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10-14-2013, 05:21 PM
Hi everybody.

As I'm sure your all well aware, I ran the UK singles and team national championships at patriot games in Sheffield over this weekend. This report won't contain reviews of individual matches as trying to recall details of roughly 300 games would likely make my brain explode :( instead this will be a collection of the best bits of the weekend from both a gaming and a personal point of view, so without further ado here we go :)

Highlights of the weekend.
The epic clash of champions in the final.
Garett Brett, quite possibly the most travelled and definitely one of the best players I've ever met against Mike Hardiman, the hometown champion with many top finishes of his own. We all knew this would be a match for the ages and it didn't disappoint, they met in the finals of standard with Garett playing Phil birch and mike playing as himself. It went on for nearly an hour of B.S Kick and Kaplow! Recursion with both players pulling out every trick they know before Garett fought his way to victory, hence becoming the first non British UK champion.

a huge attendance for both events.
We had 40 players for the standard championship on Saturday and 36 (12 teams) for the teams championship on Sunday. This is up on last year which was up on the year before. At this rate we might need a bigger venue next year, well that or we'll kick out all the magic and vanguard players and take over the entire shop :D

The curse of the diversity championship.
This is something I've discovered over the past few years running these events, the original diversity champion was Jonathan Armstrong who made a habit of getting into the top 8 at big events only to get diversified. He finally beat the curse last year passing it onto Dave garwood who continued this tradition by being the only person diversified this year. Hopefully he'll be able to pass this curse onto someone else next year :)

Filling Pizza Hut at 10pm :)
We did this last year and the staff were somewhat confused by the massive group arriving so late in the evening, so this year we had planned on heading to a somewhat classier establishment but unfortunately, this being Sheffield we don't do classy so once again roughly 20 of us descended upon Pizza Hut to eat, drink and share all manner of random stories. At this point I'd like to thank Garett for picking up the admittedly epic bill :) your generosity will go down in history.

Colchesters hard fought victory.
Sheffield and Colchester have had a friendly rivalry going for many years, going back to the last UK gencon when patriot games won our first team championship beating the team from Colchester. They've come close many times but patriot has made it 4 in a row so their win this year was a long time coming. The final was another long drawn out affair that went down to the last game. Lloyd Thompson playing nehtali beat drew Spence's Zoey while Alex polley playing joe hill defeated Ben Davis's Andy Bogard, leaving Jonathan's Clark to face mikes Garett deck in a massive counter control war to decide the championship. Jonathan eventually won 2-1 taking it all the way to the wire.

Things I've learnt this weekend.

Lloyd Thompson can't draw attacks off nehtali's enhance to save his life :( though it has led us to the idea of a curse of corruption nehtali deck which could be interesting to see.

B.S Kick really needs something doing to it. It's amazingly strong and definitely format defining at the moment.

The good symbol is most definitely the best symbol in the game as it currently stands. It has so many ways to generate card advantage and has access to some of the best attacks in standard.

People I'd like to thank.

Jim freeman for allowing us to take over his shop for a whole weekend.

Kevin beadle for taking over my position as judge while I had a dinner break .

Garett Brett for travelling all the way from Canada to bring us loads of the new champion cards to trade.

All the American champions who sent cards over to trade/ add to prize support.

Everyone who travelled from all across our great nation and beyond to attend a little tournament run by yours truly :)

And last but not least, jasco games for all the awesome prizes they sent for this event and all the support they've given to get our favourite game to the level it is now.

I look forward to seeing you all again next year as well as many new faces. Next time I want to beat worlds attendance (not likely but we don't get anywhere without dreaming big)

Cheers everyone for reading my ramblings and I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time keep on fighting the good fight

10-14-2013, 06:28 PM
Im sure everyone will agree with me baz in tbrowing out a big thank u to yourself for putting on such.an amazing weekend. Big props to johnathan taki.g mike down after losing the same match up the night befor in singles semi final.

Im glad.colchester won as those guys were wiked fun to play this year and last. Especially those interesting decks they were rocking. When i sit accross the table from those guys i know im gonna be laughing more than playing.

Things that happened in tourney if i may add baz
lloyd epic field against garett in teams in which he had like 4 cards to ready nehtali
mike playing with garett (figuratively) gotta love that pun.
Getting my bs kick signed by jason cardy (its artist) with the words "im sorry"
Jason cardy coming signing cards and bieng...quite frankly awsome
Doncaster managed an average performance this year however we always go out of our ways to offer laughs aplenty which i hope poeple will agree with. Doncaster will be back better than ever. Legacy next and im coming to break that streak of finishing 3rd.

10-15-2013, 05:36 AM
Im sure everyone will agree with me baz in tbrowing out a big thank u to yourself for putting on such.an amazing weekend. Big props to johnathan taki.g mike down after losing the same match up the night befor in singles semi final.

actually he lost that match twice the day before :P but he has finally taken a match off of me after all this time ;)

10-15-2013, 09:09 AM
actually he lost that match twice the day before :P but he has finally taken a match off of me after all this time ;)

That just means bigger props to me lol. Anyway with the sort of games we have it was bound to happen at somepoint, just took longer then I expected.

10-15-2013, 11:22 AM
to be fair from what i saw all the top tables were fiercely fought games. im hoping theres some good tourney reports come out of it.

10-15-2013, 04:18 PM
Really looking forward to reading people's tournament reports as mine consisted of lots of randomness and very little actual gaming related information :D

10-15-2013, 04:31 PM
Hehe, I'm guessing I am going to have to explain what the title of your thread/report means then :)

I had such a good time, writing this report is hard to put into words.

10-15-2013, 04:46 PM
I thought I'd leave the explanation to you good sir :) was a real pleasure having you over to sample some good old fashioned British hospitality. Here's hoping you'll be back next year to defend your title.