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Thread: Chin/Maxima Ban?

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    Chin/Maxima Ban?

    Is this legit?

    Per the UFS Facebook Page:

    "VERY IMPORTANT: Here are a few last-minute bans that everyone needs to be aware of. Chin and Maxima are going to be banned.

    People who have played Chin should understand pretty easily why we banned him.

    As for Maxima, our playtesters have determined that he might be a problem, and with PTCs and Worlds events coming up soon, we thought it best to ban him now.

    Thank you, and please spread this news around"

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    it is completely legit.
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    It is very much legit.

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    I am 50% happy and 50% ing furious.!

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    100% happy. Chin was a nightmare match up for about 90% of the decks. Maxima the same. The only difference was the way they killed you. I've had too many 3+ hour-long matches vs Maxima for my liking. Glad it's gone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ATLDrew View Post
    I am 50% happy and 50% ing furious.
    You were a Chin fan, right? I understand.

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    Two uncommon characters gone!

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    Glad that Chin is gone, but can't say I've been on the beating that Maxipad can bring. But if it's for the good of the game, I'm for it.
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    Rarity and power level are unassociated, especially in KoF (where rarity was more based on poularity).

    Anyway, timing could have been a little better, but there's never really any great timing for these things. It's always too close to this or too soon after that, etc. It's better than 2012 at least, where a few known issues were let run wild for months because "let's wait until after Worlds". Beach balls and song lyrics and much salt ensued -.-' Good idea to not-repeat-that.

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