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10-17-2012, 09:04 AM
For me Nationals started on the Monday when I met up with The Amazing Spider-Lloyd, in order to begin practicing for this yearís Nationals, at the time I had a fire stun Zi Mei (anyone who knows me will know that she is one of my favourite characters ever printed) which was working rather well and a life stun Mitsurugi. Lloyd arrived and we got underway with practicing. Lloyd was playing a punch Super Skullman 33 deck that he had been toying around with for a while now, after the deck was repeatedly destroyed by Zi Mei where I then built him a Chaos Nethali deck that I had been tinkering with in my head for around three months now. This deck repeated to rape my face all the way through to Tuesday where I then built an Order Vincent deck (Lloyd felt that the deck wouldnít work for me as he felt that it didnít fit my style) that I just threw together for the fun of it. After a couple of games where Vincent won both I began to consider Forbidden Knowledge and the various ways that I could abuse it and the symbol I came to was good. After I had built the deck we began to test and more often than not Vincent was successful in taking down the deadly succubus known as Nethali. With both of us happy with our decks we moved on to just testing them as much as possible.

I apologise ahead of time if there is not much detail to some of the games as I was playing in the event whilst recovering from a concussion and as such most of the time my head was throbbing like there was no tomorrow.

Round 1: Liam Millard (Paul Phoenix)

Liam is one of the newer players from Doncaster and had been playing for roughly four months, I had played against him once before when we went over to Doncaster for one of their local tournaments, and knew that with time he could become a really good player.

Liam wins the coin toss and chooses to go first dropping 3 foundations, I go and drop 4 of my own including a Torn Hero. Liamís second turn begins as he launches a Chasm Buster at me and declares stun: 2 I ask him whether he is sure he wants to do this and explain to him what Torn Hero does, he decides not to and uses Chasm Buster instead he uses some other pumps and it hits me for 10. My turn begins and I donít really have any offensive options just yet so I decide to build with Military Uniform and a couple more foundations. His turn again and he plays an attack, checks a 5 and I respond with Vincent so that he has to commit 3 cards to pass it or else he fails it, he chooses to fail it and plays a second copy (I am pretty sure it is Hammer of the Gods but I canít be sure) I respond with Military Uniform (Pimp Coat from now on) and make him tap to to pass it he increases the damage but I am able to block it with ease due to my much stronger board presence. My turn 3 I form with Forbidden Knowledge and go to town with a variety of punches followed by Zing! For game.

Game 2 he chooses to go first and once again cuts me into a Torn Hero, pretty much a repeat of the first game however he gets me down to 15 rather than 16 this time.

Win 2-0

Round 2: Dave Garwood (Jin Kazama)

I played Dave in the top 8 of Nationals last year and as such am fully aware of what he is capable of. I hit him fast and hard early on and get him into desperation (massive mistake) he forms with Jin then does it again thanks to Quick Exit, and proceeds to hit me with a Concussion Blast, then attempts another which I promptly hack by 5 thanks to Pimp Coat and Vincent he lets it fail and plays Divine Tribulation, I full block the first and then let the multiple hit me (damn you Treacherous Offspring) My Turn begins again and I throw everything but the kitchen sink in order to take the monster that is Jin down.

Game 2 Ė This time I refuse to let him get into desperation to make those Divine Tribulations cheap, and leave him on 14 before finishing him off the turn after.

Win 2-0

Round 3: Jonathan Armstrong (Kaden)

Really???? So for the second year in a row I have to play against Jonathan in round 3 and it has to be Kaden again, oh well at least it is fun playing against Jonathan but I donít really remember what happened as I never do because I always concentrate more on having a laugh with him rather than the actual game. Love you bro ;)

Game 1: Stuff happens he tries to loop me, Vincent holds him off just long enough to edge him out, pretty sure I ended on like 4 or something.

Game 2: Bad start for me I get looped and die a very painful death.

Game 3: He attacks, I hack, I punch he dies, was pretty much the jist of this match as he got a pretty poor start if I remember correctly.

Win 2-1 (Oh look the exact same score as last year)

Round 4: Dave Hancock (King)

Dave is one of the best players I know when it comes to any game, he can literally pick it up after not playing for ages and then make the cut.
I donít remember the order but I know Dave won 2-1, and I know that at one point he killed me through looping Ballistic Snap Kick with When the moon in order to kill me.

Lose 1-2

Game 5: Joe Hill (Mai)

The only time I have ever played Joe was at UK Nationals in 2009 where he knocked me out of the top 4 so I was looking forward to this match.

