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Thread: Hairy Tarantula North in North York

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    Hairy Tarantula North in North York

    Hello fighters, my name is Calvin and I go by HairySpiderling on the Jasco forums. I just wanted to let everyone know that I will start trying to host some casual plays at our Hairy Tarantula North and would like to know how many interested souls would love to participate and when would be a perfect day and time.

    I am present at the location all day Saturday but can make time on Monday-Wednesday and Friday. I am waiting for Darkstalker before going back into Standard so all of my current decks are Legacy.

    So hopefully we get a crowd going in the next couple of months before I decide to host weekly tourney. Hope to meet all Torontonians soon.

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    We are now gearing up and ready to start obtaining products for the stores. I will keep you all updated when UFS will be available in the GTA area at either location of Hairy Tarantula!

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    We have finally received our products of UFS and ready to starting up organized play here at the North Store. Drop by your friendly Hairy Tarantula to pick up your decks and FIGHT!

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    Fighters, we are going to start up RH campaign soon. Keep coming back or ask questions for more updates on start dates and product.

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    Still active?

    Hey there, I'm getting back into UFS... how's the activity at HT? Do you plan on having any specific casual UFS days or tournaments? Do you know any players that frequent your store?

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