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02-15-2013, 08:57 PM
Welcome to the next edition of Character "Gems" Corner: Character Reflection Edition. Today we continue to look at the First Street Fighter set for another character to review, of those left we have 4 left to choose from, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Sagat and Zangief; today we will look at Chun-Li, another main Protaganist of the Street Fighter series, her entire gimmick throughout MOST of the game is all about Kick's which considering how she plays in the Video Game, makes 100% sense, though she has always had a decient to very good second ability to give you a reason to play her. So without further adue let's start this review:

[Air, Life, Water]
Hand: 6
Vitality: 24
E: Commit: Switch this attacks speed and damage.
E: Commit, discard 1 momentum: Your attack gets +X Speed. X equals the damage of this attack.

The First version gives us 2 quite useful abilities. The first ability allows us to switch the speed and damage of ANY attack, opponent got you staring down a 30 damage throw or something, just flip it and take 2-3 damage if they haven't speed pumped it in any way shape or form, do note you can do the exact same with YOUR attack with lots of speed pumping on your attack. The 2nd ability gives us the ability to give a potentially massive speed boost by commiting and discarding 1 momentum; Always a nice ability to use if you have enough damage pumps in play.

Best Symbol: Air

Worst Symbol: Water

[Air, Void, Water]
Hand: 6
Vitality: 23
E: Add the top card of your deck to your momentum. Only playable if you have played a Reversal this turn.
R: Commit, discard 1 momentum: After you succesfully block, you may play any Kick in your hand as a Reversal at +1 Difficulty.

The Starter version is one of those that has captivated me from day 1, but at the time had a VERY hard time to get to work very well, her first ability allows you to net momentum as long as you've played a reversal that turn, which if you build your deck JUST right you can net a LOT of momentum to really punish your opponent with, like with a Reversal that has Multi for example. Her 2nd ability allows you to throw any kick from your hand as a Reversal at +1 difficulty, not really that bad when you think about it as a lot of GOOD kicks do not have Reversal naturally printed on them, Blocking, playing Jacknife MAXIMUM as a response and making your opponent take a LOT of damage on their own turn is really fun. A special way to play her i found was off Water with a few key cards, Strike Heads, Shinobi Tradition, Getting an Education and Secret of Ling-Shen Su, basically playing Strike Heads, commiting Shinobi's for Getting an Education and getting momentum from your enhance AND giving a FREE damage bonus from Secret... if you can get all the pieces out quickly you can really put your opponent in a bind early.

Best Symbol: Water

Worst Symbol: Void

[Air, Chaos, Earth]
Hand: 7
Vitality: 21
R: After your attack deals damage, play 1 foundation from your hand(following all restrictions and paying all costs). If that foundation is succesfully played, add it to your staging area commited.
R: Commit 1 foundation(not your character): When taking damage, reduce the damage by X(min 1). X equals the difficulty of the commited foundation.

The first promo version of Chun-Li gives us 2 fairly radical(at the time) and game defining abilities, the first one gives us the ability to Get foundations into our staging area immediately for dealing damage with an attack, yeah they're added to your staging area commited, but they also aren't taking a spot up in your card pool, yeah she's no Xianghua4 or Miska1 but still she's pretty good. Her 2nd ability gives you a damage reducing ability(not just attack damage but any damage source) for just commiting a foundation, yeah you can't commit Chun-Li for the cost but it's still good.

Best Symbol: Earth

Worst Symbol: Chaos

[Air, Chaos, Water]
Hand: 7
Vitality: 20
R: Discard 1 momentum: After you succesfully block an attack, you may play up to 2 reversals to it instead of 1.
R: Commit: After your attack played as a reversal deals damage, discard 1 card from your card pool.

This version gives us another interesting spread of abilities... First we have the ability for discarding a momentum after blocking an attack, we can play TWO Reversals to an attack instead of 1, yeah basically we're Sakura3 with Chaos and Air but with the drawback that the cards MUST be Reversals since we don't have a way to make attacks Reversals of our own free will. The second ability gives us the ability to discard a card from our card pool if our Attack played as a Reversal deals damage, while you may think commiting her is VERY risky, if you time it right it can help you a lot by keeping your card pool clear or even kicking annoying cards your opponent has added to your card pool.

Best Symbol: Water

Worst Symbol: Air

[Air, Earth, Water]
Hand: 7
Vitality: 20
E: Discard 1 momentum: Your Kick attack gets "Multi: 1".
E: Commit, commit X foundations: Your attack with multi and it's multiple copies get +X damage. X equals the mult rating of the attack.

First ability gives us the ability to give ANY Kick Multi: 1, which is always a great thing if you can string a combo of Kick's together that can give eachother benefits, cards like Kaku Kyaku Raku for example giving your next kick multi: 1, play that into another attack and use this E and you should have some fun. The 2nd Enhance gives us the ability to give an attack and all it's multiple copies a good damage boost, the damage boost being equal to whatever the multiple rating is on your Multi attack. One of my favoirte tricks with her is to play her Air/Water and go as follows Kaku Kyaku Raku, Spinning Bird Kick, give it effective Multi 4 and then give every copy +2 damage, so 5 3H5's coming at your opponent which is always good, you CAN forsake the Kick route and go with something like Elelyu Kamui Risse and throw 5 2H6's at them but whatever you think can work with her is always the right choice.

