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04-21-2013, 09:44 AM
Hey everyone, its a week late but thought I ought to put up a tournament report (mostly because Doji_Mike keeps pestering me about it lol).

I turned up on the day without actually knowing what deck I was going to play. I had 2 decks with me, Seong Mi-Na and Astaroth. After playing a test match with the Astaroth deck before the event started I was asked whether I would really want to play that all day. The answer was no so Seong Mi-Na is was.

characters: 3

1x Seong Mina...(starting)
1x Seong Mina.
1x Seong Mina..

actions: 5

1x Kung fu training
4x Tag along

attacks: 8

4x Blazing storm
4x Mi-na frankensteiner

foundations: 44
4x The bigger they are...
3x Tenacious
4x Shinobi tradition
3x Misdirection
4x Natural leader
4x The dons right hand man
2x Rapid ares style
4x Soul of ling-sheng su
3x The devil of daybreak
4x Self made man
4x Chinese Boxing
3x Strife's patronage
2x The king of fighters

Sideboard: 8
2x Reverse waterfall
3x Rebirth
3x Additional Knowledge (this should have been Strange Fashion)

Round 1 vs Nathan Squire playing Felicia***

Going into my first round I wasn't really sure what to expect from this cat, she certainly seemed like she had very good abilities but I don't remember ever playing against her before. Turn 1 saw me play some foundations and my opponent play some foundations before I started attacking, using a combination of blazing storm and mi-na frankensteiner over several turns just continually took its toll damage wise and not long after I had won round 1, I'd taken a couple of hits but not really been able to see how offensive the deck was, so on to game 2. Game 2 started quite like the first with some foundations, and I got to throw a couple of attacks in, and then my opponent played foundation, foundation, add to momentum feline spike 2 turns in a row, which was pretty rude. Fortunately for me on both occasions he check low for the spike and had to commit all his foundations to pass, and my mighty 34 health and ability to block meant that while I was certainly not unscathed I had survived quite a bit better than other characters might have. After that it was just formalities though as I just kept swinging in for the win.

Round 2 vs Phil Harris playing Cammy***

There is very little I can say to this round, it was an absolute nightmare Void control with masses of discard and I had absolutely no defence against it what so ever. Both games I fell in quick succession to losing my hand and being pummelled by multiple attacks cleared by superior techniques to give him even more draw into attacks.

Round 3 vs Kev Beadle playing Sophitia**

Kev and I are part of the same playgroup, so we play often, and in fact when he was building his deck I had said put Tough Outer Shell in, and in a practice game a couple of weeks before that card had completely shut me down. At the time I had no Chinese Boxing in the deck, so in went 4 of those lol. In both rounds of this game we played some foundations with Kev going first, he then played some more including a TOS both games, and in both games on my following turn I drew Chinese Boxing, played it, then played a Frankensteiner and used Misdirection on it, so that I when I replayed the attack I could use Chinese Boxing on his TOS. That's what you call lucky. In game 1 that meant that I was swiftly able to achieve victory, but in round 2 that didn't stop him from beating me down to about 2 life before failing the check he needed to kill me, which allowed me to kill him the following turn.

Round 4 vs Mike Hardiman playing Tycho*

This match was a very tough one, if you don't know Tycho is an absolute beast, whose card draw can be incredible, and being able to completely block an attack is powerful as well. In game 1 we both started laying foundations and I started playing attacks, looping Mi-Na frankensteiner which is a throw meant that even with his character ability he was still taking damage, which is exactly what I wanted. One thing I did notice was the lack of attacks coming back my way. It was at this point I made a decision that benefit me right the way through to the final. I played out Mi-Na**. Her ability to remove cards from a discard pile from the game meant that over the next couple of turns whenever Mike did anything I pitched to remove an attack from his discard pile, and it seemed he just couldn't draw one, with only 8 attacks in his deck I was able to remove them all, guaranteeing me game 1.
In game 2 however it was different, Mike got a really fast start with a lot of foundations, drew plenty of cards and amassed a huge staging area, and I was too far behind, after a couple of hits from strike heads I took 2 unblockable High Plasma Beams to the face and that was that.
In game 3 things came back my way though, I got a good start, and while Mike dropped 3 shinobi tradition on turn 1 he didn't seem to draw any foundations of real substance, my singleton copy of Kung Fu training coming in handy this game to negate an action meant that my attack loops dealt enough damage and removed enough foundations for victory.

