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Thread: Atomic Comics Emporium in Hampton, VA

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    Atomic Comics Emporium in Hampton, VA

    Hey guys,

    I heard there used to be a fairly large playgroup at this location, but it tapered off after a couple years.

    Can anyone tell me what happened, and if there is still anyone that goes here that may want to get things going again?

    Thank you!

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    Yes, we had a large group back when UFS first started. We had events at a number of stores in the area. It did die out, but has started making a comeback. I am not sure what kind of a UFS scene they have at Atomic in Hampton, as I have not been there in years, but the largest group was at Amazing Fantasy Comics in Yorktown. I was the TO at AF, and we had about 15 players. We went to events at AF, ACE in Hampton, that one card shop in Roanoke. Half of us even went to worlds a few times, until they started having "Grinders" to qualify for worlds. Hit me up on here if you have any questions about the UFS community in Hampton Roads, or if you want to get ahold of any of the store owners or players. I can get you in touch with almost anyone around here.
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