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So, I should preface this whole thing by saying that for some reason around here, we refer to "
203-Shiki - Tsuchi Tsubaki" as Murder Palace. When one plays this card, it is generally thrown onto the table in a YuGiOh TV Series sort of fashion, and one screams MURDER PALACE!!! as it is played.

I wanted to make a legacy deck based around Murder Palace, be it throwing it for millions of damage, or playing it 5 times in a turn, or what have you. I decided the best way to do this is off of the standard Iori, running Chaos, with Forgotten Memories. My plan, if it worked at its best, was to play Pirate's Tactics (Desperation 7) and then play Murder Palace. When Murder Palace hits for 12 damage, (It's a throw) remove it from the game with Iori and then play it from the removed from the game pile for free with Forgotten Memories. The deck worked all right enough, though I feel I should have put a bit more work into it.

Tim Keefe 8 HS Adon

Tim was also running a murdermurder deck, so it was more or less us playing solitare, and attempting to count to 20 before the other person. The game were quite fast, and ended in enough time for us to chat afterwards about his deck, and the tournament as a whole. I lost, sadly. Crazy Adon pumps won out in the end.


Round 2
Ryan Slade Promo Ukyo

This match was an intimidating one! Since I helped build the deck, I knew what was going on here. He was going to drop his handsize to 0, fortune and glory, then kill me with endless Contemplations and Shadow Banishments. I got very lucky in than I was able to set up my Memories of Murder Palace gimmick by turn 2, in each game.


Round 3
Mark LeBlanc Set 2 Felicia

I've had to fight this match before. Mark fought me with more or less this same deck back in 2008, and I remember it well. It was pretty good at well, turn 1'ing me...
On this day, though, I wished to have none of that! In fact, in game 2, he even debated going for the turn 1 Feline Spike kill, as long as he had a 6 check as his third check, he'd be good. He decided against it and simply played foundations. Well of course, the fate gods were on his side, and he checked 5/5/6, which would have been perfect to kill me had he tried :/ The turn after that he simply murdered me anyway. Spikes everywhere. Game 1 went almost exactly the same, if you wondered...


Round 4
Devon Bernier Set Lilith

Lilith, eh? That's pretty cool! One of my friends has been running Lilith for years, I know what this deck is going to... Oh, never mind. This is just a standard Vespera deck with Lilith thrown on top for extra lulz :/
It went pretty well, I've gotta say. Much better than expected. In fact, I ended up taking game 1 with some well placed Murder Palaces! Game 2, went stupendous. I got out Professional Soldier quite early, and on turn 2 or 3, went for the full kill, which ended with me killing him with the enhance on Yatagarasu. He seemed quite displeased to have been killed by an enhance, and I believe I said "Well, that's legacy for ya"

(One down, three to go... Heh heh heh)

That was the end of legacy for me, as they cut to top 4. I ended up a solid 7th, and I lost to the guys who ended swiss at ranks 1 and 2, I suppose there's no shame there.


I built my Vinny G deck a few days before, because I wasn't able to run the deck I wanted to, due to one of my friends running almost every single card in his deck (Sadly, he didn't even end up running this deck, but oh well, it worked out for the best, I suppose)

Round 1.... FIGHT!
Kieth Disbro Syrithe

Now THIS was a fight, all right! It went on for ages, and I loved nearly every minute of it! I'm not even sure if it was that we just blocked everything that was thrown at each other, or if we just didn't throw enough at each other, but time was called before we even finished game 1. I went second, and while I did have 5 attacks in hand and he had 10 health, he also had 2 Flexible Bodys with momentum in play, and two active Crime Fighters. I simply accepted it as a tie and shook his hand graciously.

Standout moments in this match:

I Instability'd his Omniel enhance which was to pump his own attack, and since I ended the game at 1 health, I know it was for the best!

He had one card left in his deck on his attack, and I knew he was just about to use Omniel to grab another angel, get +2 damage, burn me and flip my foundations, so I had to act quickly! I decided it was in my best interest to Vinny G enhance the last of his cards away and force him to cycle, but how much damage could this pump his attack, was what frightened me! So I wearily enhanced away his last card, and lo and behold, it was a Revoke! Saved myself from so much damage on this clutch move!


Round 2
Mike Bryant Lizardman

Awww man. I feel that if anyone in my group deserves to get top 8, it's Mike. He and I have been working on this Lizardman deck off and on for, well, since he came out! It's quite the beast, and I know that if I let it set up, I'm pretty much dead for.

