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10-17-2012, 04:07 PM
I'd like to start my report by joining everyone else in thanking Baz for running such an EPIC event this year! I can easily say that it was my favourite UFS event that I have ever gone to, not just because I did well, but because of all the amazing people and atmosphere that surrounded the entire weekend.

Right down to my report! Expect it to be full of pointless details and unnecessary comments!

I am writing this a bit late, so please forgive me for being a bit fuzzy on details and please correct me (nicely) if you know better or just want to chip in,

Friday: Early start, I have to run into town to pick up my copy of Pokemon White 2 before we go (cant leave without it!) Pick up Dan and Jonathan and get started.
Driving from Colchester to Sheffield is a fairly simple matter, just Sat-Navs don't seem to know about Sheffield's One Way System. (after paying 35 on a full update my Sat-Nav STILL didn't get it right!) Fortunately I came along last year and knew roughly where I was aiming for (only a minor panic attack and one unnecessary circuit!)
All cramped and tired from the journey I napped at the hotel on and off for about an hour and then had some dinner before setting off to Patriot for a last minute prep tourney.
I had decided before-hand to convert my Jin Kazama deck into an Angel deck for this tourney. Mainly to hide my true intentions for the next day and because I hadn't played Angels since they got their errata.
When I announced my intentions to everyone my deck was immediately called "Dirty Dirty Angels" at the time I didn't know how well they would do, but they certainly lived up to their expectations!
I don't remember much of this evening but here is what little I can recall:
First round I played against a Super Skull Man 33. I managed to kill with a 12 speed Divine Tribulation... NICE!
Second round I played against Random Phil's annoying Alice deck. I had to take the burn to the face a couple of times but managed to get the kill down regardless.
Third round I played against Matt Hewitt and a King deck I think he had borrowed for the evening. I won.
I might be missing a round here... might have been four rounds not 3 might be wrong but that is all I remember.
I didn't drop a match but came second to Justin's monster of a Mai deck due to tie breakers. Oh well, it was all in the name of fun and I was pretty happy I hadn't dropped a match! Things were looking up for the next day!:o

Saturday: Registration didn't start until 11 so we had a nice lay-in and had breakfast at 10 at Mac Donalds. Met up with Joe, Drew, Alex, Karl and Dan who came up that morning and headed off to Patriot again.
I was feeling a lot more confident this year than ever so I went into my first match feeling good.

Round 1 VS Luke Duncan with Steve Fox (yes I know I never asked for your name! I'm not psychic, I looked it up on the rankings...)
I don't think I have ever played against a Steve Fox deck before this game, so I wasn't sure what to expect, apart from punches, lots of punches. I suppose that's all I needed to know really.
Game 1: I set up nicely and think I got a Jin out turn 1 so I was ready to start hitting as soon as was necessary after taking 2 turns of some fast punches I got enough attacks in hand to hit rather hard. I did so, I had been left on Desperation so I played all my attacks before finishing up with a Divine Trib to kill.
Jin is nasty with that card! especially when left on desperation!
Game 2: went pretty much the same, I set up a tad slower but was able to eat punches until I was on desperation and killed again.
Luke was a nice player I hadn't met before and it was great to play against him, fun games!:D

Result 2-0 Win!

Round 2 VS Random Phil (Phil Harris) with Alice
I had played this deck yesterday and wasn't playing quite as predictably as Angles do so I was hoping to be able to rush this 29 health character. Id always know Alice had 29 health but it only dawned on me at that moment how impressive that was! I knew I had to kill quick to avoid Shredding Vibrato being thrown at my face.
Round 1: Nice set up again I managed to get some big attacks thrown from my second turn. Phil didn't seem to be able to pull usable attacks during the game and I killed soon thereafter.
Round 2: Phil throws a curve-ball and sides into Tira, obviously trying to rush me before I could get the kill in. Didn't see that one coming! Fortunately Jin likes squishy Characters and if I didn't manage to kill turn 2 I did so turn 3 (cant remember when I managed to get attacks in my hand)
Phil probably doesn't know me, but I've known him from his rep in previous Tourneys. A great player to play against whenever!:D

Result 2-0 Win!

Lunch! Tasty sausage roll from a bakery up the road with disappointingly soggy cookies...

Round 3 VS Alan Witherdan with Kazuya Mishima
This was one of my favourite game of the day. Great fun. Laughs were had all the way throughout and we both loved the image of Kazuya fighting Jin, it was even better when I found out he had a Heihachi Mishima in his deck as a character block! 3 generations going at it!
Laughed too much to remember details here. "Insert generic Jin beatings here"
I do know this was the one of the closest wins I had. I was left on 5 at one point and tried and failed to kill during my turn due to lacking any extra Jins, I had used a Chasm Buster and was on 3 when I passed to his turn. I seriously considered folding, because I was overextended and had little to no hand left. Luck was with me though as Alan pulled no attacks. Breathing a sigh of relief I continued my beatings and killed him the next turn.
*Trading for Righteousness ensues.*
I had great fun playing Alan and hope to do so again in the future. Great thing is, I have heard the same thing said by everyone I know who played him! Must be a great guy! Keep it up Alan!:D

Result 2-0 Win!

