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Thread: Kung Fu Training - weekly ufs octgn sessions every wednesday

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    i may just pop in unless i'm out with family around that time.

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    I'm playing now! I'm building decks over the next few days. I will brew up plenty of jank!

    OCTGN is ScottGaines
    Skype for talking during games is ScottGainesUFS

    I WANT LEGACY, DUH I'm working on standard decks atm so I can jank it up with that as well.
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    2012: 1st Blackthorn AOP, 6th @ 2nd Blackthorn AOP, 5th SE RB #1 ATL, 2nd at SE RB #2 Blackthorn
    2013: 9th Legacy Worlds(2nd after swiss) 6th Team Worlds

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