Game 1, I knew I had to let loose and show my power so he would be afraid. I started whipping attacks left and right and trying to draw back up to keep my hand afloat, and generally it was working, and by turn 3 I had whittled him down to nothing. Huzzah!

Game 2, things went very south. He set up a HUGE wall by the end of his turn 2, and I had barely two attacks in hand. I knew I had to wait for something big, such as a Righteousness and/or a Heaven's Gate or two, so I started to wall myself in. Mike saw this as a weakness, and went for me, all out. He started throwing me around left and right, recurring said throws, and once in a while would whip out the new K' 8 difficulty attack for a solid 18 damage. That, uhh, well that kinda really hurt. Game 2 went to Mike

Game 3, maybe 10 minutes left in the round, we had to end this fast. I knew if we had ties, there would be not much hope for either of us top 8'ing unless we start kicking some serious kitten kaboodle! The game went to about turn 4 or 5, at which point he had walled up quite sufficiently. I decided to attack into it, and hope for the best for me. He showed me the error of my ways by promptly discarding every card in my hand on my turn. Time was called, and I went first, sooo... He had 1 turn to kill me, and I was at 24 health... Uh oh, I'm not looking for another tie here... He readies everything he owns, and then goes to town on my open hands. Well, he drew two of the K' UR attack, and pretty much took me out with just those two and a couple Enemies now Friends. Good, he deserved the win more than me. I wished him the best of luck, and said I'd better see him in top 8 at the end of this whole thing!

Standout moments in this match:

Game 1, Mike attacked into my empty hand for what should have been a kill. I used Vinny G's enhance, while commited. This confused him a bit, as I was pumping his attack. I reacted with Inner Struggle to draw a card, used Strange Fashion to full block, and blocked his throw for full! He called it my "Ghetto draw power"

Yup, probably not top 8'ing now. That's just sad.

Round 3
Giulio Capriotti Cassandra

This is a deck that he and I have been tweaking with for several months now. He brought it to gencon, and had a pretty swell record with it in singles. I knew very well that if I let it go off on me, it would wreck me something fierce! I simply needed to get some Strange Fashions and Law of the Lands out, STAT!

Well, I'm not sure if it was stellar draw on my part, or poor draw on his part in regards to his +5 block for his speed, but I was able to take out most of his attacks, and get past his 20 health! I felt pretty bad doing him in so quick, especially since both games ended in a fairly quick manner... Well at least I have some hope of topping, right?

Standout moments in this match:

Giulio mentions how funny it was that neither so far at this tournament, nor at gencon, had anyone remembered that Bernstein Stadium's damage pump was playable by either player when he had it out, and that he may have been in much tighter spots had people realized this. I said, "Oh, thanks bro!" as I reminded him that we were currently in the middle of my attack's enhance step as he was saying this... So I used the E on Bernstein to kill him.


Round 4
Andrew Olexa Andrew Olexa



I don't



The above were pretty much my reactions when I heard that I had to face a champ playing themselves. I felt pretty much screwed as of this point. Ok, I've got a chance here, I saw him running this at Gencon, it was an evil deck designed to make tons of checks and get Curse of Corruption to max damage! Quite similar to my deck, actually! So, I'll just have to go first and whip out tons of foundations, as Good is good at, and start wholloping him as soon as turn 2!

Turn 1, I see him drop down 4 or 5 foundations on Good, each of which happen to be in my deck... Awwww crap.

It was a strong back and forth game, but I eventually pulled out the win, with just enough time to figure out that his kill condition seemed to be KABLAMMOOOOOO!!!! with his character's response giving it an extra multiple, and just thumping you repeatedly with that!

Game 2, I was not so lucky. I tried to hold on to some mid blocks (108 Shiki is probably the all-star of my deck. I absolutely love this attack!) and hope for the best, but he was able to overpower me in the end and push through my defenses for a great kill. I tried for a clutch Moon to grab Righteousness and start reducing the damage of his attacks in there, but I failed, by checking another Righteousness. Whoops :P

Game 3, here is where things got intense. We knew that if either of us lost this game, we would likely be kissing top 8 goodbye. Well, I decided this would be the best game to demonstrate MAN MODE. I started throwing out Righteousness as early as possible, I believe that to have been turn 2, and started whipping attacks left and right following it for the best possible results. I ended up pulling out the win in a VERY close last game, and it was incredibly stressful for the both of us. Right as it ended, we were both kind of just staring at my card pool for a moment or two, going "Wooow. So that just happened..." and after a time of silence, I broke the tension by saying

"So... I found my 1dot Olexa character this morning... Could you sign it for me?" and he got a good laugh out of that.

