View Full Version : New Orleans PTC results and recap

11-03-2013, 10:27 AM
Friday night we got a few games in then made our way to the French Quarter to see the sites, food and drinks. Homeless people were seen and good times were had lol.

It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning wrought with the ambitions of pride and glory. Breakfast was had by many by our fantastic neighbors at the Drip and Sip coffe house followed by a serving of pain and bloodshed! 3 Rounds finished and we ordered a :):):):) ton of fajita stuff for catering then moved on to the rest of the day. No problems really ovccured and I think, in general, it was a really awesome time. Most of the guys here are so used to playing our own meta, it was great having team Texas down to show us some new tricks.

Thanks again to fearless leader Brian, Preston, Clinton and Horse obsessed Kevin for coming down and spicing up the PTC! I hope that we can do another one next year and have even more folks come down for a gat weekend. Maybe next year I'll not wear myself out and go out Saturday Night :)

And without further ado, the results! I will try to get some deck lists up later on.

Del Banks-Reese
Damon Zhenner- Raiden
Brian Harris -Elizabeth
Preston Padua - Reese
Kevin Lima? ( Can't read your last name :p )- Kyo
Clinton Thomas- Mr Karate
Rodney Garland- Tekken King
Bo Tucker- Vespera
Ivan Pontiff- Mai
Robert Jones - Nethali

Round 1
Bo vs. Ivan - Bo
Robert vs. Del- Del
Kevin vs. Brian- Kevin
Damon vs. Clint- Clint
Rodney vs. Preston -Rodney

Round 2
Rodney vs. Clint-Rodney
Preston vs. Ivan- Preston
Kevin vs. Robert- Kevin
Damon vs. Brian- Damon
Del vs. Bo- Bo

Round 3
Damon vs. Del- Damon
Ivan vs. Brian- Ivan
Rodney vs. Bo- Bo
Kevin vs. Clint- Clint
Robert vs. Preston- Preston

Round 4
Preston vs. Kevin-Kevin
Clint vs. Bo- Bo
Damon vs. Rodney- Rodney
Del vs. Ivan- Ivan
Robert vs. Brian- Draw

Top 4

We diverged a little bit to get some more games in and went with round robin for top 4 but the out come was

Round 1
Bo vs. Clint- Bo
Rodney vs. Kevin- Rodney

Round 2
Bo vs Kevin- Bo
Rodney vs. Clint- Rodney

Round 3
Clint vs. Kevin- Draw
Bo vs. Rodney- Bo