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Thread: weird octgn issue???

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    weird octgn issue???

    So I have been having a little issue with octgn recently, and that is that whenever I flip a card facedown it is still faceup on my screen and same with my opponent's cards, they are facedown for my opponent but I can still see them. Has anyone had this issue before? does anyone know how to fix it? It has only just started recently and haven't done anything different since downloading it.
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    Seems like it's something on your end. Try uninstalling the game and re-installing it. If that doesn't fix it try reinstalling OCTGN. I haven't heard of anyone else with that issue thus far but it seems weird

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    I have this problem occasionally, and it is generally caused my some extreme lag, usually on my end. Reinstalling hasn't fixed my issue, but closing competing programs could.

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