View Full Version : Where do you play? (ATTN: SCOUTS! Help me out here?)

12-19-2012, 08:03 AM
Hey, guys!

I'm starting off the year with a lot of travelling, and a bunch of conventions, and I'll be bringing plenty of training materials to each one. I'm hoping that I can get some people interested in the game, but the hardest part to jumping into a new game is finding a nearby playgroup.

To fix this, I've started work on a small project to map out all the active playgroups. I've done some forum trawling and come up with a few, but it would help a lot if you could just reply with the name of the store you play at, and the city, state/province/country. If you have a set weekly meet day, that would be great to know too!

Thanks dudes!

EDIT: I found this old thread (http://forums.jascogames.com/forums/showthread.php?3920-List-of-Playgroups-in-the-U.S-and-Canada) by Zardis. I put all of the information there in, and I made this thing (http://batchgeo.com/map/ca445eaf5e3ba18a8159c42c11b22290).

Thoughts? Anyone else I am forgetting about?