Round 5 vs Dave Hancock playing King*

This was looking to be a very tough game, King through the good symbol, a very annoying prospect and clearly doing well at 3-1 going into the final round, but I certainly wasn't expecting to see him amongst this very Legacy line up. Fortunately it didn't seem like he was expecting me either as my looping meant that I was able to continually knock damage from him without any real reply and I managed to take round 1 after about 20 minutes. That when things got a bit more interesting, he was able to build a wall against me by the time I got him into desperation, with enough man behind the mask, red lotus an amy's assistance hwangs protection to stop me readying my foundations and recurring inhuman senses for several turns so that I could only play a single attack, there really wasn't any way for me to deal him damage, so it was a case of damage limitation. I managed to end up playing I think all 4 copies of Tag along to stop him hitting me with Kings Form, but he was still able to hit me, getting me down to 7 before playing a strike heads and using fight or flight to double damage to 10, I was able to block and go down to 2, but he had no more attacks available to him and time was called on the round, a very close 1-0 win. Mi-Na** was again an all star against a deck also only running 8 attacks (4 Strike Heads and 4 Zing).

Top 4 Cut vs Michael McEwan playing Lilith*

Looking at the character against me I had no idea what this deck would do, would it try and mill me? no idea. In actual fact it was a good symbol tank that using Lilith to recur some key cards and cause endless misery. Luckily for me in game 1 He wasn't fast enough to be able to stop me playing and recurring my attacks to remove some of his staging area and knock damage off with the throw keyword, and although I got blocked by the same BS Kick a couple of turns in a row it wasn't nearly enough. Game 2 was an awful lot more work, I started attacking and got him down to 4 but by that point he had tanked effectively enough that I was gonna have real trouble getting through. I had once again played out Mi-Na** and had removed almost all his attacks and some other annoying cards like Bringing the Master to His Knees, but what I foolishly hadn't removed were 2 copies of mysterious stance which he pulled back with Lilith to add to 1 he already had in play. The real nuisance card in the match up was actually a copy of undercover agent, which threatened real annoyance because I had a lot of abilities I wanted to play multiple times. It was at this point Liliths mill ability kicked in and I knew I was in trouble. It took an awful lot of work to get this kill, I had to do the math, 8 attacks in the deck, id cycled once and none in there, 2 in hand, 5 in discard and 1 in momentum. In the end I had to go Blazing Storm, Mi-Na frankensteiner, form it back, Mi-Na frankensteiner. That got rid of the 3 mysterious stance and the 2 strange fashion. However I had cycled my deck again, and was rewarded with a blazing storm and a tag along after drawing with The Bigger They Are... So I played the blazing storm which he promptly blocked, however he had checked low, and had a choice of what to commit, he decided to leave his 3 copies of man behind the mask ready, which committed his undercover agent. So I promptly played my Tag Along aiming for the copy of Mi-Na Frankensteiner I had in the bin (checking another in the process), only now I was allowed to ready my 3 copies of Shinobi Tradition. Playing the Frankeneiner on an 8 I check just enough to leave 1 copy of Misdirection ready, which was then used to pump the attack to an 11 damage throw. Even 3 copies of Man Behind the Mask and a half block, I still dealt 4 damage. Just enough!

That led me to the final against Justin Parker playing Nehtali** I hadn't seen this deck at all, and had no idea what it could do, besides that it went 5-0 and sailed through the semi final.

Thankfully things went rather well for me, in game 1 going second, I was able to play out 2 shinobi tradition, the bigger they are... and a devil of daybreak, keeping a +1 mid block in hand. I did get to see what the Nehtali deck could do after it dropped a couple of foundations, then played 2 very big attacks, one of which I was able to half block. The deck ran cards like Whimsy, Nehtali's Penant Guard, Quick Exit and Rare Card in order to ready Nehtali as much as possible. However my good start continued I was able to start attacking and clear some of his foundations with Blazing Storm and play some more foundations, keeping back a high and mid block in hand. At which point I was able to just keep blocking the attacks that came my way and keep throwing damage through and take the win, but having 34 health was a massive bonus in this match up because I took a lot quite quickly before I settled. Going into game 2 Justin took a risk and let me play first so he could attack turn 1, however I was once again able to play 4 foundations turn 1, including a Shinobi Tradition and Bigger They Are..., and having kept a mid block was able to fully block the attack that came my way. After that it was essentially game over as with card draw, multiple attacks from Blazing Storm and Frankensteiner stripping away foundations and life, and having enough blocks to cope with anything that came my way I was able to wrap it up for a 2-0 win, and the crown to the 2013 Legacy Nationals!

Hope you have enjoyed reading this, if you have any questions please feel free to ask, and anyone I played if I have got any details wrong please feel free to correct me.



04-21-2013, 03:20 PM
Great read man and great deck. The win was well deserved