Standout moments in this match:

Game 2, my card pool was Righteousness, Righteousness, Flash Needle and Fire Shadow. I needed another 6 damage to ensure the kill... I looked at the Righteousness in my hand, and checked my foundations... If I can hit a 4 or more off the top of my deck, I'll have him dead!

So I yelled MAN MODE! And threw it down on the table in the same fashion as mentioned in my Murder Palace description. I'm pretty sure I saw Mr. Andrew's heart skip a beat here. I then proceeded to check a 3 and end my turn.

Wow, things are looking up! I may actually win this nex-

Round 5
Mark LeBlanc Paul Bittner

fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Well ok then. I mentioned that years ago, Mark and I had fought. It was his Felicia murdering me. Well, he also fought me a different time that year, as Leona, which also murdered me viciously. After yesterday's showing of his Felicia, I had no doubt about this Paul Bittner's capability to murder viciously.

Okokokokokok... How do I beat this... Well, he seems to be throwing out a lot of punches, that's cool... And he almost relies on his character ability in early games... That's my in!

I tried to mulligan for a moon in the first game, so as to hit his character ability that he seems to rely on for checking for foundations. It went ok, but I don't believe I actually ended up passing the Moon (Stupid Righteousness, being amazing and such :/)

Most of these games were just intimidating attacks being thrown back and forth, me trying to hax all his checks through my wenches (Military Uniform) and character ability, as well as cancelling his character R with Moon. If anything, Military Uniform was probably what won me the game here, it was sooooo nice to me, showing up turn one nearly every game.

Game 1 went to me, I believe. It was won by clocking him upside the head with a 12speed for 17 Heaven's Gate, followed by a 108 of death! Those Heaven's Gates are a force to be reckoned with...

Game 2 went to him, he used Kaplow as a reversal against me, and even with my wicked check hax, he passed the check with ease and bumped me on the head for half my health, then on his turn proceeded to repeat the process again.

Game 3 was absolutely intense. I was keeping all the high blocks I could, namely Fire Shadows, whilst I just sat back and made checks until all of my Heaven's Gates were in hand. Even with two murder-kill decks such as these, time was still called during our game. We had been discussing it mid-game, and felt that he was pretty safe in top 8 even if he lost, but we weren't 100% about my inclusion in the top 8 should I fail. The most intense part, was that Mike was just a couple seats over from me at the top tables, and I could see him making top 8 with a win here.

I managed to pull out a win with some clutch blocks and another Heaven's Gate for ridiculous damages. It was so stressful that at the end of the match, I just kinda dropped head-first onto the table. Sean then asked "Ohhh no, Church, did you lose?" I propped back up my head, and went, "Oh, sorry, I believe the appropriate response is supposed to be..." at which point I leaped up in the air, fist-pumped and screamed in joy! This was definitely a new experience for me, winning!

Standout moments in this match:

Definitely using Moon on his build turns to stop him from building as much as he thought he could! Military Uniform helped a lot in this situation as well.

Finished 3-1-1, 3rd place after Swiss.

I felt terrible that Mike made but only 9th place, after losing to a Jack Lambourne deck in the last round.

Ok, writing is fun, I know this. So I shall save my experiences in top 8, as well as teams and various stuffs for tomorrow to be posted in a following post.

11-21-2013, 02:33 AM
We had a long break between swiss and top 8. We went down to a local restaurant chain and everyone got comfy and had us some nice foods. Kevin experimented a bit with his poutine, as you can tell by the title of his thread, it was poutine with maple syrup on it. I thought it was weird, but hesitantly added some maple syrup to my poutine.

Woow, that was actually pretty good! Kinda weird, but pretty good all together.

Ok, so matchups got delved out pretty easily, and people went into various booths to have their games, while Sean and Tim stayed at a larger table to fawn over all of the prize support that would be handed out to the people who got 1st and 2nd

Top 8
Tanner Danyleyko Jack Lambourne

I've gotta say, this character kinda scares me. Throws that lead in to more throws, being pumped by checking throws, and throwing more throws?! Craaazy. On the bright side, this is the guy who knocked Mike out of the top cut, so if I can make a win, I can make it hurt. Nothing personal, I think.
The good thing about fighting a deck like Mr. Lambourne, is that you can pretty much tell what the deck is going to be doing to you right off the bat. So turn 1 when I pulled a Strange Fashion, I did not hesitate whatsoever in getting that sucker out. Game 1 went shockingly in my favor due to this, and some Righteousnessessses and a wicked Heaven's Gate led to a moderately fast victory.

