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10-16-2012, 01:58 PM
My UFS weekend started on Thursday evening, I had just got back from work and I was waiting for Jonathan to arrive as he was staying over, so we could both be picked up by Paul in the morning. Once he arrived we did some last minute tweaking to our decks then the got a good night sleep.

Paul was arriving at 10.00 so I set my alarm for 9.30 my bags were already packed so I had a nice lay in, well I wanted to but I guess with the excitement of the upcoming weekend I woke up at 7 which was kind of annoying, but that gave me some time to give my deck one last check.

I decided to run Amy as she is currently the character I have been playing for a long time and I feel really comfortable playing her.

Once Paul arrived we all made our way to Paul's car then we began our journey to Sheffield, we arrived in good time once we arrived and got into our rooms we all had a little rest from the long journey. After we had a rest we then made our way to Patriot Games for a last minute test tournament.

It was a really fun mini tournament I used a deck I though together on the Thursday evening while waiting for Jonathan which I am surprised it did as well as it did. It managed to go 2-1 after the tournament was over we all went our seperate ways to get a good nights sleep for the upcoming long day of hardcore UFS action.

I met Jon and Paul downstairs at about 10 for breakfast soon after we arrived the others from Colchester arrived with Baz so we joined them and from there we all went to Patriot to get registered for Nationals.

When everyone had been booked the action began.

Round 1

Amy VS Mike Lowe/Kyo

Game 1

I have always been intrigued by Mike Lowe as a character but unfortunately I gained a large staging area quickly and he was unable to break though. On the 3rd turn I swung though with Spalm/Dragon Lifter for game.

Game 2

He sided into Kyo which could have a problem for me but I managed to draw into speed reduction and Ballistic Snap Kick, they managed to hold him until 2x Splam and a Dragon Lifter came through to fast for him to block.


Round 2

Amy VS Paul Bittner - piloted by Matt Hewitt

Game 1

I always enjoy playing Matt in tournaments every game is always really close and this was no different, Game 1 was over quite quick he throws 2 Segaki Offerings and a Full Moon dismembowl 3rd and I lose.

Game 2

I had a much stronger start and lands 13 damage 2nd turn then hold him off with Ballistic Snap Kick and Gallant Defender.

Game 3

He started so I had to get a hand good enough to build a foundation base and hold him off until my next turn, which I did opening 5 foundations and 2 Ballistic Snap Kicks I managed to hold him off to allow me to draw into Splam/Lifter for game.

Again Matt always a pleasure to play you.


After this round we all stopped for lunch, all the other guys from Colchester were doing well, which then lead to believe that I might have to play one of them in the next round.

Round 3

Amy VS Xianghua- piloted by a good friend Alex

Game 1

I feared this deck purely because of how fast it is, I got some what god like luck and managed to get 4 Man Behind the Mask in play by 2nd turn, which enabled me too hold back his flurry of attacks then counter attack in my turn for the game.

Game 2

He opens really quick and I do not have enough blocks to hold him off.

Game 3

Open better than I thought and he builds better and quicker giving him enough attacks to break through for the match.

Great games


Round 4

Amy VS Kaden - piloted by Jonathan another Colchester player.

Game 1

I managed to get 4 foundations he managed 3 so I then needed to get as much damage through as I possibly could, unfortunately it was not enough as he has 28 health. He then loops me next turn.

Game 2

I open a lot quicker but in an attempt to get more damage through I over extended and he survives and loops me next turn.


I needed to win the next round to have a chance of scraping into the top 8.

Round 5

Amy VS Tira

Game 1

I had played Tira before so I knew what she was capable of, I managed to get a strong foundation base and then hold her back, then forcing enough damage through for the game.

Game 2

I open really bad only 2 foundations an Throne Room, he opens 6 foundations and proceeds to swing in his 2nd turn knocking me to 4 vitality luckily I drew into 2x Splam and a Dragon Lifter allowing me to force 20 damage for the game.


After that game I was really hoping to top 8 but after hearing there were 5 people on 4-1 then I would need really good tie-breaks. When Baz had called the top 8 I found out I finished 9th which was annoying but I was happy with it.

Once all the top 8 had taken place a group of us went to Pizza Hut to unwind from a long and tiring day.

I will post the teams report tomorrow.