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Thread: Blind Stance+Rat Chaser

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    Blind Stance+Rat Chaser

    This is really my first time going forward to legacy so I was wondering how these two cards work. I activate Blind Stance to draw for both of us and I have a Rat Chaser out. Can I activate Rat Chaser after the Blind Stance effect resolves (where I remove cards from the game until I hit my max hand size) to draw 10, 12, or 14 cards? Or does it have to happen in between the Blind Stance effect?

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    Rat Chaser responds to a specific trigger of drawing cards. If you're already at the step of RFGing down to your hand size, you're past the trigger!

    This game does NOT use a chain/stack system for resolving full card effects before responding with other cards' effects on a new chain, so Rat Chaser will respond immediately on the draw and draw more cards, effectively "interrupting" the process of Blind Stance's resolution until it resolves itself.
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    Darn it lol. Looks like I need to find an alternative to make my opponent draw lots of cards to abuse Rat Chaser.

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    I had a deck idea with rat chaser and Rock* but haven't built it yet.

    Hestitation could get you masses of cards but at the cost of ending your turn...
    can't remeber what else I was going to put in it now.

    *Edit* Dan's taunt
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