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Thread: Is anyone on OCTGN ever....?

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    Is anyone on OCTGN ever....?

    Seriously, I've been trying to hit up people there for games for months, and I can count the number of games I've actually played all the way through on one hand. As a new player with a limited group to play with right now, this is pretty frustrating. I've showed up at all kinds of times too (except super late at night, sorry but I work and I can't pop on after midnight).

    Somebody throw me a bone here. If you are on OCTGN, please post your user name here. I have a whole bunch of usernames in my friends list, but none of them are ever on.

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    I'm brodiewan on octgn.
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    We have a facebook page, but I eblieve you have to be invited by someone. I am super terrible with forum names to real names but if you are able to see anyone in the group and are friends with them you can ask them to invite you, or I can invite you with an e-mail address.
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    I am here as well. I am about to start playing while we are building playgroups in lubbock. Just hit me up on face book. on t he OCTGN UFS facebook or friend me.- Heath Brown LBB TX
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    I am going to be on a lot more now that I am over last nats
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    I would be on if mega man set was loaded.

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