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Thread: Kung Fu Training - weekly ufs octgn sessions every wednesday

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    Kung Fu Training - weekly ufs octgn sessions every wednesday

    4/22 Testing the Waters: How to Playtest Effectively
    An overview of how best to establish a testing gauntlet to determine what is actually good, what is gimmicky, and what is Mike Lowe.

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to put this out there. We have been trying to decide on a consistent online meet up date for players to pl aytest, spectate, table talk, discuss, and stream for a bit. If everyone is okay with it I'm going to pull the trigger and say Wednesdays starting at 8:00 pm EST until whenever. I will try to be on a such as possible but I usually cant get on until late due to family obligations.

    I also wanted to use this thread as a central place for people to go and suggest topics for discussion, leave feedback, post discoveries, etc.

    This week"s topic: what do you want out of kft wednesdays?

    Let me know what you guys think!
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    For me when I am able show up play testing is what I want out of it since I don't get to play very often with my group.also exchange of ideas. I know at us nats you and I played void maxima but went a different style with it. So it was kool to see how things worked for you and I adopted some to mine to better fill some holes.

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    Hmm, I can try to be on Wednesdays but most likely it would be 10pm EST onwards. It would be cool to have discussion and share ideas on specific characters. Maybe pick a character to discuss and card interactions that are good to look into?

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    (Off-topic: Drew how many void Maxima mirrors did you play at Nats this year? jeez)

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    I was the one maxima that never had to mirror match. There were 4 or 5 total I believe

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    Maxima was the first or second most popular character at Nats?
    We had a loooooot of doubles at Nats this year.

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    Sooooo ... I can't get on irc for some reason, but I'm totally down for testing and skype stuff tonight
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    Will be on tonight. Might be on the IRC a little earlier than 8.

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    I might make an appearance.
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    I'll be there without a doubt, but I won't arrive until about 9:03pm EST

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