstory you can check Here (http://www.jascogames.com/story). Now let us see what she does:

Hand: 6
Vitality: 26
[Air, Earth, Water]
F: Add all face down cards from your card pool to your hand. you cannot play attacks from your hand for the rest of this turn.
R(5+): After your non-throw attack deals damage, turn it face down.

hmm, 6 hand with 26 life, average... [Air], [Earth] and [Water]... why a female character not named Chun-Li, Leona Heidern or Rainbow Mika has [Earth] is WAY beyond me but still... she has a symbol from Aggro [Air], Control(damage mitigation) [Earth] and a symbol from Combo/Hybrid [Water], and has 2 very good abilities that compliment eachother very well... the first ability is a Response ability that allows you for the cost of a 5 difficulty check... to flip your attack face down after it deals damage, why is this important you may ask... simple, reference a card from Taki's support a few sets back titled Possession Stance which said that all face downs in your card pool are not counted towards progressive difficulty... yes you are reading that right, you basically will play every one of your attacks at printed +1 difficulty and that's it, not a bad thing. The Form ability is also why she has that ability, as a form you can bounce all the face down cards in your card pool to your hand (including multiple coppies) and use anything from your hand that's not an attack for the rest of the turn. A good ability for when you may have over extended a little bit and want to get blocks back into your hand for your opponent's counter rush turn, or maybe you just want more cards in your hand to use with other cards, who knows.

Additional Knowledge(Action)[R]
[Air, Earth, Water]
Block: +3M
R: After your opponent plays an attack as a reversal, discard all cards from your card pool and then draw 2 cards.
F: Turn 1 card in your card pool face down. Then add this card to your momentum.
Diff: 2 Control: 5

Legendary Accomplice(Action)[R][Zoey ONLY]
[Air, Earth, Water]
Block: +1M
If you block with this card, you may attach it to your character durring the end phase.
While this card is attached to your character your character gains the following ability:
R: Lose 2 vitality: After your opponent blocks your attack, turn it face down or add it to your momentum(your choice).
Diff: 1 Control: 5

Hornbrook Bach(Asset)[R][Terrain]
[Air, Earth, Water]
Block: +1M
E: Commit: If your attack deals damage, you may add 1 face down card from your card pool to your hand.
E: This attack +1 damage. If this attack is blocked you may add 1 card from your discard pile to your momentum. Only playable while commited. Playable by either player.
Diff: 2 Control: 5

Her 2 Actions tell us 2 different things about ways you can go with her... with her First Action, you can sit and basically play as many attacks as you want to... and if none dealt damage and your opponent plays a Reversal... just play this and discard all those attacks from your card pool... and maybe draw back a matching zone Block, the other half of the Action allows you to basically do a Mini-Kunai trick and flip a card in your Card pool, then immediately add this card to your momentum(yes this works if it's the ONLY card in your card pool for a slightly-FREE momentum). Her 2nd Action is basically the replacement for a 2nd Character card, though with a twist, you MUST Block with it to get the effect on the card and it's Zoey ONLY... Basically if you can block with it, and your opponent's not playing Sageki Offering or Terry5, then you attach it to your character durring the end phase and basically get a 3rd ability that lets you basically GUARENTEE that you get a Face down in your card pool OR a Momentum that you may want if you're going for a Multi based route instead of a Multiple played Attacks route. Some would probably look at the Asset and just say... Moving on but for what it does it is a nice addition to those decks that hate to see Face Down shenanigains facing them(Warrior Poet & Know When to Talk are perfect examples) and can get cards back out of their card pool to MAYBE use later if they want, while the other ability allows you to POTENTIALLY get quite a bit of momentum if you know your opponent is going to block a lot of your attacks, yeah it's playable by either player... but that's why it's a terrain after all... otherwise it'd be boarderline broken for that enhance.