Best Symbol: Air/Water

Worst Symbol: Earth

[Air, Death, Water]
Hand: 6
Vitality: 26
R: Commit: After your opponent plays their third foundation this turn, play 1 foundation from your hand(following all restrictions and paying all costs). You may continue playing foundations this way until you fail a control check. You may not commit foundations(or play abilities that count as commitng foundations) to make the checks succesful.

Really not much to say about this character as she's pretty self explanitory for getting you a turn of building durring your opponent's turn if you felt that you couldn't get enough on your turn.

Best Symbol: Any, really any of the symbols can benefit from 2 full turns of build over 1 turn if you time it right.

Worst Symbol: none

[Air, Evil, Water]
Hand: 7
Vitality: 20
R: Commit: Before you attempt to play an attack on your turn, cards with control of 1 or 2 in your card pool do not count towards that attack's progressive Difficulty.
Desperation E: Commit: Gain X vitality. X equals your opponent's hand size.

A rather unusual Chun-Li as she has [Evil], but... what she does was rather game breaking at the time... for a simple commit you could play an attack w/o worrying about Progressive difficulty(which if you've played a LOT of attacks that turn this is effectively what the ability does), a nice ability itself. The Desperation ability may not look like much... but every bit of life gain helps, especially since it's printed ON the character and not on another card in your staging area that you may have to pack instead.

Best Symbol: Air

Worst Symbol: Water, the loss of Playful Slice contributes to this.

[Air, All, Water]
Hand: 7
Vitality: 19
R: Discard 1 momentum: After you make a control check to play a card, that check gets +X. X equals the number of other attacks in your card pool.
Desperation E: Commit: Gain 9 vitality. Only playable durring your turn.

And now we have the Ultra Rare version from set 7, this version is slightly better than the Rare version(Chun-Li7), as long as you can keep generating momentum, you can play attacks at pretty much their base difficulty, and unlike the Rare version you don't have to commit to do this, not a bad thing if you ask me. The Desperation ability is much better than her Rare version's in that you gain a SET 9 vitality rather than a floating vitality from 4-8 that the Rare does, always a good thing to have as a backup plan IF you get rushed down very quickly.

Best Symbol: Air

Worst Symbol: All

[Air, Void, Water]
Hand: 7
Vitality: 20
E: If your attack deals damage, discard 1 card and 1 card played as a block from your card pool. Only playable durring your opponent's turn. Playable while commited.
R: Commit: After your opponent's second form durring their turn resolves, you may play 1 non-action form from your hand as a Form.

Oh hello Chun-Li9, the only version of Chun-Li that is Banned and for a VERY good reason, for those who don't know why... i'll refer you to her 2nd ability... Her ability allows you to play any NON Action as a form after your opponent resolves their 2nd form of a turn, this means you can either build on your opponent's turn, drop a seal of cesation OR going 2nd, throw an attack at your opponent on 0 foundations with them probably having no way to block it, which considering all the cards that were in the format when she was played and how much damage she caused on the meta, all i can say about her is GOOD RIDDANCE, granted she also had a very nice ability as an enhance but it could get VERY abusive if you time it right in addition to her R... *Sigh*

Best Symbol: Void

Worst Symbol: Water

now let us look to a deck to build... of the 8 above(the 9* version is banned) i personally find that Chun-Li5 is one of the better characters to play and to try out, I will now build for you a rough idea of how to run this chun li, note that this is just a rough outline of how to play her and you can build her how you want, so without further adue, here's Chun-Li5 off Water.

Chun-Li2 x4

Assault type Lambda: Shaula x4 4/2 3M3 Kick Multi: 2 Reversal
Kaku Kyaku Raku x4 4/3 4H2 Kick
Lunging Brush Fire x4 5/3 4M4 Kick +2M
Spinning Bird Kick x3 5/2 3H3 Kick Multi: 2 Ranged +2M
Tsumuji x3 5/2 3M2 Kick "Pseudo Multi"

Alluring Temptress x4 0/5 +4L
Aquakinesis x4 1/5 +3H
Big Dreams x3 3/5 +2H
Carefree x4 1/5 +1M
Close Friends x4 1/5
Drifter x3 2/5 +2L
Familial Loyalty x3 2/5 +2M
Guidance x3 2/5 +3L
Juggle x4 1/5 +3M
Kyokugen Karate x3 2/5 +0H
Relaxing Model x3 2/5 +3H
Shinobi Tradition x3 2/5
Soul of Ling-Sheng Su x3 2/6 +2H

Clones x3 2/5/3 3M5
Legendary Legs x3 2/5/5 3H5

Move to the Rhythm x4 2/3/5 2M3(block helper and anti-control check hax)
Teih Lei, Iron Thunder x4 2/5 +2H(Anti-discard)

So until next time when i review Dhalsim, this is NJ "Brock" Spade, signing off, any comments, questions, criticism welcome.

02-20-2013, 09:25 AM
Actually, I thought the most insane thing you could do with the Chun Li that's banned is to play LCK on their turn and just end their turn outright. Yeah, because that's not just stupid...