Game 2, things went so much better for Tanner here! By turn 2, he threw me, and then proceeded to throw me, which was then followed by throwing me, and who can guess this, he then threw me! Well then, he threw Vinny G directly into an open grave and sealed that sucker up. I got out two Koppouken Trainings out early game, but Tanner dropped down a Silence and told them to shut their mouth. (Wouldn't it have been wonderful had I drawn a Moon to stop this crap...)

Game 3, got me a Koppouken early, and a Strange Fashion was earned through a Righteousnessses, so things went in my favor from the beginning. This went more or less the same as game 1, but moreso with Yamibarai and Psychic Upper being the ones doing the murder this time around. Tanner was displeased at my proficiency in getting out one of my couple copies of Strange Fashion pretty consistently, and I understand that it is pretty much a straight counter to most of your deck in one foundation. Well, don't worry Mr. Danyleyko, since cycle is happening soon enough, the strange way to deal with throws will have been dealt with, and Lambourne will be able to run wild as he should!

In between matches here, I was enjoying some delicious food whilst we were waiting for some of the other matches to end to see what our matchups were like. At this point I overheard Tanner and Devon saying that they are to be on the same team for tomorrow, and that they could at this point practically rename their team to "Team Lost to Church", though I hadn't fought Kevin Demarco yet, so their team could keep its current name.

During this interim time, matchups were determined with Garett and myself being the only remaining Canadians in the top cuts, and he mentioned a displeasure in the fact that as one of the only two Canadians left in a Canadian nationals event, I was playing as the president of the United States.
Well, one of my friends was using some of the cards I wanted for a Miska deck, so what are ya gonna do :D

Top 4
Garett Brett Garett Brett


Well, I knew that this would be the end of my glorious trip unless some miracles happened here. I knew that I had a couple counters to what he was able to pull out, and he had many to mine, so this would be a very interesting match very much based on whom can get out what key foundations.
Unfortunately, Garett is playing some sort of character that allows him to switch around his hand as he builds and get to key foundations much earlier than some.

Game 1, I think took around 45 minutes by itself. I was hoping to at least learn what a good chunk of what his deck does and learn what to prioritize and/or side in for game 2. By the end of the game, I was able to tell the following

The deck is based around Air
The deck attacks high. Like, a lot.
The deck plays foundations
Segaki Offering is in the deck, so +0 blocks would be wonderful

Thankfully, I'm running a +0 high block. I don't believe I saw it more than once in as long as I was fighting with this fine fellow :/

So yeah, after a long while of not much back and forth, he is able to clock me upside the head for enough to drop me to 0

Ok, well I know one of my major problems with his deck is going to be Lion Stance. That thing's response can essentially mitigate all of the damage being done from Heaven's Gate! This is not a good thing, so I'm going to see what I've got in my little sideboard over here. I know I've got at least Good & Evil, which should stop that pesky response on Lion Stance.....


I put down my sideboard off to the side of our game earlier, face down before we started playing. Well, the water I was drinking out of was about a foot away from my sideboard, and had been doing what a glass of water tends to do in a well heated environment, and was been peeing all over my sideboard the entire time we were playing

And :):):):), man, I only own two copies of Good & Evil, I didn't need to get all this all over it :/

The guys there were nice and offered to let me sub in their copies of things for me to use for the deck, but the match had been going on this long, I didn't want to be a bother and make them go through all their stuff for me, so I told them I'll be fine and didn't need to sideboard.

Game 2 went more or less as predicted, but took a good amount of time. I had been searching for holes in his defenses, looking for fantastic opportunities to go in for an attack here or there, but there weren't many by the time I was finally able to draw some attacks, which was around turn 4. Time passed and the game ended up going for quite a while, and I thought that maybe I needed to crack out Super Secret Win Tactic: Mill and work on getting his cards removed from the game with Vinny G and Military Uniform. I mean, he did mulligan this game, that's a little bit of my work done all ready...

