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10-17-2013, 05:31 PM
I have posted the decks I played for Singles (undefeated winner) and Teams (3rd place), both are versions of Phil Birch off the Good and Evil symbols respectively. I decided I wanted to win this event, so naturally I decided to play what I considered to be the best character in the format at the moment, Phil Birch.

I announced this to my playgroup and we quickly arrived at calling my UK trip ‘Operation Birch On Brits’ or OBOB for short. I’m happy to report the trip and operation was a success, Brits were Birched and everyone came out better for it – well, maybe not Birch, he is now being questioned for crimes against British humanity. Something to do with kicking people through trees…

I left Calgary 9pm Wednesday night and arrived in Manchester 12 or so hours later, 5pm UK time, after a connection in London. Flight travel was without incident except for the nice but annoying guy I sat beside on his way back home to Paris.

David, gnomejitsu, had offered to pick me up from the Manchester airport and take me to Sheffield. I couldn’t have been happier to accept an offer like this. It was a very fun hour-ish car ride wherein we talked UFS non-stop. We were all tuned into the coming tournament, and David told me he was going with Good Mike Lowe. Some jokes were had at Mike’s expense , we were told by David’s GPS to turn left and then left again and then left again and next thing I knew we had made it to my hotel.

Bo, Daark – my friend from Sweden that I met 2 years prior at Gencon, was waiting for us at the hotel and after dropping some stuff off we all headed to a local pub for some food and drink. It was at this point that David started to downplay the strengths of our teammate, hinting that we were in trouble. I told David that by the time we were done with Nathan and the weekend he’d never lose a match again ^^ I don’t believe I am far from wrong with that assessment, he improved a huge amount from when I met him on Friday to when we concluded play on Sunday. Not to mention he didn’t only pull his weight in the tourney, he didn’t lose a match until the top cuts and against one of the best decks there, Jon, CrazyElf’s, Order Clark.

Back at the hotel I helped fill in the holes in Bo’s deck. I had sent him a Chaos Omar decklist earlier in the week, one I felt was one of the best decks in the format. Bo ended up topping in singles and doing great in teams, only losing once and to another one of the best decks there, Mike’s Good version of Garett Brett, before team’s top cuts where he had some bad luck vs. a nasty Life Joe Hill. Bo and I did some playtesting and it dawned on me that this might be another weekend where I lose to one of my own deck creations.

Friday we decided to take it easy and head to Patriot Games to meet people mid-afternoon. I tossed together 6 competitive decks for training purposes, in addition to Good and Evil Phil Birch I did up a Life Mitsurugi (updated from Tim’s version which smashed me in Rochester), Void Mei Lin, Air Garett Brett, and Evil Iori.

At Patriot Games I got to meet Rich/Baz, madeofwin, and Justin, Goro Diamon, the event organizer and store representative for the UFS events. I also got to meet Ross, aka UK Jon Herr (retired fudge dip), Lloyd, aka UK Jeremy Ray, Mike H, aka my Good playing brother from across the pond, Nathan, aka muppet boy, and others. I got to play a number of great warmup games and generally we just hung out and helped each other with our decks. Some of the more memorable games I got to play were my Air Garett Brett vs. Lloyds Skullman, the Void Mei Lin vs. Rio’s Karate, Nathan’s updated Leona vs. Lloyd’s Nehtali 2, and many more. We then went out for dinner and I had fish and chips!!! They were great. Colchester showed up and I got to see Joe Hill and his crew, seeing Joe Hill and spending time with him was worth the trip alone.

Afterwards we went back to Patriot and played even more games! I got to play against a very strong Chaos Vice piloted by Ricky, and got to try my Life Mitsu out, a deck I was seriously considering for the next day’s singles event before being told Ricky was going to play Mitsu. By the end of the night I didn’t know what to play, all 6 of my decks were doing pretty good. I let Bo decide and, after some more hotel testing where Chaos Omar killed Air Garett repeatedly, he told me to play Good Phil Birch. Thanks Bo! Without you I might have abandoned my operation before it even began!!!

The tournament day was upon us and after a really good buffet breakfast Bo and I head to the store for the Saturday singles event. Sign-in went smoothly and everyone was raring to go! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the player I was going to lend my Iori deck to, but thankfully he showed up about 5 mins into the first round and I was able to get him what he needed – thus rounding our tourney numbers off at 40 ^^

What follows is an account of my Good Phil Birch ‘Birching on Brits’, reader discretion is advised!