Game 1: I blink and I am dead, Vincent no like 8 speed 8 damage Harnessing Chaos that then cancels my block on his next attack, I die miserably.

Game 2: Pretty much same thing happens again 

Lose 0-2

So after diversity I am ranked 6th and one of only two Sheffield players in the top cut along with Dave. Oh
joy I get to play against Dave in the first round of the cut.

Top 8: Dave Hancock (King)

Game 1: I take after a really close match but fortunately I lived on 11.

Game 2: I leave him on 2 but couldnít finish it oops.

Game 3: He got a terrible start and I managed to just lucksack my way to victory, if his deck had played properly I would have probably lost as I still ended up on 7 at the end of it.

Win 2-1

Top 4: Joe Hill (Mai)

Game 1: I get a pretty good start going first before Joe drops 6 foundations, I realised that I would never have another opportunity as good as this one and as such I took it and took down the booby-lady turn 2.

Game 2: I honestly donít remember much of this other than the fact that he hit me really hard then went for a Double Tap and failed, before I finished him off.

Win 2-0

Finals: Daniel Squire (Kisheri)

My only 7 handsize of the day should be interesting.

Game 1: I go first build a Pimp Stick and three foundations, he goes second and drops 5. I begin with
Gauntlet Flurry and enhance with Vincent for plus 5 damage NICE! He enhances with Just Kidding and I get the speed bonus but discard a card, I then enhance with Pimp Stick for speed and cards. He takes the nine and I draw 2, Valiant Assault to draw 2 and hit him 8 with Vincent enhance and Gauntlet Flurryís enhance, I build a little and then pass turn leaving him on 1. He plays SPLAM! And discards my hand, he then hits me with a Zing! But is now almost taps out, he ends his turn and I just throw a Zing! For the game.

Game 2: He goes first and builds, I build, he builds some more and then I go for the kill and get it 

Win 2-0

I won did not expect that since I only built the deck a few days before the event. Got the foil Kyo I was after YAY!!!!!!

We did not have a fully decided team for the event and needed a third, it was a choice between Dave Hancock playing an all Vice deck he had built the night before and Ross Graham and has filth that is Amy. We eventually settled on Ross and his Amy deck as we know that it was foul.
I donít remember what happened in teams other than the actual results

Round 1 Vs Team Zoneout

Me (Vincent) Vs Luke (Steve)
Lloyd (Nethali) Vs Xander (Satoshi)
Ross (Amy) Vs Dan (Kisheri???)

I win, Ross loses, Lloyd wins, well we are off to a good start.

Round 2 Vs Team Frikkin Lazer Beams!

Me Vs Kev (Paul Phoenix)
Lloyd Vs Ben (Kaden**)
Ross Vs Rob (Vespera)

I win, Ross loses (anyone else starting to see a pattern here), Lloyd wins

Round 3 Vs Team Bístard

Me Vs Dave (Vice)
Lloyd Vs Matt (King)
Ross Vs Justin (Astrid)

I draw, Ross loses, Lloyd draws

Round 4 Vs Team KCJ

Me Vs Dave G. (Jin) REMATCH from Singles
Lloyd Vs Dave N. (Cassandra) some sort of Life Kicks I think
Ross Vs Jack (King)

I win, Ross loses (really starting to see a pattern here now) Lloyd wins, and on 3-1 that is good enough to make the cut.

Top 4 Vs Team Bístard

Me Vs Justin
Lloyd Vs Dave
Ross Vs Matt

I win, Lloyd wins, Ross was undecided but looked to be in a good position

Finals Vs Team Frikkin Lazer Beams!

Me Vs Kev (Rematch from earlier)
Ross Vs Ben
Lloyd Vs Rob

I win, Ross wins (holy sh1t! I did not see that coming) and Lloyd and Rob play off for pride and Lloyd wins.

So we retain teams and for our troubles get a set of stacker Mai each YAY! So Sheffield wins teams for the fourth year running, can we be beaten? Youíll have to tune in next year to find out.

I would finally like to thank Baz for an amazing tournament that was run exceptionally well, and would like to thank each of my opponents for being a complete and utter blast!

Also congratulations to Jonathan for finally not getting diversified at a National event.

10-17-2012, 10:02 AM
Nice report! That is a lot of 6hs in your day :) I'm not sure if that is good or bad for VG, probably a bit more good than bad. In any case, great read, hope you recover will from the concussion, and I look forward to seeing your character!

- dut