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02-11-2014, 06:23 PM
I played in all three tournaments this year and felt I did well even thought I didnt top.

Legacy 3-2

Fell just shy of making top cuts but I must that Aj (The Hurricane) for making me a lecgacy deck.For this being my first time ever playing legacy even which playing a deck I have never tested or seen till day of I believe I did well and says a lot for Aj's deck building skills

Round 1
I bombed this one play mistake after play mistake but I took note and figured out how the deck functioned so the next 4 rounds will go better. 0-1

Round 2
I faced a standard a Lord Raptor. With how badly I did round 1 I made sure to do better this time. I took game 1 now that I got the feel of the deck and felt much better. Game 2 he sided out to night terror I couldnt set up quick enough so I end up losing game 2. Game 3 everything falls into play and end up just destroying him. 1-1

Round 3
Good ole Scott Sudman and an annoying Joe Hill deck that was massive and played no attacks. Game 1 went 40 min I swung once and realized there wasnt anything I could do unless we play the cancel game so I ended up getting all 4 tag alongs and well as 2 Out Of Your League plus I had 2 Program Malfunctions. So I locked all the damage reduc his deck had and manage to send out a massive Sardine Beats Special for over 9000. Game 2 I knew he couldnt mill me out so I would build a little and pass till time was called cause it would take another 50 min for me to get what I needed to kill him again. 2-1

Round 4
I face Felicia.2-2

Round 5
Standard Omar. Standard decks can definitely hold there own in legacy but when legacy gets the wall out the differences are apparent. It was a good game he just couldn't overcome the wall that is legacy.3-2

Team Chicken Rice Mayo

So I wanted to have a little fun and I make a Saiki 1 deck which turned out to be really good but not good enough to play in standard. So I played it in teams where I could get some more favorable match ups which I didnt because I took the captains chair and took the match that my other teams would struggle with which so I ended up not doing as well as Id hope.

Round 1
I face a Takuma my deck set out to do what its supposed to do and faced rolled him game 1 and 2. 40 min later we go to round 2. 1-0

Round 2
So this round our options were mature iori and bittner. Well I know Danny can deal with either mature or iori and I though bittner would be too fast for Goro and Sophita so I took the bittner match up. Nascar anyone? thats what this match was I lost the die roll so I lost the match. 1-1

Round 3 and 4 to be contiuned cause for some reason I cant remember them.

Round 5

We ended up facing of the other teams from my play group. So our options this time were Iori Garret Brett Eh and Angels well since we know our players deck we choose the for sure match up of iori and goro at which I get paired against the angels.I cant do :):):):) against them thanks to the -1 to control checks. 2-2-1

Now once you look at saiki you might ask why no communing answer I streamlined the deck to do 1 thing 2 ways recur attacks.Also you might noticed its almost a post rotation deck drossel being the only card being cycled.


Ok so I was one of the 5 Maxi decks but I played him completely different than at least Drews deck

Game 1
This match sucked it was against my scout and friend Marcus. We played this game many times and we knew the outcome. 1-0

Game 2

Ok so since I have been going to nats in 2012 I always seem to play Andrew Olexa. Kablamo + Olexa=Death at least I wasnt bored. I did well just didnt get enough attacks. 1-1

Game 3

I face Tim Keefe. I get rolled game one as he could recur back an attack and do it again. Game 2 he sided into Iori 2 at which I win cause I am able to out build him and just reduce the damage on his attacks while taking chucks of health every turn(Also I luck sacked into 3 man behind the mask and ended up in desperation). Game 3 he stays as Iori and proceeded to do the same thing again and I take game 3. 2-1

Game 4

Danny and his Goro.I know his deck well and we have play many many times. Thanks to Ajs attack line up suggestion it help him eek out a game 1 win. Game 2 I had him dead to rights but time was called and he was second player so I ended up losing. 2-2

Game 5

Jermey Ray and his Megaman. The committal and draw power he has allowed him to set up fast than me but I made now mistakes and made all the right plays up until my last check to block and hit a 3.2-3

Game 6

At this point this was a funsy game so I went all out taking the more risky plays and ended up tieing him. 2-3-1

All in all I think I did well just had hard match ups. I will be trying to go to gen con this year. Good to finally met some of the Atlanta crew and good to see everyone else and thanks to Brett Sean and Tag for there great job of judging and running the event. Till next year or gen con.

02-11-2014, 09:10 PM
Round 4
I face Felicia.2-2

Best part!