Gale Blade(Ranged)[C]
[Air, Earth, Water]
Block: +2M
SZD: 4M3
After this attack resolves, you may turn it face down.
E: If this attack is blocked add the top card of your deck to your momentum face up.
Diff: 3 Control: 3

Gut Shot(Ranged)[U]
[Air, Earth, Water]
Block: +2H
SZD: 3L6
E: If this attack is not blocked, ready your character.
E: This attack gets -2 Damage and +2 speed.
Diff: 5 Control: 3

Focus Charge(Ranged)[U][Stun: 1]
[Air, Earth, Water]
Block: +2M
SZD: 3H3
E: Your next attack this turn gets +3 speed and +1 to its powerful rating.
Diff: 3 Control: 3

Maori Defender(Attack)[U][Combo: Ranged]
[Air, Earth, Water]
SZD: 4H4
Combo E: Add 1 face down card from your card pool to your hand.
E: This attack -2 damage and +2 Speed.
Diff: 4 Control: 3

Sure You Can!(Attack)[R][Pow: 1][Combo: Ranged]
[Air, Earth, Water]
Block: +3L
SZD: 3H5
Combo E: Both players add the top 2 cards of their discard pile to their card pool face down.
E: This attack gets -2 Damage and +2 speed.
Diff: 5 Control: 3

Tsunami Slicer(Ranged)[C]
[Air, Earth, Water]
Block: +1M
SZD: 4M4
E: This attack gets +1 damage and +1 speed for each face down card in your card pool.
E: Remove the top card of your deck from the game. Gain Vitality equal to the difficulty of the removed card.
Diff: 4 Control: 2

Zoey's Neo Cosmic Flare(Ranged)[][Zoey ONLY][Pow: 2]
[Air, Earth, Water]
Block: +3M
SZD: 4H7
You may discard face down cards from your card pool in addition to momentum to pay for this card's powerful cost.
E: Switch this attack's speed and damage values.
Diff: 7 Control: 2

Gale Blade is a FREE Use of Zoey's ability AND a good way to lead off your Attack string with her, though for many OTHER decks they'd probably never flip it face down, it also gives you a Free Momentum if your opponent opts to block this attack, for a 3/3 it's pretty damn solid. Gut Shot i can see being used in a good amt of decks that love to pack a lot of speed pump with a pretty Powerful 'Commit to' Ability on their Character card, and with built in speed pump on it this can be a good addition to that deck, though for 5 diff it may be a little steep to use. Focus Charge gives for FREE your next attack +3 Speed and Pow: +1(if it has Powerful) which can be stupid as 2 of her cards already have powerful and that speed pump on top of that and well... you know... another good 3/3, did i mention it also has Stun... Maori Defender, yay we get a quasi-Seong Mina3/Defender Loop here... though to do it you DO have to have a face down in your card pool AND have this attack Combo off a Ranged attack... but i can see it having some uses(mostly outside of Zoey, me thinks). Sure You Can!, remember Focus Charge... this is one of the 2 cards you can REALLY abuse it with... especially considering it Combo's off of Focus Charge to essentially give it +2 Speed on it's own so net gain of +5 Speed(effectively), and Pow: 2... with the obscene amount of Momentum Gen we seem to get from her Asset and the Accomplice... ... owww just OWWWWW!!! Tsunami Slicer, one of my Favorite Win Conditions in her, especially when you go say... Possession Stance -> 3-4 Attacks, into This, with any theatrics to stack your opponent's card pool like The Phallic Gate or Warrior Poet, you can make this attack very big, very quickly, and it has built in Life gain, the ONLY drawback to the card is the 2 check... but that's more of a balancing act for it. Finally we have METEOR... i mean Zoey's Neo Cosmic Flare... again Focus Charge into This, with a LOT of cards in your Card Pool = sure death for your opponent, barring speed or damage resets), sadly though due to it's high diff and the 2 check i dont see too many people taking the time with it to do what Tsunami Slicer already does...