Round 1 vs. Ricky Gopaul and his All Mitsurugi (high zone), result win and a 1-0-0 record

Great. I get to play a Mitsurugi round 1. My mortal enemy and a deck that can go off and kill anything at a moment’s notice. It was worse given I knew Ricky was a really good player, he impressed me a lot the day before with his Vice deck and I was very much worried for my tournament start with this pairing.

I won the die roll and went first. I didn’t pass anything though; my first check was a Righteousness. Good start vs. a Mitsu, eh? He went second and only played 3 foundations, not exactly what I felt was a good start for him – but I figured he must have a lot of nice attacks in hand. I had a good build turn and got ready for a barrage of stuff. He started out with Pommel Smash a lot, and his All deck had a lot of target hate (don’t all All decks?). I took some hits but rolled with the punches, err… weapons. I got lucky and found 1 of 2 Ballistics by my turn 3 (second build turn after that 1 check) and got off some key blocks effectively decreasing the number of attacks he could string together. I took a risk and checked well enough to enter into a Kaplow and Zing kill turn for the game 1 win.

Game 2 he had a MUCH better build, and just kept building. Even though I did a Righteousness turn 2 I think he had more out than me when he went into a crazy Forbidden Knowledge attack turn on his 4. By this time I was ready though, some Righteousness enhance to reduce and control damage in the card pool along with some blocks was enough to survive while whittling with some BSK. Since I am Birch, if I survive I usually find a way to win the next turn – what with the attack recursion, and this was one such usual case. One crazy aggressive deck down, little did I know that I had 4 more of those to go.

Thank you for the fun games Ricky! I was happy to see you must have done pretty well after facing me because I believe you finished top 12? After a first round loss that isn’t easy to do, I will certainly look forward to the next time we can play.

Round 2 vs. Dave Garwood and his Chaos Jin, result win and a 2-0-0 record

Dave plays with Jack Lambourne, former UK Chmap, and I guessed that that would mean he knew how to throw everything + sink at me. I guessed right. I should note here, before I forget, that of the best constructed decks I had the pleasure of sitting across from on the day that this one (Chaos Jin), Lloyd’s Chaos Nehtali, Mike’s Good Hardiman/Garett and Baz’s Chaos Angels run by another player to top 8 were the most polished. That’s not to say Paul’s Jin (see round 5) was not a good deck, it was just not as focused and dangerous as Dave’s seemingly was. I should also note that Dave likely finished close to 4-1-0 (my guess being me his only loss) and got diversified to the other Chaos Jin that was close to 4-1-0 (my guess being me his only loss) so both Jin’s were very strong but one just had to go ^^

In game one he dropped 2 Jin stackers and attacked with a lot turn 2 plus damage. I took some hits but survived and slowly regained composure despite the fact he tried to attack with everything he drew every turn from there on. I found myself struggling slightly against his Spinning Demons (me with relatively few low blocks) and knew I had to pick it up from there.

In game two he couldn’t seem to find a Jin, but otherwise had a fairly good build going. Unfortunately, the way he was playing was possibly not the most effective against my deck; after dealing a fairly significant early blow he kept throwing a conc or so a turn plus one or two other attacks rather than saving them up to drop them all at once. He ended up getting a Jin, but my conservative play kept me in a place where he couldn’t finish me off and I took game 2 comfortably.

I really enjoyed meeting Dave, Jack, and their third for teams (I believe Dave(y)? as well, playing Leona). Dave didn’t disappoint and I am sorry I was a part of your ultimate diversification from the event.

Round 3 vs. Adam and his Evil Nehtali 2, result win and a 3-0-0 record

Adam is Joe Hill’s partner and therefore from a past UK champs playgroup (yay, 2 in a row!). However, according to Adam, Joe refused to teach him anything. I didn’t believe him for a second and decided I needed to play equally as cautious as I had in the preceding matches. It didn’t take me long to find out this was an Evil Nethali, Chasm – some other Nethali stuff - and Kaden’s solid attacks. Luckily I block checked pretty well (since I was running no speed reduction of my own, to printed but printed 6 is still 6… lol) and had game 1 under wraps by turn 3 set in.

Adam was an unexpectedly strong player, one of many I met on the weekend, and he adapted quite well to my deck as game 2 wore on. He hadn’t seen Kaplow!! yet (me only with 2 in deck) and I was lucky to catch him unawares with it leading to an eventual win.

I kind of felt bad for beating Adam after beating Dave because they were both very much in diversity battles. The other Nehtali was being piloted by Lloyd who was 3-0 after 3 rounds as well. I promised Adam I would help him out and keep on winning – so probably handing the other Nehtali a loss as well. My prediction was right; what I didn’t predict was that both Nehtali decks would spin out after losing to me – insert obligatory “My last opponent? I beat his ass so hard that he dropped to the last table!” joke/meme.

