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Thread: Avatar Comics and Games in Las Vegas, NV

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    Avatar Comics and Games in Las Vegas, NV

    Hey guys,

    Can anyone explain what's happened here? We used to have a huge crowd at this location, and things seemed to have trickled down to nothing in the past year. It's really unfortunate , and I'd love to revive this community if possible.

    Thank you!

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    So Lily... My name is Emerson I am one of the few players in Vegas that plays at A Gamers Paradise.. I am friends with Ronald (black guy that works there) and I would love to help get this great game back in action in Vegas but we would need a lot of help... like more days where all you cool kids from jasco come out again. Heard you guys had a demo day at Wiiplay but didnt have a lot of people actually want to play - more than likely because thats a big magic and yugioh store and i heard you guys did the demo day on a huge yugioh tournament day. Ron and Josh and I have all been making this a huge deal at AGP and a lot of people have purchased product because we have been playing a lot of the time. Anyway I was also wondering what other stores in the area had a huge UFS community in town - you have other threads that said Avatar or Action... so im wondering where all the other players went?... clearly they stopped playing but maybe if we make a huge deal about AGP starting having tournaments again we can make UFS in Vegas bigger...

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