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06-15-2013, 04:01 PM
In wanting to come up with a format where two people can play as a team at the same time versus two other players, I've crafted the following, its not the most organized, and its still being tested, but I'm hoping to be able to hone it to an acceptable format.

UFS Tag Battle Rules

Deck Construction
Each Player must choose a different Character.
The Characters must share at least one symbol – the Deck does not need to be built off this symbol.
No more than 4 copies of a single card between both decks.

Turn Order and First Turn
Each team takes a turn together. For the first turn both Characters start commited.

Ready Phase
Both Players Ready, Resource and Draw at the same time
The Team decides who is going first that turn, that person then begins their Combat Phase

Combat Phase
Only the player who is “active” can play forms
You can play forms from your partner’s staging area that are not on a Character provided you have a symbol on the card.
You can commit foundations in either staging area to pass checks
When you play an attack, the defending team chooses which player will defend.
Once the defender is chosen..the game does not see the other two characters.
Responses can be played off any card in the staging area, or from either players hand
Enhances can be played from either staging area ( or either players hand) provided the card shares a symbol with the attacking or defending character.
Only one enhance per team at a time.
Only the defending player can block
Only the defending player can play a reversal (exception, things that allow additional reversals, or allow you to reversal an attack you do not block.)
when a reversal is played, there is no chance to switch defenders.
If the attack is not full blocked, and the next card played is an attack, the defending team cannot switch defenders.
In the case of a multiple attack, the Multiple copies must all be resolved against the same character.
Once the combat phase ends…the next players combat phase begins.

End Phase
Both Card pools clear as normal foundations go into the staging area for their character, an attack that is going to momentum goes to the player who played it

When one player is knocked out (0 Vitality)
That character is removed from the field
Any other cards in the staging area that do not share a symbol with the remaining character (exception, face down foundations) are discarded
The knocked out players hand, discard, and deck are removed from the game
If there are still Multiple copies of an attack that have not resolved, those attacks stay in the card pool, but are otherwise ignored as far as resolution goes.

I'll try to keep up on questions :) Thanks! Try it out and let me know what works, and possibly what's super broken in terms of combos/cards