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09-19-2013, 04:47 PM
So some friends of mine and I have been deciding on a new table top RPG to play since our last one ended. We finally got a setting together that I'm going to run from an original series I'm writing. shortly into the process of generating our characters I had a thought. "This would be a really cool way to over time develop foundations actions and attacks for a UFS set!" this was already partially done since me and my friend Muten (known here as Kamen Rider 000) and my little brother had decided we wanted to fiddle around with original cards. we have about 3 characters and their support already worked up and two more that are yet to be finished. We thought it might be cool if once we had the entire thing finished we could purpose it to Jasco and see if they liked it enough to make it an official set for the game. Since the original material sets have so far been Relatively successful with the UFS community as a whole and since without some of the more staple licences it's difficult to keep pouring a variety of characters into the game.

I did a fair amount of play testing with one of our originals and his support to see how it flowed into the game and it was rather successful. built on just his support he was, as most characters are, slightly underwhelming when it came to consistency and play power. That being said certain abilities had to be scaled back because they either made little sense or weren't balanced with the way the game flowed. That being said however with tweaking and a good deal of discussion we were able to come up with a reasonably well balanced character with support that supplemented and did not over power the game as a whole, but still added viable strategies to the format.

Extending on the set is something that we will be doing over the next few months as our RPG unfolds and some of the new addition characters are fleshed out in structure and form. We would still, when we're done, like to show Jasco the entire thing and see if they like it since we all love UFS and would be more than honored to have them even consider using our material. If anyone is interested in seeing some of the cards we designed for it I can post their effects up and give you a small preview of the current versions of the cards. We would love to see how much support we could get from the players not only to get it approved but to keep us on track with actually finishing it.

I decided to repost it here since my earlier comment in the original thread about having the thread moved was either impossible, not noticed, or ignored. and as per Garret's original interest in his reply here is a taste of some of the cards we've created so far for what I am fondly calling Kingdom of Mist.


HS: 7
V: 19


E Commit 1 Foundation, Discard 1 Card: The Speed and Damage of your weapon attack are switched.

R Commit 1 Foundation: When you play an attack as a block change the zone of this block to any other zone and add 1 to its block modifier.

Harvest the Souls - Foundation

D: 3
C: 5

You may spend two momentum to move this card from your card pool to your staging area.
E Commit, Commit 1 Foundation: You may take X cards from the top of your discard pile and add them to your momentum. X equals half the difficulty of the committed foundation (Rounded up).

10-01-2013, 06:52 PM
As someone who's sent some ideas to Jasco in the past, and maybe (?) had a few of them see use (can never tell if they came from my emails or just were thought up on their own) - it is much more useful to send theme/mechanic ideas rather than specific cards. When you send individual cards, it's easy to get caught up in whether the power level is correct or the wording is strange or what have you, and ultimately it's good to let them imagine what they could do with it rather than narrow the vision to the specific implementations.

For instance, I'd isolate this:

"You may spend two momentum to move this card from your card pool to your staging area."

and almost forget about the rest of it. Making momentum isn't new, making block zones irrelevant is unfortunately a major strategy right now, etc. A character that switches its attacks' speed/damage might have some interest. But the above is the "gem" here I'd say, being able to expend momentum or the like after playing a foundation to get itself down is completely new so far as I am aware, and has some clear use cases.

As for the property concept, I've heard Jason express a passing interest in using some alternate original property for a promo run or the like, but Jason expresses a passing interest in a lot of things that don't pan out and he probably has some ideas in mind already.

10-01-2013, 10:23 PM
I really like your start, and Tim's right this is the gem:

R discard 2 momentum: After you play this foundation (not as a block) add it to your staging area ready.

Very interesting idea.

10-03-2013, 09:25 PM
yeah that was an odd little idea that I thought would be cool since Horvath is supposed to be a scythe wielder tempo master. It's so far only on the one card but I can fiddle with the effects to make it a little more prevalent. His main thing is supposed to be deciding on a whim whether or not he needs a strike to hit harder or hit faster, and he makes use of multiple to a limited degree I actually have his entire (I think 28 card probably less) list of support. so if you want I can throw the rest up so you can get a full view of him. I also decided he was the best option for the first reveal since my other favorite character is Rokung and his whole thing is Throws which I know Garret dislikes greatly XD.

12-04-2013, 03:07 PM
Okay so since the post that was put up about relinquishing all intellectual property posted here to Jasco, (Which makes perfect sense not arguing that decision at all just glad it was made clear and didn't just happen) I've decided that since these are original characters that I am in the process of copyrighting for my novels I wasn't going to put much else up here. However, I will be putting my card designs up on my tumblr as they become completed. To be honest I would much rather have the entire thing finished and keep the rights to my characters then if Jason still wants to use them work out a complete licensing agreement then lose these guys that I've put so much time and effort into creating just to use them in UFS which while it would be really cool, I do hope to use my novels as my livelihood some day. You can find me at theblackkingwithblackink.tumblr.com (I know, I know it sounds incredibly pretentious but I am, just a little bit, just that arrogant XD)