Round 4 VS Alex Polley with Xianghua
I have played against Alex's Xianghua in the past with my Jin deck and have NEVER EVER beat it. I shook his hand and told him I would see him in the top cut If I did well enough after the match, fully believing that this would be a walkover.
Little did I know the God of Nice Hands was sitting on my shoulder at the time.
Another Squishy character is nice so one attack turn should be enough. Its just a case of getting that turn before 15 attacks come flying at you...
Game one I manage exactly that, survived an early turn of attacks from Alex and managed to hit straight back with large Piercing Howls and Concussion Blasts and and a Divine Tribulation.
Game 2 Alex went first so I was in trouble from that point of view. I again managed to just about survive another early turn of many many attacks and started to hit back when Alex's Crazy side deck came into play. He Penanced a Give me your best shot into his hand but held onto it for a bigger attack. I realised I'm not going to hit him too hard if he stops an attack and gets that breaker on me. Fortunately that's when I noticed the two Concussion Blasts in my hand. I love that card and am very glad that I never went through with my plan to take it out for a 3 check attack. Because I had played Jin on my last attack I was able to play them for 20 damage total which Alex was not able to block.
I had never been affected by a slice kick deck before, and had only recently fallen victim to it in play-testing (I HATE IT). I am thankful that luck went my way at the time and also happy Alex still made it into the top 8.:D

Result 2-0 Win!

I was very shocked at me perfect win rate so far! Joe told me that I should be able to make the top 8 even if I Lost my next match. Where's the fun in that though eh?

Round 5 Dave Hancock with King
Feeling confident now I went into the last round quite happy with myself. I was against the only other person to have gone so far without losing a match.
Dave is another great guy I will happily play again. Had a really tense close match, but it felt so fun and relaxed!
Game 1 saw Dave tried to kill me over multiple turns with huge ZING!s at the end of every foundation string. Fortunately for me Dave could not predict the top card of my deck at all during the entire game and therefore couldn't get enough damage, leaving me with the simple task of blocking (with Jin when I could, Yay Mishima Family Bloodline!) to survive and attack in return.
Game 2 Went the opposite way after surviving a HUGE ZING! I couldn't get enough damage out to take King down. The next turn I faced a throw, followed by 5 foundations followed by a ZING! for HUGE! followed by a free ZING! for HUGE! PAIN!
My first game Loss for the day! Never mind! Get up and dust off! The match isn't over yet! there's still...
Game 3! well... sorry to disappoint. I've just sat here for 10 mins desperately trying to remember what happened here but nothings coming... All I know is that I won!:D

Result 2-1 Win!

So at the end of Swiss I was Undefeated Top of the Table! WOOOOO! HAPPY FEELING!:p;):D:o:)

and now it is late and I don't have any time to finish this... Il come back tomorrow evening or probs later to finish off. NIGHT!

MORNING! Off we go again!

At this point I was a little shaky from my last match, and really very shocked at how well I was doing. I knew Jin was good, but play-testing had left me with a 50/50 win rate, I also never expected to do better than the other Jin that was there either! But in the end I diversified him out instead of the other way round! I was happy!
And then Dan came up to me and mentioned the Curse of being the swiss champion (*shudder*). Apparently being the swiss champion would stop me from winning the whole thing... I have now banned him from ever saying curse to me ever again! I fully believe that if I had never been informed of said curse I would never have fallen victim too it! :mad:

Now effectively Cursed, I went into my top 8 Match still feeling pretty confident (who believes in Curses anyways?)

Top 8 VS Daniel Squire with Kisheri
I hadn't seen this deck all day and wasn't sure what to expect. My word Kisheri can do some stupid stuff!
I knew what Kisheri did but didn't know the potency of the deck itself!
Game one I lost, purely because the first attack I played was the only attack I could play, as soon as I had no hand I got KAPLOW!!ed. The next turn I managed to pull enough attacks to kill but nothing to get round the hand discard, tried anyway and failed. Death...
Game 2 I figured what I need to do. I sided into my 2 Reaping for anti discard tech and worked out that my only hope was to throw 2 Concussion blasts before finishing up with a last attack.
I never drew into my Reapings and only managed to get one Concussion blast. However that was enough as Daniel tried to kill me a tad early this game and left himself open to 2 Chasm Busters and my Concussion blast.
Knowing it was now or never I went into the last match a bit tense.
Sticking to my original plan I waited for Concussion blasts, None came, I still couldn't pull into my reapings either. I got impatient and decided to kill him over 2 turns with Divine Tribulation but of course that just left me wide open and susceptible to the 2 KAPLOW!!s coming my way along with 1 or 2 other attacks I cant remember. (must have been hit hard with all this concussion I seem to have.)

Result 1-2 Loss...

I was happy with how far I got this year, and although initially I was very disappointed about losing in the first round of top 8, thinking back I'm happy that I made no major mistakes and that my only loss wasn't a walkover of 0-2.

With our bags bulging full of promos we waited for a winner to be announced.
Congrats to Michael Hardiman for winning the whole thing! I never played his Vincent deck, but I heard some things about how nasty it is!

Off to the pub to wait fro Pizza Hut to get a table for 15 free.
Had a great evening. I was sat at the more "Mature" end of the table with the afore mentioned Mike and Lloyd with the conversation revolving around Toilets, Sex, Greasy Hair, Practical Jokes etc.
Fun evening! (I was cringing most of the time)

OH DARN! Out of time again... Off to work. Teams will be discussed tonight if I have time!