I really enjoyed meeting Adam and we got to hang out more with Colchester and Doncaster and everyone at Pizza Hut then the bar. Lots of fun was had and Adam was a large part of it. Pleasure meeting you Adam, and hope to see you again soon!

Round 4 vs. Lloyd and his Chaos Nehtali 2, result win and a 4-0-0 record

I can’t recall if this was a 2-0 win for me or not. If I got any of them wrong this could be it. Llyod’s deck was/is deadly. It ran Concs and Tribs and every way to ready Nehtali 2 under the sun. He was also really good at siding into OOYL and finding them when needed. It goes without saying that some of my most tense matches of the weekend were against ‘this Chaos monster’ and if it wasn’t for my high amount of experience vs. Chaos and intimate knowledge of Nehtali 2 myself I would have been toast!!!

I believe he won the die roll and then checked a 2 on his second foundation or something. In any case, I got a little ahead early and that helped me secure the first game. I can’t remember the details of this game, what I do remember is getting hit with a Piercing Howl… That could be why I forgot everything about it, trauma.

In game 2 he got a much better build and I was in danger the whole time. However, I did get out a Koppoken and my So Sweetdiculous, this helped me fend off some of the Trib damage and survive long enough to kill him. The nice thing about facing Nehtali 2 with Birch was that (assuming I found a Ballistic Snap Kick early game) I was all but guaranteed to use it, granted Nehtali 2 likes to throw out free attacks.

My games against Lloyd were awesome, but I had to do my best and get the Nehtali’s even for Adam. I was pretty shocked that my opponents so far were all incredibly aggressive – Mitsu-Jin-Nehtali2-Nehtali2, I thought the UK was a slow meta?!?!?

Round 5 vs. Paul and his Chaos Jin, result win and 5-0-0 record – Swiss Champ

This is usually where the opponent asks me to give them a tie. Paul, however, is a boss and it didn’t even cross his mind (I think), we exchanged pleasantries and he commenced trying to kill me with the most aggressive attack lineup in the game, albeit one I had seen twice already that day. Rinse, repeat, survive, outbuild, etc.

It became clear in game 1 that Paul’s deck had started to stutter. He couldn’t seem to find enough attacks to go off, and he couldn’t find more Jin’s. He mounted an attack turn which I figured he couldn’t kill me with and I was right, that cost him the game.

In game 2 he was much more aggressive, and earlier. I took some damage but eventually began to whittle him down some too with BSK blocks. I had seen enough Piercing Howl for a lifetime and made the Executive decision to kill him.

Turns out it didn’t matter for Paul, granted he still made top 8 and still diversified the other Jin. His top 8 match was against Matt Hewitt though and that cut his life short, not getting to rematch me later on!

I didn’t get a lot of time to hangout with Paul, so I was glad we got to have these games against one another. I hope you had fun, I know I did ^^

Round of 8, 1st vs. 8th Paul Wadsworth playing Chaos Syrithe, result win and on to the top 4

Angels. I hate Angels. So much free enhances, so much oddball stuff (they kill you without playing attacks!!!) and so much ugly Omniel. Paul was a very thoughtful player, but you could tell he was not used to this matchup. That said he made the right choices as far as what to flip face down most of the time, and he generally played his hand properly from what I could tell.

Game 1… brr… I won the die roll and played 4 very nice foundations. He played 2 Angels and a foundation. 4 vitality gone and 2 of my very nice foundations blank. Seems fair right? I knew this was a prelude to his turn 2 Omniel and of course I was right. More burn and I was down to 18 or so without him ever throwing an attack. Fun stuff. Unfortunately for him I can play that way too and by that time I found a BSK. I blocked his attacks, but overlooked the fact he was probably going to Spinning Demon me. I took more damage than I was comfortable with but I was able to When the Moon one of his many second activations and commit him out. The next turn, with him committed, I killed an Angel. I think this put him off his game, I don’t think he had ever lost after turn 2 Omniel or at least he thought he had this game in the bag.

Game 2 he played foundations, 4 of them. Then turn 2 he played more Angels, and turn 3 Omniel. The funny thing I found about the way he played was that he always burned, he never once gained vitality. This made my job at least bearable and left him open to some pretty dangerous Zing counterattacks. Again I When the Mooned… and won the game from there. I knew I had dodged a bit of a bullet coming away with wins after turn 2/3 Omniel’s but hey, I was pretty used to Chaos by then and experience beats all!

Thank you for the game Paul. I was glad to see Rich’s deck do really well. But I had to put another deck in its place, especially one that I have a torrid history with.

