View Full Version : VS. Series: A variant on the KOF Format inspired by the Capcom VS Series

08-28-2013, 02:19 AM
With the soon to be return of Capcom to UFS properties, and the advent of the KOF13 Team Format, I believe it's high time for a VS Series Format, inspired by great games like Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK 2, SNK vs Capcom, and Marvel vs Capcom 2. (There is no typo in the previous sentence.)

This system will feature a variant on the KOF format, where the sideboard Characters may enter the Card Pool at, and after, certain intervals, to perform an attack or ability of their own. They, as they are in Marvel 2, would then be vulnerable to reversal, attack, and similar actions by the opponent.

I expect that the end result would be somewhat complex, but the skeleton I've come up with is this.

Start the game as if KOF Format. However, also set aside 1 non-Terrain card with each character. This is their Assist Ability.
By committing a sideboarded character, you may enter it's attached Card into the Card Pool as if any other card.
Attached cards must still meet all rule requirements for that character to use it, including Resource and "(CHARACTER) only." For example, an Iori Only attack may only be attached to Iori.
After every X amount of attacks/cards have been played, a character may be Readied, and either assist again, or switched as if in KOF format.

The final bullet point is what I'm not sure about right now, in the original skeleton idea. I'm not sure how many cards should be played, and if it should only be Attacks, or if it should be all cards. Certain Assets and Actions, also, would have to be Banned for Assist in this format.

I'm not sure, also, how the character being vulnerable during Assist will work. I considered having it enter the Card Pool, not affecting progressive difficulty, and having it removed either after the move is successful, or after the Reversal Step by the opponent. I'm not certain here.

Any thoughts/Comments? Suggestions? ReTools? I'm all ears.

08-29-2013, 12:28 PM
Just read this. Here's my suggestion.

character card sideboard of up too two.
As a F: Add one character card to your card pool. This card does not clear in your end phase.It instead clears on your opponents end phase and moves back to your side board.
While an additional character card is in your card pool, assume he takes the place of your character until he clears at the end of your opponents turn.

Keep track of individual characters health as the game progresses