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Thread: Show of interest for PTC in Atlanta in Mid June?

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    chico as far as the cali one goes once marcus gets everything finalized with jasco he will post it.

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    I want to go to both the atl and the Chicago ptcs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cetonis View Post
    How will we handle this re:rotation? As I understand it, PTCs are required to use the current standard format, which at the time will be pre-rotation. However, being as close as it is, you could seek to arrange a "gentleman's agreement" by which people promise not to run rotating cards :P
    In regards to this, we have had AoP's a few years back that would be post rotation before said rotation actually happened. They would say it was a showcase event for the future format. Those events would be out before the base set of the next rotation block would be (One was Sets 04-07 before 08 came out. While the other was sets 8-11 before 12 came out). But yeah, this would be up to Jason and/or the event organizers and if all else fails, gentleman's agreement FTW,
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    Count me in. I'll come down as long as I have the money to make it over there
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    I would 100% be interested.

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    I'd be up for it potentially depending where in the country I am.
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    I'll come down for sure, but I might not be able to hang out much depending on what kinds of flights I can get. Definitely not going to have any time off work to give

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    Last count we had from New Orleans was four, but I think we may get that number up a bit more. Any time in June would be fine, but I would certainly have preference towards a post-rotation format.

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    OK so looks like cali's ptc is june 14 so as long as its not the same date as this Ill try to make it down.

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