At this point I was also very interested in another top 8 match. My friend and travel companion, Bo Engwall had topped with the Chaos Omar deck I gave him and he was facing Mike Hardiman first round in top 8. I was confident Bo could beat him at least one game, since Omar eats 7hs, and I was right. What I wasn’t prepared for was that Mike was consistently siding into me (Garett Brett) and ruining my good name by knocking off my friends. I was determined to avenge Bo, but I knew if I was to get the chance it’d be in the finals.

Round of 4, 1st. vs. 6th Matt Hewitt playing Good King (Tekken), result win and on to the top 2

I felt this was a bit of a mismatch, granted we were playing very similar decks, I just had a better character all things considered. He was playing 4 BSK and 4 Flinging Half Nelson (I think 4 and 4) so he had a lot of risk in his deck as well. That said, he was doing the Zing Fling and block kill stuff that I was doing (less the Fling).

I was really looking forward to this match, granted when I first started playing UFS Matt Hewitt was one of the deckbuilders and players I really looked up to. His Hanzo versions in 2008 were studied rigorously by me and I’d like to believe I learned a lot from how he did things. I had also heard legends of his rigorous play style and I was looking forward to some really good games consisting of thoughtful decisions and play.

The deck did not cooperate with Matt and I got an early Throne Room out. Throne Room cheated and he forgot about the +2 mod and failed some key early blocks. He also checked a lot of junk and just got way behind way too quickly.

Game 2 was even weirder. He got a really good build out turn 1 and 2, yet I figured I could turn 2 kill him from a one turn board build. Truly, I had Kaplow! And multiple Zings to work with and a lot of damage pump out. He also left himself open with all of 1 card in his hand. I started with a throw and he blocked for half damage with his one card, my action. From there he Fearless’d and that is where it went bad. He drew into a second Moon. I hadn’t counted on him being able to get a second block into the pool and therefore use his two Not Human’s, reducing my damage output for the turn by 8. I left him alive and he killed me on his turn 3 quite easily with me massively overcommitted.

Game 3 it became obvious early to me that he was holding onto some nasty cards in his hand. Since on his turn 2 he only played 3 foundations, didn’t form, and passed. I was pretty sure it was a Flinging, some Moon, and some BSK. I was pretty much right. I took this opportunity to ‘not attack him’, instead I reviewed and built 4 cards, keeping enough to ensure I could not be killed by him if he felt he had enough to come at me next turn. We continued like this, me outbuilding him by 1 card a turn until I got out Hilde’s asset, or the Pimp Stick per the Brit’s. This is when I started attacking, knowing the draw 2 cards from it was worth any pain he could impose with a Ballistic block. From there I grabbed Kaplow again and again and continued to out build him while whittling him down. A key point in this game was when I cycled. I was a bit caught off guard by what that meant. A) it meant I couldn’t Phil Birch for a turn and B) it meant my Moons, 1 in hand at the time, were relatively less useful. Lucky for me he didn’t have enough oomph to decide to mount an attack, although he did think about it long and hard. Instead he finally got down some Hope for One’s People which was my cue to finish him. I couldn’t have him having his way with my defensive pieces.

I should note the funniest part of this match was when I Cobra Twisted him in game 3 and asked him to put a dice on his deck so he'd remember to draw 1 less card. "Not necessary" he said... "Okay..." He starts his turn, lays down his 1 card in hand and says, I'll draw 5. NO!@>?!?!> You don't ?!?!> I think I almost scared the glasses off his head. I saved his life, the life of the elite Matt Hewitt, from Judge DAMAGE, the most OP damage ever.

Final Round vs. Mike Hardiman playing Good Mike Hardiman result win and UK champ title

Winning the die roll and vs. a 7hs with Breakfast I was bit overconfident going into this. That confidence was misplaced, granted I checked some bad checks and Mike built like an absolute fiend. He also had the luxury of attacking into me and committing my stuff for turns because I just couldn’t find BSK and I think that even if I did it wouldn’t have mattered at that point, his build was defensive enough that my backswing was not guaranteed. That said, I hung in there and waited for an opportunity to strike. Mike botched a kill turn and that was that, opportunity found, 7hs broken by Birch.

I have to give Mike an enormous amount of credit. Not only did he side into me, he sided into me and then decided to go first with a great deal of bad checks in his deck. I don’t advise this to people. Part of the Garett Brett strength is that he can go second and still not get too far behind. Naturally then, you go second, don’t get behind, and don’t fail turns flat out. Mike’s risk taking paid off and he built 5 cards on his turn 1 – no bad checks there. He got out Astute Observer (+1 cards for him) very quickly and played a lot of Righteousness (if you don’t check it you draw it) and I was so far behind it wasn’t even funny. With some speed on his attacks, and me generally checking poorly on blocks, I was bashed in by his turn 2/3/4 attack strings.