An Apple a Day(Foundation)[C]
[Air, Earth, Water]
F: Turn this foundation face down: Add up to 2 face down cards from your card pool to your momentum face up. This card is considered a foundation with a blank text box.
Diff: 2 Control: 4

[Air, Earth, Water]
Block: +3M
E: Commit: This attack gets -X speed. X equals the number of face up cards in your momentum.
First F: Commit: Choose 1 card in your momentum and turn it face up.
Diff: 3 Control: 5

Deadly Precision(Foundation)[R]
[Air, Earth, Water]
Block: +3H
R: Commit: After you block an attack with a ranged attack, you may add the card you blocked with to your hand.
E: Commit: Draw 1 card. Only playable if you have at least 1 face down card in your card pool.
Diff: 2 Control: 5

Familiar Faces(Foundation)[UR][Unique]
[Air, Earth, Water]
First E: Commit: Your attack gets +2 speed. Only playable if you have at least 1 face down card in your card pool.
R: Destroy this foundation: After your opponent plays an ability on an action card, cancel its effects and discard it from your card pool.
Diff: 3 Control: 5

Houshold Chores(Foundation)[U]
[Air, Earth, Water]
[Earth] E: Commit, Discard 1 momentum: This attack gets -3 damage(min 1).
E: Discard 1 momentum: Ready this foundation. Only playable while commited.
F: Commit: Discard 1 face down card from your card pool.
Diff: 2 Control: 4

[Air, Earth, Life, Water]
Block: +3M
E: Commit, commit 1 foundation: Your next attack this turn gets +4 speed.
F: Turn this foundation face down: Gain 2 vitality. Only playable if you have at least 1 face down card in your card pool. This card is considered a foundation with a blank text box.
Diff: 3 Control: 5

Warm Wishes(Foundation)[U]
[Air, Earth, Water]
E: Commit, discard 1 face down card from your card pool: This attack gets -2 Speed.
First F: RFG: Until the beginning of your next turn, players must lose 3 vitality as an additional cost to play action cards.
Diff: 1 Control: 5

An Apple a Day... a good ability though for it's stats... i'm not sure if i'd back it but if you need a way to generate momentum against a card pool Cloging Deck OR if you need a way to cycle thru your own face down shenanigains then this is a good card for you. Bewitching, probably one of the cards in this set that really doesn't work with her too well... probably works BEST for a character like Yi-Shan2 as he's the one you most often see with Face Up momentum and actually DOING something with it(no Piercing Howl does NOT count). Deadly Precision, a Ranged attack deck's new best friend, this will allow you to LOOP your blocks on your ranged attacks, and if they're Ranged + Reversal, you could play a ranged block, pick it back up and then throw it as a Reversal... the other half of the card lets you draw 1 card if you have a face down in your card pool, good against yourself(your own face down shenanigains) AND your opponent's tricks. Familiar Faces... only REAL problem i have with this card is that it is Unique... but after you Read the 2nd Ability you'll understand why... as blanket negation of a card type or ability type is now either on Actions OR on Unique foundations instead, though it makes me wonder why they even put that first ability on this card, it probably would have been better on Bewitched to give it a 2nd use instead... but meh, i'm not in PT to say stuff like this so... moving on... Household Chores gives an [Earth] Deck even MORE Redux(like it even NEEDS it)... it also has a way to kick Facedowns from your card pool, which you may need in a pinch, it also has a way to ready itself for a momentum if you need it ready for some reason. Rejuvination... hmm 2 foundations for +4 Speed... i can see that being good, 2 vitality gain from the 2nd ability is good also, though you basically LOSE the foundation for the rest of the game... unless you destroy it or re-flip it in some way.Warm Wishes... -2 speed for discarding a Face down from card pool... nice... if it was from your opponent's card... that's EVEN better... The First F ability... i can see SOME uses for... but personally i don't think i'd pack it JUST yet.

As for a deck build of her... i've personally been running her off of a secret tech that a buddy of mine told me about with her off of [Air] only... though a lot of people would probably perfer to play her off [Water] or mix them together, but personally here's my build of her.

