View Full Version : Tag Team tourney playtest- Gulf South Group

01-06-2013, 11:10 AM
Soon we shall be trying out a tag-team format that I have started testing. A good amount of people have shown intrest in it and we hope to get a great turnout!

If you guys ever get the chance and want to playtest it, please do. I would like some input from other metas!

Hows it work?
Players show up with a pre-determined deck and sign-up. Everyone is randomly paired with a another player.

In a match, teams will decide who will start as active and who will be inactive. The active players from each team will decide who goes first through whatever means they choose.

Playing a match works fairly normally with a few exceptions.

On a team's turn, the ACTIVE player plays out their turn normally and may only target the opposing active player. The ACTIVE player gains the following form attached to thier character
F: Commit: Your combat phase ends. Your partner becomes the new active player while you become inactive.

While a player is INACTIVE they skip their ready phase and, during the combat phase, gain 1 vitality and may only play one foundation or asset.

Both the inactive and active player on one team take their turns simultaneously.

Once ONE opponent is brought to 0 vitality, your team wins.