Eventually I did draw in to what was a fine kill, and I swung in trying to force him to use his Lion Stance on my 12mid 16 damage Heaven's Gate, which he in turn did commit to use on such. I thought to myself, "Yesss, tap the Stance... I have far worse pain in store for you!" But Vinny G was not on my side for this. He showed me what happens when you run 20+ attacks and some 3 check actions, sometimes. Because once in a while, good luck needs to come right up and bite you right on the ballistic foot.

Also Garett murdered me something fierce on his proceeding turn after I had to tap out in hopes of meeting these nice checks of mine.

Yay, that was fun. Intense of course, but pretty fun, too. Well, I can at least look forward to teams tomorrow! I just need to get 3 people to be able to come so we can have enough people for it to be worth cardboard!

DAY 3: TEAMS!!!!!

Teams is the event that I like the most. I like winning with my friends rather than having to fight them! This is what I travel to majors for, to play with my friends.

So, sadly no one was able to come join us today. We even had less players than we did the day before because two of the locals didn't come by today. Well this sucks. I tried to improvise a lot, such as calling up a lot of my classic players and practically begging them, but no dice. Hell, at one point I was calling guys from my D&D group and asking them to come by. The conversation I had there genuinely pisses me off.

"Ok, we're just a couple people away from making this tournament worth it for everyone. Can I get you to come down here for even a few minutes to at least submit a decklist? We can make you a bye and you can go home!"

"No, it's too far"

"We're willing to drive you guys!"

"Sorry, D&D"

D&D doesn't start until 6pm, and it was at this time 10am. I was pretty peeved about this, and he continued to deny my requests. I accepted that we were boned in terms of earning cardboard at about 10 minutes after the deadline for handing in decklists.

Well, fine. I guess we can at least have a grand time, and try to get lots of support by winning this thing!

So, I was supposed to run Mr. Karate today. I've had Karate since September of 2012, and the deck is fantastic, but I just felt that since it didn't matter much for cardboard, I may as well run Vinny G again, right? I mean, the deck did stupendous yesterday, why unleash the beast that is Karate when it doesn't matter too much?

My team composition looked like:

Mike Bryant - Vice (promo)
He ran many blocks, and damage reduction

Sean Gault - Mai
He ran many heals, and damage pump

Clint Badger - Vinny G
He ran many check hax, and great blocks

we were... MURDER PALACE

Round 1
Team Calgary 2
Kevin Demarco Terry

Well, we wound up fighting the guys whom 2/3 lost to me in each of the last few days. We decided that again, not for cardboard, let's just have Kevin fight Church so we can see if the team truly deserves the title of Team Lost to Church.

This game went shockingly in my favor. Or, was it shockingly against Kevin? His checks were REALLY not fond of him today, almost as if the deck was angry at him for not playing Nehtali instead. My check hax and various +0 blocks, as well as having Righteousness always in my discard pile made for a strong counter to his deck, and he went down first of his team.

I am sorry, Kevin. You did not deserve this. Though, on the bright side, you at least earned a nickname for you team.

Mike lost his round, and we all turned to Sean to watch him play VS Zoey. In the end of a long fight, Mai fell to Zoey and my team earned its first loss.

0-1 (Personally 1-0)
Round 2
Team Michigan + Traitor
Tim Keefe Kula

Well, this should be a good fight! We've been trying to make Kula for one of our locals whom wishes to play her, and it should be nice to see a top tier Kula at play!

Basically, deck hits like a truck when you don't expect it. I mean, I didn't expect it as early as he was doing it, and it was incredibly scary when he did it!

I did have one fantastic clutch play: Well in to a long attack string and after I have tapped out, he reversals me with Neo Freeze Execution, and sends it for lethal amounts of damage. I do not accept defeat simply because I have 4 attacks in my card pool and all of 1 foundation ready! I ready a Hidden Laughter by pitching a momentum, and then proceed to block his attack with a Hidden Laughter from my hand, ignoring progressive difficulty! I hit the 5 and tap my two foundations, and say "Boo ya!" pretty loudly. I then end my turn, and proceed to be bonked on the head because of being so horrendously tapped out. What could I do? I wanted the robo-lady dead, and I could only check attacks that turn, for some reason :/

Sean was over a couple tables playing against Olexa, so I knew it couldn't be going well for the poor guy. I mean, he just got back in to the game after years of absence! He doesn't deserve this terrifying pain!

