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Sato Arashi
08-16-2010, 06:18 PM
Ok so I've been seeing him much more to be a sideboard character with Jin and blocks for Jin main decks. Kazuya does have potential, he just hasn't seen main play, so here's my deck of him. Note that it's off of Death with a splash of either Chaos or Evil for Chasing After the Power. I've been thinking about putting Devil Gene for the simple fact that it's a very good asset to play with.

Characters: 7
4x Kazuya Mishima [Chaos/Death/Evil]
1x Nightmare [Death/Evil]
1x Yoshimitsu [Death]
1x Nina Williams [Death]

Actions: 3
3x Power of the Edge[Death/Evil]

Asset: 2
2x Tekken Force [Death]

Attacks: 20
3x Flooded-Nile Throw [Death]
4x Swing Kick • [Death]
4x Spinning Demon [Chaos/Death]
4x Double Face Kick [Chaos/Death]
2x Midnight Launcher [Death/Evil]
3x Lion Slayer [Chaos/Death/Evil]

Foundations: 28
4x Brooding [Death]
4x Treacherous Offspring [Chaos/Death/Evil]
4x Maniacal Laughter [Chaos/Death]
4x Merciless Fighter [Chaos/Death/Evil]
4x Cursed Blood [Death]
4x The Hunt is On [Chaos/Death/Evil]
4x Contemplating

08-16-2010, 06:40 PM
I don't have a ton of commentary on the deck itself, honestly it looks pretty solid(I dont much care for swing kick but otherwise) but I do want to say that Kazuya is one of the best guys in the game, and possibly the most underplayed, our teamate ran him at worlds this year and ran into some bad breaks through the rounds, but it is a incredibly strong deck, easily as strong as my Jin deck that did so well.

My recommendation for any kazuya deck? You need to play it, he has a lot of doors open to him, walking through the right one is a :):):):):). Repetitions will create a incredible deck for him, custom built to nearly any players style, I love the guy and if I wasn't a full blown jin fanboy, I would be rocking him big time.

Sato Arashi
08-16-2010, 06:51 PM
You have no idea how well Swing Kicks are. My biggest attacks in it is the DFKs (kind of sucks when it's a two check, but alot of decks has at least a playset of an attak with two checks). I have played with it like this against alot of decks and it does hold out very well. The only reason it looses is because I'm not getting attacks. The thing I learned about him is that even if you have only one, by turn two, you should press you pressure. By turn two, I'm attack with one or two attacks then small build. Best case scenario I like is opening hand is a Treacherous Offspring or Maniacal Laughter, a kick attack (preferably Swing Kick), a DFK, and possibly a Kazuya. As long as I have attacks, I just need to keep attacking each turn and eventually I will win.

Only thing I wish for is card drawing besides Mishima Family Bloodline which isn't really good overall since it requires that I pick up a Kazuya, then I'm very restricting symbol chain with Chaos only.

08-16-2010, 07:03 PM
I like the fact that your not playing chaos even though its the best symbol for that fam, I was gonna try him off evil after the next set dropped.
Just my opinion I think lion slayer is a bit better than double face kick especially if your not running NTD. I assume your only running 2 MNL cause you only have 2 , also I dunno about the destruction in his wakes without card draw the combo is very hard to pull off and + 3 damage on an action with no block just isn't that good.
Replace the DIHW with power of the edge.
add contemplating (best advice for any standard death deck).
And if you wanted a kill condition that dos'nt have a 2 check you could go for the unnatural grace -> lightning uppercut combo.

Sato Arashi
08-16-2010, 07:24 PM
To me, Chaos doesn't seem strong enough compared to what I have as the aim here in this deck. I can see where you are going for Lion Slayers but there are cases it's going to backfire on me because most decks would be running Flexible Bodies and once I used up all of my attack boosts, they'll use it. With DFK, I can at least be guarenteed damage, especially when the multiple is a throw also. With an older build, I had two Lightning Uppercuts before when I had like two DihW, two Hungry for Souls, and three Evil Intentions, but it didn't work well compared to this. The Midnight Launchers are the replacements of those. I can agree with the DihW won't fit in well, so maybe I can trade those in for Devil Gene. I'm a bit iffy on PotE since it has me discard two momentum. And I never thought about Contemplating, those will definately work in there.

08-16-2010, 07:26 PM
I'm going to agree with Jin, Lion Slayer is amazing with Kazuya. With 2 Kazuya's on the field, after a kick and a discard, that's 6mid 10 on a low diff attack. I don't know about Lightning Uppercut though. I'm not sure how you would push it through.

If you're worried about Flexible Body, then I'd put in some Rashotep cards (Ka Techniques, etc). The thing about Lion Slayer is that you can put in early or late in a combo. With Contemplating, Kazuya's E does become a bit more spamable.

Sato Arashi
08-16-2010, 07:39 PM
Do you think it's worth the risk of running both Lion Slayer and DFK together? I know that puts seven to eight two checks in the deck which can hurt a bit, but it leaves open a secondary kill condition. Of course, now that I think about it, if I were to run Devil Genes, then I can easily ruin Flexible Body.

08-16-2010, 07:57 PM
Devil Gene is pretty good I just think POTE is so good in this deck especially If you decide to replace DFK with Lion Slayer ( whatever you do dont run 7- 2 checks in this format in general unless your running Cervantes ) The only thing the deck should need momentum for is spinning demon which is your secondary win condition.
Cant believe I forgot Ka Technique, this card needs to be in your deck its also a death staple along with contemplating. Ka technique can just blank flex body if you push an attack through before your Slayer.
Lion Slayer combo = 10 damage with only 1 Kazuya without kazuya's E
Double Face Kick combo = 8 damage without kazuya's E

Sato Arashi
08-16-2010, 08:21 PM
Well, sometimes I have to take some risk into the deck for it to be good so here's what I did.

-3 Intimidating Presence
-3 All Life is Prey
-1 Flooded-Nile Throw

+3 Lion Slayer
+4 Contemplating

I don't have a playset of Lion Slayers so once I get my last one and I see that both aren't working at the same time, I'll make DFK a sideboard card. It's possible that I will trade the DihW for Devil Genes. Still iffy on the PotE (high block modifier I don't like despite it being mid), but I can try those too. With cheap cards like Brooding, Treacherous Offsprings and Cursed Blood, especially when Cursed Blood can help me build better, plus the fact that I got three other Kazuyas for the checks, I shouldn't have too much difficulty with the two checks as long as they aren't together.

Sato Arashi
08-22-2010, 11:38 AM
Made an update to the deck. Running more characters to make Merciless Fighter potential and dropped CAtP, so now I'm running straight Death now with this deck. I know I'm running seven two-checks, but the only time they hurt is first turn during build time. The rest of the time, it doesn't hurt much. I am considering a new attack build though, possibly do Knight Breakers in there, but that will re-arrange the attack build, so looking at suggestions.

09-13-2010, 05:39 AM
- 1 double face kick/ +1 midnight launcher
- 2 tekken forces, - 1 the hunt is on/ + 3 ka technique
drop the sandstorms for 3x beyond humanity ( try it u wont be disappointed )

Look @ devil gene and flexible body for side board