Character: Zoey

Legendary Accomplice[Air, Earth, Water] x3 1/5 Zoey ONLY +1M
Possession Stance[Air] x3 3/5 +1M

Inner Peace[Air] x2 2/4 Unique +2L
Tower of Remembrance[Air] - Ancient Gate(Phallic Gate) x2 3/5 Terrain +2H

Dark Corruption[Air] x4 3/3 3H3 +2M
Gale Blade[Air, Earth, Water] x4 3/3 4M3 Ranged +2M
Gauntlet Flurry[Air] x4 3/3 2L4 Punch +2L
Tsunami Slicer[Air, Earth, Water] x4 4/2 4M4 Ranged +1M
Zi Mei's Wheel Kick[Air] x4 2/3 2H1 Kick Stun: 3 +2M

A Girl Like Any Other[Air] x4 1/5 +3M
Carefree[Air, Water] x4 1/5 +1M
Communing with the Ancients[Air] x4 3/5
Deadly Precision[Air, Earth, Water] x4 2/5 +3H
Juggle[Air, Water] x4 1/5 +3M
Made for Speed[Air] x4 0/5 +3L
Remember Your Masters[Air] x4 3/5
Worthy Initiate[Air] x4 0/6

2 potential Combo's with this deck... Get legendary Accomplice into play turn prior to going off, have The Phallic Gate, Inner Peace, Communing and Remember Your Masters in play by turn 3-4(if you can hold off that long) then proceed to play as many attacks as you possibly can, add in the gate adding Face Downs for every attack dealing damage and it gets stupid in a hurry... (remember to have the turn before Hidden something UNDER Inner Peace, for this combo to work best) then proceed to Form up your card pool and throw something from under Inner Peace, then pitch your hand to Remember Your Masters for what SHOULD be game, barring speed or damage reset AND your opponent SHOULD NOT be able to Revoke it with so many cards in their card pool, hopefully. Combo #2, go the Possession Stance -> as many attacks as possible -> Tsunami Slicer route; short, simple, to the point and hopefully worth trying; i hope i gave some ideas to some of you newer players and some of you grizzled ole' vets, so until next time this is NJ, signing off.

09-09-2012, 04:16 AM
I'm surprised for the article deck you didn't put in Concussion Blast or Knee-Capper as the start for the attack string (since if they get blocked they get discarded and if not, you get to flip them face down to not clog your card pool).

All in all, very nice insight into one of my favorite characters from Red Horizon as well. :D
(as she has all of my favorite symbols and her back story is pretty nice)

Nubian God
09-09-2012, 08:21 AM
I'm surprised for the article deck you didn't put in Concussion Blast or Knee-Capper as the start for the attack string (since if they get blocked they get discarded and if not, you get to flip them face down to not clog your card pool).

While they're solid attacks, they don't mesh too well with Zoey's potential to recur the same string of attacks turn after turn. Part of the appeal I've seen with Zoey decks is to throw 3-4 attacks out, scoop them up, and continue to build at least one foundation afterwards. Then again, I've never seen a Zoey in a tournament so there may not be much merit to that thought.

Either way, I'm wishing that I've had mainboarded Warm Wishes for my Worlds deck. I know of at least 2 scenarios where it would have punished my opponent to the brink of death. At the very least, Warm Wishes would net a -1 loss to anyone who plays Templar. Considering that Twilight and Superior Technique both share symbols with Templar as well makes Warm Wishes a viable sideboard option (or a mainboard spam, either way).

09-09-2012, 03:24 PM
Well, the thing with Concussion Blast and Knee-Capper is that as long as they are not completely blocked, there is a high chance to turn them face down (since they would egt discarded after the whole attack resolves, and flipping face down happens during the damage step).

I am curious about Warm Wishes. Will look into it. :D

09-09-2012, 05:12 PM
yeah as Brian said... The "Self Aborting" attacks as i call them aren't that useful to the deck, that and i already have enough 2's in the deck so Conc-blast = no, and Knee Capper... eh... i perfer the trick i'm using now... i will say there is 1 other build of her i've seen work and it was Off Water, that played by Magnusotls, so if you want a diff build of the deck look to him... would like to see someone ATTEMPT an Earth build off of her and make it work...