Sean lost to Olexa, with my loss to Tim that meant our team had lost this round. Mike wanted to continue his fight, to see if he could do it. I wasn't paying much attention to what kind of shenanigans were going on in his battle, but I noticed that he had sideboarded in to Mature (promo) and was going to town against them angels. With +4 - 5 damage to all of his attacks and the ability to get a free attack each time you attack, he was not short on delicious orange cards.

Regardless, Murder Palace is now 0-2, with myself at 1-1

Round 3
Team Sean we're getting the band back together, we're on a mission from god (If saying out loud, do not forget an accent on the word 'god')
Sean O'Brien Phil Birch

Oh yay, I get to fight what is considered the strongest character in the format. Yaaay.

Well, about a turn or two into our first match, I am able to quickly deduce that he is running a nearly identical deck to me, just with added Kaplow and Zing for good measure.

Around turn 3 or 4 of game 1, I look over to my fellow allies to see how they are doing. I see that Diet Sean (my Sean) is facing the wall of Kilik, and not exactly having a good time, either. I see that Mike is facing... ummm... I genuinely forgot what she was running, I apologize... Was it Midsurugi again? Well, he didn't seem to be doing stupendous either.

Well, crap. So I draw up during my turn whilst watching them, and my heart kinda stops when I noticed my hand... ":):):):), I drew up to 7... Sean will give me a game loss if I tell him... Well, ya know what? This ain't for cardboard. What I'm going to do here is award MYSELF with a game loss, and play this sucka out, without telling him"

So what I did for the next 15 minutes was the biggest of troll-fests. I kept my hand in single file so that he was unable to tell the number of cards in my hand. I played about two foundations, then passed my turn. I basically at this point was really hoping that he wasn't going to ask "How many cards are in your hand?" Which thankfully, he did not.

So he attacks in to me, a Zing, I believe. He activates the Zing enhance an calls foundation. Bam! There's a foundation on top of my deck. Nice! +3 damage! I pass enhance. (Keep in mind, I obviously know what his character does, and I have two Together Again in play. I may have mentioned already, but the point of my deck is to make as many checks as possible with Together Again until Heaven's Gate is in the discard pile 3 times)

He then uses the Birch enhance, and calls foundation. Another +2 damage! Yay! At this point, knowing I have a 5 check on top, I use Vinny G's enhance to give this attack +X damage and make him remove the top card of his deck from the game. I believe at this point he actually hit a Kaplow. He gave me the most puzzled look when I did this, and especially to my reaction of "BOO YA!" when I hit said Kaplow.

So basically, I took the Zing to the face, and Sean was even more confused, what with my having many cards in hand. He then foundations up a bit, grabs another Zing, and we repeat this exact same process. The sad part was, he was extremely weary of my deck playing Moons against him (smart man) and would not play any effect more than once on his turn. I of course, had no intention whatsoever of using Moon against him, and was saddened when he would not let me see the top card of my deck. So, I tried to Vinny G to pump his attack, but I sadly hit a 1 check and was unable to meet the check to pump it. I took the Zing and liked it, at which point Sean says

"I have no idea if you're a prodigy, or retarded..."

I think I took it as a compliment, and continued to troll him. I threw out a Heaven's Gate and purposely did not call its response, but he took the full 12 damage from it anyway (What a trooper!) and then I ended my turn. I allowed him to kill me on the following turn with his many throws.

Game 2, I noticed that Diet Sean was losing horribly to Kilik still, and that Mike was doing no better. So I decided, fine. We're not going to win this one it seems, so I'm just going to continue to troll Sean, because he in extremely confused by this whole ordeal.

It essentially went the same, with my pumping his attacks, enhancing with a Righteousness from hand when his attack is at base damage, only to say "I give all attacks +1 for the rest of your turn" and then dying from this.

Murder Palace
0-3, myself 1-2

Round 4
Team Boss (Winnipeg #2)
Giulio Capriotti Rashotep (promo)

Their team is actually down a guy, so they are just two dudes and a bye.

Ok, this really pissed me off. These are my friends that I'm fighting here, and when we got the matchup, they won the toss and determined their Vice would face our Mai deck. So I told Giulio that I wanted him to face Mike, since Mike is still working on his deck essentially and needs to know what to change for many matchups, and I know that mine is atleast top 4 caliber. I wanted to head next door to grab some pizza. Giulio then says, "WELL FINE THEN!" and throws his Rashotep at my character, announcing his desire to fight. I said "Are you sure? You saw how good I did last night. Please just fight Mike, man. I wanna head out for a bit" and he says no, he is to face me. Ugh, fine. Be that way.

