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  1. Thank you for your response. That was always the...

    Thank you for your response. That was always the way i thought it was supposed to be. I would like confirmation from one of the Jasco Games rules team and making appropriate adjustments to documents...
  2. Draft deck construction size clarification. Please

    So in draft we draft 60 cards. To make a 40 card + Character card deck.
    Here is a copy and paste fro the select format document currently on the website. I will highlight the parts which is causing...
  3. Nfxon I have tryed to pm you but your set to not...

    Nfxon I have tryed to pm you but your set to not accept private messages.
  4. Would having an artist at a big event entice you to come along more?

    The reason why i ask this is a little bit of curiosity. We have just had the UK Nats here and we were lucky enough to be graced by Jason Cardy (artist for Vincent Grey, Some Iroi, Vice, Mature and...
  5. Personally i hate double elimination tourneys....

    Personally i hate double elimination tourneys. You travel so far to play some games your deck misbehaves and you lose the first to matches and outa of the tounrey that you have paid a lot of money in...
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    U.K nationals is under way!

    Hi everybody that isn't here, why aren't you here?!

    just started round 3 and all is going well, we have 31 players in attendance and a nice variety of characters/deck types floating around :)
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    patriot games

    hey guys keep your eyes open on patriot games home page some good stuff coming up soon for ufs.
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    Thanks for the nats

    Well after a weekend where i have been physically and mentally destroyed playing ufs. I have only one person to thank for this and if it were not for him non of it would have happened. The one we...
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    introductions in order

    Well i am one of the original players in the uk, ihave played all the national champ events and teams events and lots of other national level events in the uk. I am the demented genius behind the...
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