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Thread: UFS Returns to Game Kastle

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockStar View Post
    Firstly, welcome back!

    Secondly, the official weekly events, which are standard constructed singles format, are held each Sunday evening at 5:30 pm at Game Kastle in Santa Clara. There is no cost to enter, and everyone receives a participation prize for playing, with the winner and runner-up of the event receiving an extra promo of their choice.

    Would love to see you out there this upcoming Sunday!
    ok yeah I'll be there next week. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by King_Gief View Post
    ok yeah I'll be there next week. Thanks
    Excellent! I look forward to (re)meeting you. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions with regards to the current standard format, or deck construction, etc.

    Here to help,
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