So Mike sat there sad all game, and soon said that he will help me make better checks, by doing the control checks for me. I did not go easy on Giulio as I did on Sean. In fact, I made it my goal to make his death as painful as possible. Sure, at the beginning of my turn 2 he committed every foundation I had. Big deal, he ran out of hand doing it. So I dropped Righteousness on him, checked a 6, gained 3 foundations (Including a Strange Fashion and a Koppouken to stop his throw deck dead in its tracks) and then checked a 5 on Vinny G's enhance, to remove his 5 difficulty attack on top of his deck from the game. Righteousness clobbered his for a solid 11, and I proceeded to go to town on him using Yamibarai, Flash Needle and ending on a Fire Shadow for the turn 2 kill.

Shoulda fought Mike, dude.

Game 2 went slightly longer. Until turn 4, I believe. But his fate was more or less the same. With an early game Strange Fashion and a Koppouken out, he was unable to damage me through the length of the game, and I killed him in a single turn eventually.

Mai lost to Vice, but it doesn't matter since Mike beat the bye

Murder Palace
1-3, myself 2-2

Round 5
Team Calgary
Mark Leblanc Paul Bittner

Oh, well here we are, a rematch from yesterday! Well, I mentioned earlier how I've really enjoyed facing Mark these few times over the years, and that even at Canadian Teams Nationals back in... 2008 was it? I fought him and he killed me with Leona on turn 2 each of our games, I still wanted more, and we fought several more times within our allotted time.

Well, the same thing happened here. Mark can attest to this, my checks were PISSED at me. It's like all the fine luck I was having during swiss yesterday, just came to slap me in the face right here. Checking 1s on turn 1 to end my turn in each of our legitimate games (Seriously, I failed on a Hidden Laughter...) and just checking poor into all of my blocks to stop his murder spree. They were some fine games, Mark, I quite enjoyed them!

So we had about 5 more. At one point Garett asked how our game was going, and Mark said "Oh, we're on game 6. I keep winning, and he keeps wanting more"

Well, it was fun!

Murder Palace ends teams at
1-4, personally 2-3. Not terrible, I think. I mean, personally. Not terrible.

So, we got some cool prizes to end the day, like I got a sweet playmat for making top cuts yesterday, and got a random roll off to earn a box of KoF set 1. Which is AWESOME, since as I've mentioned a few times, diet Sean plays Mai, and we own ZERO of her UR attack! We've only opened 9 boxes of this set so far, so it MUST be in here... RIGHT?!

Well, it wasn't. We got our 6th Iori.

Giulio was fed up with out probability, and bought two boxes of KoF. Neither of these boxes had her stupid attack. At this point we were pretty annoyed with this set and its stupid crap. So, I guess it's good that the weekend ended on a high note, right?

11-21-2013, 09:17 AM
I'm going to take half credit for all your wins since I recommended good VG :D
seriously though congrats and smart choice putting those righteousness back into the deck

11-21-2013, 11:24 AM
It was a blast playing you Church! And you had the luckiest removals during our game... I still can't believe you hit two Allahra. D:

12-03-2013, 01:23 PM

I want to hear from the horse's mouth just how hard you trolled Garett, I remember Sean describing how he would've murdered you if he had been in Garett's seat.

12-04-2013, 06:56 AM
I'm sorry! I just started a new full time job, and I'm still getting used to the weird hours of getting to work at 4 in the freakin' morning!

I have today and tomorrow off, so I'ma finish dis sucka goood.

12-05-2013, 05:30 AM
There we go, updated with top 8 and with teams.

12-05-2013, 10:22 AM
Haha, nice top 8 and teams report Church.

Sorry I had to end your run, but I had to get to the final. I'm beginning to think I am the final boss of all national and legacy events so pairing with me leading up to it is a game-loss :)

12-05-2013, 11:23 AM
So I dropped Righteousness on him, checked a 6, gained 3 foundations and then checked a 5 on Vinny G's enhance, to remove his 5 difficulty attack on top of his deck from the game. Righteousness clobbered his for a solid 11, and I proceeded to go to town on him using Yamibarai, Flash Needle and ending on a Fire Shadow for the turn 2 kill.Daaaamn. Hammer don't hurt em

Thanks for filling in the rest and congrats on a new job :] I wish I had taken the time out to get in a couple games with you at some point over the weekend. We should battle on octgn some time