I felt I had to go first, even though I knew he’d build 1, because I couldn’t risk him getting lucky again and not checking poorly on first turn committed builds. I didn’t have an excellent start but I had a very solid start, and by turn 2 I was confident in attacking with a Righteousness of my own. I got extra lucky and he checked poorly on his block and took damage. The next turn he checked poorly on his build and I knew I was in a good spot. From there he checked a 1 on his second attack to come at me the next turn (his turn number 3) and it was more or less over. Some throws, some big damage on those throws and I had the match.

I’m not sure why he sided into me, I mean I guess it is a good risk-takers choice but I would have thought a VGrey side to be a bit more fruitful given he could then say no (or at least make my attacks really costly) to my once per turn Zing’s or Righteousness. I think overall siding into me worked out for him, but it wasn’t the choice I would have made. I am really happy that Mike likes my character. He actually went on to play as me in teams the next day and it took him all the way to the final and another loss in the final. Garett Brett comes second - that is what he does - the person and the cardboard ^^

So there you have it, 5 straight Chasm Buster decks after a Mitsurugi, followed by two Good matches. One could say I was destined to win this. My sheer hate for Piercing Howl meant I was favorable in the round play and my intimate understanding of the Good symbol and my own character meant I was favorable in the top 4 matches.


I’m going to end this post now and write up the festivities, teams report, and shout-outs ASAP, but this was taking too long so I thought I’d leak the first part for the masses to read and comment on before getting into the Evil which was Phil Birch come teams… 

Hope you enjoyed the long read ^^

10-17-2013, 06:42 PM
Great read, Dood-Man! Congrats yet again on an outstanding tournament! :)

10-17-2013, 08:39 PM
Great read, Dood-Man! Congrats yet again on an outstanding tournament! :)

Thanks Iari, I want to hear from you about the Vegas PTC once you win it in a few weeks too! :)

10-17-2013, 10:04 PM
Thanks Iari, I want to hear from you about the Vegas PTC once you win it in a few weeks too! :)

You got it! :)

10-17-2013, 10:10 PM
We then went out for dinner and I had fish and chips!!! ^^

This is all.

great read man looking forward to your write up of teams. its a shame you only played against one doncaster player all weekend tho.

10-18-2013, 07:19 AM
Don't forget about putting Mooseman on this card lol though Congrats the win but there better be a pretzel on there :p

the amazing spider-lloyd
10-18-2013, 08:48 AM
Great write up mate, I really enjoyed reading it :) and I had a great time being able to meet you and play against you at nats.

10-18-2013, 09:17 AM
Great write up mate, I really enjoyed reading it :) and I had a great time being able to meet you and play against you at nats.

Thanks Lloyd, I haven't even gotten to the teams event where our games were even more epic. Nehtali 2 vs. Evil Birch -> Keenan -> Eva, you took on the 3 headed Evil monster!!!

The Hurricane
10-18-2013, 10:26 AM
I started with a throw and he blocked for half damage with his one card, my action. From there he Fearless’d and that is where it went bad. He drew into a second Moon. I hadn’t counted on him being able to get a second block into the pool and therefore use his two Not Human’s, reducing my damage output for the turn by 8. I left him alive and he killed me on his turn 3 quite easily with me massively overcommitted.

I remember my first time! ;)

In all seriousness, Congratz man! And good read! Gotta keep breaking those runner up finishes. Can't wait to see your next buddy-block!

10-18-2013, 10:48 AM
I remember my first time! ;)

It was kind of poetic, foiled by my own actionX2 used as a blockX2, the second one just appearing on request to hose me? Damn thing wins games in too many different ways and they certainly don't bend to the will of their creator!!!

the amazing spider-lloyd
10-18-2013, 01:26 PM
Thanks Lloyd, I haven't even gotten to the teams event where our games were even more epic. Nehtali 2 vs. Evil Birch -> Keenan -> Eva, you took on the 3 headed Evil monster!!!

Haha I certainly did and I had a brillliant time doing so mate :) I really hope I get the chance to play you again in the future :)

10-19-2013, 01:10 PM
It was a pleasure to meet you and play you Garret, shame I didn't get to hang more.

Great read on your report (how so you remember all this!) and you were pretty spot on about my deck and plays in game two ( I think I was kinda panicking at that point lol)

Looking forward to next year!

- Dave the Diversity King

10-23-2013, 02:26 AM
very good report :) I look forward to seeing you again next year to defend your title.