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  1. You are welcome to pm me the declist (Amy) if you want me to look over it in detail. Otherwise, glad I could help and best of luck!

    - Garett
  2. Hi there Garrett after looking at you build and have a thorough look my mine i can see quite differences between we as yours consistently slams a big reversal at them mine only focuses on the breaker blocks, I have modded it a bit and it works wonders, although I still feel that it needs a little bit more play testing to see of the changes really help.
  3. Hi there Garrett, I am a UFS player from the UK and I was wondering whether you could help me with something, I am currently playing an Amy Good deck,

    I was wondering whether you could take a look at my build for me and give me your opinion on it. The main reason I ask is that I have been playing Amy for a long time and I think I have the correct build and after seeing your deck in action I keep wanting to go back to Righteousness spam without the action mainly because I have none of them.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.


    3x Gizannde Nova and Frischer Himmel
    3x Oztriensburg Castle Throne Room
    3x Super Hero Know How

    4x Splam
    4x Leaping Snap Kick
    4x Dragon Lifter
    3x Chi disruptor

    4x Together Again
    4x Cursed Blood
    4x The Hunt for Jin
    3x A Hero's training
    4x Man behind the Mask
    3x Torn Hero
    2x Hope for ones People
    3x Shadowar
    4x Fearless
    3x Not Human
    3x Know when to talk...
    3x Sisters of Battle
    1x Law of the Land
    3x Strange Fashion
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